by Michele Herzog
Central Florida Branch Manager

In May 2017, Lift Orlando, an organization dedicated to revitalizing and restoring the community which surrounds the Planned Parenthood (PP) on Tampa Avenue in Orlando, purchased this 1.58 acres of property for one million dollars.  Word had it that PP would be out by November 2017, and yet they STILL currently occupy and operate their abortion business from that location.

In March, a small group of us representing various ministries and churches in the Central Florida area met with the executive director of Lift Orlando to discuss the reasons why PP is still open and when they would shut down.

We were given nothing but platitudes and empty promises, and we now know that Lift Orlando is, and has been, allowing PP to continue its bloodthirsty business because PP has not found a place to move into!

We also now know that Lift has NO immediate plans to move this blight out of the very community they are wanting to restore and revitalize, and babies will pay the ultimate price as a result! Because of this, those participating in the recent “Protest PP” event here in Orlando in April walked from the PP building over to the Lift Orlando office, which is directly in back of PP.  We wanted to share with the community that Lift Orlando has owned PP since May 2017, to demand immediate eviction, and to hand deliver a letter from different ministries to their board of directors concerning these matters.

We Need Your Help!
Please join us in calling Lift Orlando to demand that Planned Parenthood be shut down NOW, and to demand that Lift Orlando stop aiding and abetting in the murder of innocent children that are on their watch (already more than 1000 this past year)! Twelve months has been ample time to evict PP from this property!

Please call and/or email Lift Orlando, and politely demand that PP be shut down NOW:   407-480-5053,  Here is the Board of Directors:

Please be in prayer, that God will convict their hearts, that they would repent of helping this business that kills little baby boys and girls, and that they would evict Planned Parenthood!

“Let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream!”  —Amos 5:24

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