Mom Chooses Life for 11th Child!

A Prayer Supporter’s Surprise Opportunity to Defend a Child

On Tuesday, Feb. 6, two women in a car stopped to ask volunteer prayer supporter Alison outside the Robbinsdale abortion mill for help with directions.  On their phone was the address of the abortion mill.  Alison told them, “You don’t want to go in there; that’s an abortion clinic.”  But both said that’s exactly where they were heading.  The pregnant woman was Muslim, two months pregnant with her 11th child, and scheduled for an abortion.  Alison immediately began talking to them about CWC, the nearby pregnancy help center.

Sidewalk Counselors Offer Support

Volunteer sidewalk counselor Julie joined in to talk about the preciousness of a baby.  Then volunteer sidewalk counselor Kathy arrived and gave the women information (including directions to CWC) and a fetal model.  Kathy wrote, “They drove into the parking lot and sat in their car.  They called the pro-abortion escort over and talked briefly.  They then backed up and drove out, stopping to talk with Julie again.  I don’t think the escort was happy.  The women left and seemed to be very happy.” 

To God be the Glory!

In conclusion, Julie wrote in her report, “I believe the Lord prepared her heart with our prayers and then she received the words that the Holy Spirit put in my mouth.  She saw the love of Christ with compassion as she reached for my hand for comfort.  All the glory, praise and honor goes to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.  By us being there (because we are the light of Christ) the presence of the Lord and the power of the Holy Spirit are in that community and that turns the situation around.  The Lord works through us in prayer and touches their hearts.  It’s a spiritual battle but there’s victory in Christ.  The battle has already been won.  Keep moving forward, keep pressing on.  Thank you Jesus.”

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