by Michele Herzog
Central Florida Branch Manager
Pro-Life Action Ministries

For over twenty years, faithful Christians cried out to the Lord to stop the shedding of innocent blood at the EPOC abortuary at 609 Virginia Drive in Orlando.  Each day children were unmercifully killed, followers of Christ stood on the sidewalks in front of this very place of death pleading for the lives of these innocent babes, and trying to rescue these little ones from being led to the slaughter.  Praise God, hundreds and hundreds of babies were saved!

The prayers and the presence of those who loved their neighbor were continual, never giving up, always praying and being there to be that voice, for those that had no voice.  Continually pleading with God to shut that place of death down!

And then, this past March, EPOC was forced to halt its child-killing business due to owner and late-term abortionist James Pendergraft’s arrest in South Carolina in October 2015. He had been pulled over for a routine stop, and while the officer was checking Pendergraft’s trunk, drugs and surgical implements covered with blood and human tissue were found.  He was subsequently arrested, and later pled guilty in October 2017 to ten federal drug counts, thereby making it unable for him to pass a Level 2 background check in the state of Florida, and losing the opportunity to ever obtain a medical license in South Carolina.  That, on top of losing his medical license in the state of Florida six times (and the fifth time was supposedly “indefinitely”)!

The Florida Agency for Health Care Administration had filed complaints against all Pendergraft’s abortuaries in February 2016 stating that he could no longer pass a Level 2 background check due to his arrest, and therefore no longer qualified for his “ownership interest” in the clinics.

The licenses of three of Pendergraft’s abortion centers, including EPOC, were revoked in May 2017, and finally in March 2018, the killing stopped for good at EPOC.  Unfortunately, Pendergraft weaseled his way into changing ownership to Denise Williams (mother of two of his sons) at his Fort Lauderdale mill (which had ceased killing for six weeks) and his other Orlando mill.  He also changed the names of those wicked ‘corporations,’ and the killing continues at these places of death.  Shame on the state of Florida for allowing this charade!

But, no more blood will be shed at the former EPOC building, and we give God the glory for stopping this abomination of bloodshed on Virginia Drive.

Interesting though, the building which housed EPOC is now home to the business, “Green Relief,” a medicinal marijuana business.  Even more interesting is that the ‘doctor’ is none other than Frank Rodriguez, who is also abortionist Rodriguez, who has been the killer for Pendergraft, and also has a history with the infamous later-term abortionist, Michael Benjamin, in south Florida, who has quite the shady past.

So when the state shuts down their baby-killing business, what do these criminals and killers turn to . . . the drug business! 

In the meantime, we praise the Lord for hearing our prayers that no more children would be killed, and that EPOC would be shut down.  In that we praise HIS name.  Join us, though, in praying that Pendergraft’s other mills would be shut down for good, and his whole abortion industry will be put to a halt!  Please pray that these workers of iniquity would truly be held accountable, and that their evil would be completely exposed!

(Featured image: The mother-and-child artwork was recently removed from the side of the building.  This was a birth center before it became an abortion mill and, oddly, EPOC had kept the artwork on the building while killing babies inside.)

Hundreds of babies were saved from EPOC over the years through consistent sidewalk counseling and many pickets and prayer vigils!

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