Baby Saved This Week, and Good News from Years Ago!

By volunteer sidewalk counselor Janet M.

May 28 — A couple of gentlemen with a woman in the back seat pulled into the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP) while Bunny S. and I were on our shift. The driver rolled down the window and happily took the brochure from me while I told them that we were there to help pregnant women.

That’s when I saw the woman in the back. I told her if she was pregnant to look at her ultrasound. The escort was making herself more visible so the driver started to go forward. I asked him to please look at the brochure before going in. They parked in the visitor’s parking area, and after a few minutes they walked in.

The younger gentleman was carrying the brochure. Bunny and I called out to them. I can’t remember what exactly. Probably something about a heartbeat and that Jesus loves them and their baby.

About a half hour later they came out. The driver rolled down his window before he reached me. I asked him if they had changed their minds. He said yes.

I looked into the back seat and asked the woman if she had been there for an abortion. She said yes and I said, “And you changed your mind?” She said yes. The driver asked for more information. I explained that the blue sheet was a list of organizations that will help pregnant women. He took the information and handed it back to her. The escort began shouting that they were blocking the driveway. The driver ignored her, told me thank you, and then drove out.

Bunny and I then prayed for the family. While this family was in PP a woman had stopped to thank us for being sidewalk counselors, and then she stayed and prayed for a while.

She had been pressured 18 years ago to get an abortion but chose to be a single mother instead. She said she had heard Debra B. speak at her church years ago before she got pregnant and that the information she heard helped her choose life. We believe her prayers helped this family choose life.

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