Could I walk you there?

February 10, 2021,  St. Paul, PP 

By Pam K., volunteer sidewalk counselor  On Wednesday afternoon, February 10, a girl came walking out of the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP).  I offered her the brochures and she pulled her copies out of her pocket that she had received from me earlier in an Uber.  I gently asked her if she is pregnant.  She said yes.  I quickly said that Abria (the nearby pregnancy center) is right around the corner and that they help moms with all kinds of resources and could I walk her there? She nodded yes so I quickly picked up my bag of stuff and we began walking, with me trying to get her feeling comfortable with me.  I asked her name and told her my name is Pam.

As we walked to Abria, she shared that her boyfriend knew she was pregnant and it was her choice of what to do, her parents did not know yet and she did not know how far along she was in the pregnancy.  I told her that our daughter was also pregnant at her age, and yes, it was hard to tell us (parents), but it all worked out, and Abria will help her with all those things.  I shared that the reason I am out at PP is that my now adult children came to me through adoption and that is also an option for her to think about in time if she feels she is too young to parent. I shared that my daughter placed her baby boy and still says it is the best choice she made for all.  I also told her a little about fetal development in our quick, cold walk to Abria!  I introduced her to the staff at Abria and told her she is in good hands.  I waited around a bit off to the side in case she came out right away to help her if needed, but she did not, so I am assuming she was receiving the help and guidance she needs!

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