(Editor’s note — This is the conclusion of an April 25, 2019 Operation Rescue Special Report By Cheryl Sullenger.  For the full report, go to https://www.operationrescue.org/archives/documents-show-florida-abortionist-using-cash-biz-deception-fraud-to-avoid-paying-multi-million-dollar-malpractice-judgment/)

It is clear that (James) Pendergraft has a pattern of stepping outside the law, especially where money is concerned.

Since (an abortion) malpractice case hit him with a crushing $11,800,000 judgement in 2011, Pendergraft attempted to run illegal abortion schemes in Maryland and South Carolina to create an under-the-table cash flow.

Court documents allege that he fraudulently transferred $132,000 to his attorneys for money-laundering purposes in order to keep the money from seizure to pay the court judgment.

After losing his abortion facility licenses in March 2018 and with his impending medical license revocation in December 2018 due to his felony drug convictions, Pendergraft filed for bankruptcy protection claiming he had no businesses, which documents prove is not true.

Even though he is not allowed to have business dealings with the abortion businesses or any other medical business, he has been frequently seen at one abortion facility in Ft. Lauderdale and now is connected to a Green Relief medicinal marijuana business.

Workers from the Center of Orlando for Women abortion facility are reporting to work in t-shirts advertising the supposedly unaffiliated medicinal marijuana business.  The connection between these businesses is Pendergraft.

It appears that Pendergraft is continuing to control and profit secretly from both the marijuana and abortion cash businesses.  This is done in such a way as to keep any assets from being seized to pay the massive judgment against him.

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