Photo: Rev. Thomas Dufner leads his long-time Saturday Rosary group in front of our Chapel of the Innocents next to the Robbinsdale abortion center on March 28 while participants maintain “social distancing.”

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

Call it insanity.  But the insanity has been running amok for many years.  As the foothold of killing defenseless children has continued to establish itself deeper into the fabric of American life throughout the decades, ignoring morality and science completely, unconscionable acts have taken place. 

Today, with the outbreak of a pandemic crisis, governments all across the United States have protected and even enshrined the ideology of this child-killing in orders and edicts.  And where any sense of simple common sense has been offered by a governor that imposes the same restrictions on the abortion industry as on the real medical community, the courts have been invoked to “protect” the “choice” to electively kill babies alive in their mothers’ wombs.

Meanwhile, our churches are closed.  Through mostly voluntary closures across the nation and the world, the places of true health and healing are attempting to find ways to bring that true healing and health without endangering more lives by this invisible killer.  Whether those closures should or should not take place is not the purpose of this commentary.  But the closure of the abortion industry, which is consuming the scarce and desperately needed personal protective equipment for combatting the coronavirus, should not even need a second thought, even by the many pro-abortion governors across the country. 

Do not let the irony of this grave evil be missed on this point.  So many are being ordered to make great sacrifices, from losing jobs to putting off surgeries to being unable to offer the sacrifice of communal praise before our God.  Yet child-killing, the shedding of innocent blood as a sacrifice to Satan, is granted “essential services” status by so many in power. 

While this continues, we must contact our public officials responsible for orders ceasing elective procedures and demand that the abortion mills be closed.  Once this has passed, we must not forget how those same public officials acted with regard to abortion in this crisis.

What we need is courageous Christianity.  Though all do need to take very seriously this deadly virus, acting in accord with measures that will help mitigate its spread and effects, no one who calls themselves by the name of Christ should be afraid.  One theme that comes forward repeatedly throughout both the Old and New Testaments is “do not fear.”  Our lives are with God.  The life we lead is not to remain in this mortal life but to attain eternal life in Christ Jesus.  Death cannot harm those who live in Jesus.

It is this courageous Christianity that changed the face of the earth and gave us all that has been good in western civilization, that good which has quickly disappeared in recent decades.  With this courageous Christianity, by God’s grace, the face of the earth can once again be changed for good, bringing an end to attacks on the innocent and defenseless and ceasing assaults on truth and goodness.

Keep safe in this time.  Keep up the social distancing and keep your household free from infection.  But make the safety of your soul, and that of your family, far more important than the safety of your bodies and homes, even as important as those are in God’s good ordering (see Matt. 10:28).  This is a great time to pray as never before, but as we always should.  If we cannot be together in church, then let us be together spiritually as church.

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