The Movie Changed Her Mind!

by Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor Andy L.

Editor’s note – This is the first baby documented saved in 2023, on a very snowy day in St. Paul!

I showed up for my shift outside the St. Paul Planned Parenthood on January 3. After only being out there for 30 minutes, a couple drove in with the young woman’s mom in the back seat.  They stopped and took my literature and also the movie “Unplanned” that I normally hand out.  Within 5 seconds an abortion escort came over and waved them in. 

They proceeded to park around the corner where I could no longer see them. There was a delivery truck blocking my view of most of the driveway about half way down.  I didn’t get a chance to say much to them other than, ”Look at that stuff I gave you.” 

Within 10 minutes, they came pulling back out. The young woman rolled down her window to speak with me.  I asked them if they were there for an abortion. She nodded her head yes.  Then I asked if they changed their minds. She nodded her head yes again.  I asked her if the stuff I gave them had changed their minds and she said that it did.  I asked them if they wanted to meet me at the Holiday gas station around the corner to speak some more and they agreed to. 

We met at the gas station. While they were filling up, I spoke with the gentleman who had been driving.  He said, “Ya know what really changed her mind was that movie you gave us.  She looked at the front of it (which has the actress that plays Abby Johnson with a tear running down her face) and she said, ‘If I go in there I’m gonna cry.’”  He told her, ”Well if you cry, I’m gonna cry!”  So they decided to not even go in. 

I told them they had made the right decision and won’t regret it.  Then I exchanged phone numbers with the driver.  I told them that Pro-Life Action Ministries has an annual pro-life event where parents just like them come and we share their story at the event.  I said, ”Maybe that could be you next year. You’ll get a standing ovation from hundreds of people because you chose life!”  They both smiled at the idea.  Let’s all pray we see them there at the next banquet!

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