Baby Saved on Non-Abortion Day & Baby Spared During Bill Kelly’s Funeral!

By Debra Braun, Education Director

August 30 — The Planned Parenthood (PP) in Brooklyn Park doesn’t do abortions on Mondays, but J.T. works on the other days of the week, so he has organized a prayer group that he leads on the sidewalk there on Mondays.  Yesterday while they were praying,  a woman walked up and told them that she was considering an abortion. 

Several people in the prayer group talked to her for a long time, but she went into PP anyway.  (She may have been there to discuss an abortion or make an appointment.)  But then she came out and said she had changed her mind and would be keeping her baby!

When I arrived at the office after Bill Kelly’s funeral today (Bill was our Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator who died suddenly on August 21), there was a voicemail from Bunny S., volunteer sidewalk counselor at the St. Paul PP.  She believed that Bill would have wanted her to keep her Tuesday shift at PP, rather than attend his funeral. 

An abortion client came out at 12:30 just as Bunny was preparing to leave, saying she had changed her mind!  She had been there an hour (Bill’s funeral started at 11:00.)  This young woman declined to tell Bunny WHY she had changed her mind, but of course, we believe that it may have had something to do with the fact that many prayers were being offered at Bill’s funeral at that time!

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