Prayers, songs, marches and powerful talks were featured at the Roe v. Wade memorial rallies conducted by the three branches of Pro-Life Action Ministries January 21-22.  We have always considered it important to hold events at the actual killing sites when we mourn those aborted since this tragic 1973 Supreme Court decision.

About 180 people attended the St. Paul rally outside Planned Parenthood and were inspired by the featured speakers —Rev. Humberto Palomino of St. Mark’s Church, Dr. Peggy Elliott of Peggy Elliott Ministries, Pastor Larry Willman of Payne Ave. Evangelical Free Church, Rev. Denise Walker of Everlasting Light Ministries, and Dr. John Piper of Desiring God.  You can see each of these short talks, plus Brian Gibson’s encouragement and exhortation, at:

In Duluth, about 100 pro-lifers participated in the annual Jericho March with signs, prayers and songs in front of the Building for Women which houses the Women’s Health Center abortion mill.  They were protested by about 60 abortion supporters who held signs and played loud music.

The Orlando branch of Pro-Life Action Ministries gathered supporters outside Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee.   “Through the preaching of Frank Campana, we were reminded to love our neighbor, and one another, while in this battle for life,” said Branch Manager Michele Herzog, “and to not grow weary in well doing, to be steadfast, continuing to be the only true voice for these innocent victims of abortion. We worshiped the Lord, singing praises to His name, because the praises of HIS people scatter the enemy, and there is an enemy that comes to steal, kill and destroy the lives of these babies who are being led to the slaughter,” Michele continued.

Then they marched around the abortion facility, led by the cross, the shofar and the worship team, and crying out to God to shut it down and to end this holocaust in our land.

Participants in the annual Jericho March in Duluth were undeterred by abortion supporters (on right side in this photo). Photo by Rebecca Janisch

From right to left — Dr. John Piper, Rev. Denise Walker and Pastor Larry Willman were three of the featured speakers at the St. Paul prayer rally. Photo by Debra Braun

Leading the march with cross and casket around the Kissimmee, Fla. Planned Parenthood abortion center. Photo by Amber Carroll

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