Pro-Life Action Ministries offers a variety of educational materials on topics ranging from birth control to early medical abortion to our nationally recognized “We’re Here for You” brochure. These educational materials are listed below. There are a variety of other materials available as well. If you are looking for help on a specific topic, please call 651-771-1500 or email us. Please see our price list for more information on costs, plus shipping and handling fees.

We’re Here for You . . .

Also available in Spanish. This life-saving, full-color brochure was designed specifically for those entering abortion centers by a team of veteran sidewalk counselors with extensive sidewalk counseling experience. It is brief and easy to read, yet it covers many aspects of the abortion decision and includes information about early medical abortions (RU-486, the “abortion pill”) and second- and third-trimester abortions. Revised 10/18

A Collection of Pro-Life Prayers

A beautiful pro-life prayer book designed for praying as individuals, families, groups and in adoration chapels. This 12-page book is filled with prayers, high-quality graphics and reminders of the saints. Full-color, 5½ x 8½
Nihil Obstat: Reverend George Welzbacher, Censor Librorum, 2010
Imprimatur: The Most Reverend John C. Nienstedt, Archbishop of Saint Paul and Minneapolis, 2010

The Abortion Pill (“Medication Abortion”, RU-486)

(This brochure was formerly called “Early Medical Abortion”.)

Also available in Spanish. (Also see Survivor brochure below.)
Describes how this common abortion method kills the baby, includes a list of the serious risks to the woman and mentions the 29 women who have died from this abortion procedure. Refers women to the website and hotline. Revised 8/18

Raising Cecelia

An autobiography of Joan Appleton, RN, former abortion nurse turned pro-lifer. This is a 24-page booklet.

Birth Control – Is it safe? How does it work?

Also available in Spanish. Includes information on the abortifacient nature and other dangerous side-effects of the Pill, Ortho Evra (the “patch”), Depo-Provera (the “shot”), Mirena, NuvaRing and Plan B (the “morning-after pill”).


Also available in Spanish. Compelling testimony of a mother whose baby survived an attempted RU-486 abortion (“the abortion pill”) and was born perfectly healthy (when the mother changed her mind and decided not to take the second drug). Use with The Abortion Pill brochure (see above). Revised 1/17

Sidewalk Counseling Training DVD

This 95-minute training seminar is presented by Debra Braun, Education and Counseling Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries, who has been sidewalk counseling since 1983 and who has trained hundreds of sidewalk counselors at seminars such as this one. It includes an introduction by Brian Gibson, Executive Director of Pro-Life Action Ministries. It was professionally video-taped in March 2011. You will also receive a packet of written training materials and sample brochures given to seminar attendees.

Third National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium July 25-27, 2013 Minneapolis, Minnesota

This four-DVD set includes the Thursday and Friday evening presentations and all the workshops except the breakout workshop Basic Sidewalk Counseling Training Seminar by Debra Braun (see above for a DVD of a similar but longer training seminar). The presentations included in this DVD set are:

~Thursday evening talks — Shawn Carney, Fr. Frank Pavone
~Friday evening talks — Joseph Scheidler, Brian Gibson, Rev. Walter Hoye
~Purpose, Focus and Essence of Sidewalk Counseling — Edmund Miller
~Legal Rights of Sidewalk Counselors — John Jakubczyk, Esq.
~Dealing with PP “Mega-Mills” — Eric Scheidler
~Recruiting and Training New Volunteers — Ann Scheidler
~Advanced Sidewalk Counseling Training — Ann Scheidler
~When, Why and How to Contact National Legal Organizations — Tom Brejcha, Esq.
~Q & A (Includes: The Abortion Pill, Documenting Saves, When an Ambulances Arrives, Reaching Out to Abortion Workers, etc.) — Brian Gibson, Debra Braun, John Jakubczyk, Esq., Ann Scheidler
~Reaching Men and Minorities — Alicia Wong, Rev. Brian Walker, Rev. Walter Hoye

DVDs from the 2011 and 2012 Symposiums are also available.

Sidewalk Counseling News

A small newsletter meant to inform, educate and inspire active sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters anywhere in the world. It is published three times a year and sent at no charge.

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