Additional educational resources on abortion and related life issues

Superb photos and videos of fetal development. Click on “Movie Theater” and “Image Gallery.”

Delightful 4D ultrasounds, five minutes in length, offered in various languages.

3D and 4D ultrasounds of early fetal development, about 3 minutes.

Abortion Procedures (Narrated by Dr. Anthony Levatino, former abortionist) Animated, medically accurate videos showing how abortions are committed and possible complications for the mother.

Photos of abortion victims

Mostly testimonies of post-abortive women, 20 minutes in length, English and Spanish versions.

Could some pharmaceutical birth-control methods cause side-effects that are more dangerous than women realize? The birth control pill was thought to be one of the greatest inventions of the 20th century. But decades after its introduction, women are being prescribed birth control at younger ages, and are taking birth control for years without realizing there may be other safer options for avoiding pregnancy. Featuring interviews with parents and friends of those who have died after complications related to some birth control hormones, Abby Epstein and Holly Grigg-Spall question how much the public really know about their medical effects.

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