Thank you to all of you who were in attendance at this year’s Annual Life Banquet featuring our keynote speaker, Stephanie Gray! You may remember Stephanie through her book, Love Unleashes Life featured in our Summer Book Club these past two years AND from her viral ‘Talk at Google’. We are thankful for your amazing generosity to our ministry in response to Stephanie’s apologetics and our life-saving efforts.

Keynote Presentation: Stephanie Gray – spoke directly to her personal journey to educate others by asking questions and using the reasoning of pro-life apologetics. She reminded us “whom you would change you must first love, and they must know that you love them” which we gladly celebrated! She is an inspiring reminder to us all that we must learn to ‘speak to’ others with love, reason and respect, as well as to continually invoke and rely upon the power of prayer – especially in our current times’ most difficult interactions with others.

Banquet Speaker: Stephanie Gray

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