Kissimmee, doctorMay 22, 2015 — In a victory for Pro-Life Action Ministries and other pro-lifers who have been fighting a new abortion center in Kissimmee, FL., an appeals court has reinstated a temporary injunction blocking Planned Parenthood (PP) of Greater Orlando from doing surgical abortions at 610 Oak Commons Blvd. in Kissimmee. The owner of that medical park, MMB Properties, had brought the original lawsuit stating that PP was in violation of the “declaration of restrictions” which bans outpatient surgical centers in that complex. A temporary injunction was issued last July which was then appealed by PP. Last fall PP won a stay of the injunction. That stay was overturned by the appeals court today.

PP in Kissimmee has been the target of public outcry since their plans were uncovered in March 2014. Among other activities, large crowds attended city commission meetings, a group of physicians ran a full-page ad in the Osceola News Gazette expressing their opposition, and 200 people protested the ribbon-cutting.

For now, unborn babies are still being killed in that building by chemical abortions (the abortion pill). More sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters are needed in Kissimmee to save lives! For more information, contact Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager of Pro-Life Action Ministries, at (407) 230-2557.

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