Reflection on 40 Days for Life

By: Val, Bethany Church This was the best outreach that I have ever done with Bethany Church ever! It was an amazing experience for me. Except for 6 am in the morning when I was alone and it was dark and I prayed in the car, the Lord provided people to pray with all day […]

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Aborted Children Honored in Nationwide Gravesite Services

Warning: This article contains a graphic abortion photo. A solemn prayer service in honor of the 13 aborted babies buried in the children’s section of Resurrection Cemetery, Mendota Heights, Minn., was conducted by Pro-Life Action Minstries on Saturday, September 14.  This memorial service was part of the first annual National Day of Remembrance for Aborted […]

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Texas Protests Reminiscent of Pro-Abortion Tactics Two Decades Ago

by Debra Braun, Education and Counseling Director, Pro-Life Action Ministries A law banning abortions after 20 weeks, requiring that abortion mills meet the same health and safety standards as ambulatory surgical centers, requiring that abortionists have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital and regulating the use of the “abortion pill” was passed by the Texas […]

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The Fox Watching the Henhouse

by Brian Gibson, Executive Director, Pro-Life Action Ministries I heard the report — several Planned Parenthood (PP) affiliates out east receiving hundreds of thousands of dollars each to employ “navigators” for the Affordable Care Act, commonly referred to as Obamacare.  And this concerned me greatly.  Then I learned that Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South […]

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National Symposium Inspires Sidewalk Counselors from Around the U.S. (and Spain)

There is no more urgent conversation in America than the one that occurs outside abortion centers, said Shawn Carney, National Campaign Director of 40 Days for Life, in the opening presentation of the 2013 National Sidewalk Counseling Symposium held July 25-27 in Minneapolis.  “This is our moment in history,”  Shawn said, referring to the sidewalk […]

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Induced Abortion Raises Breast Cancer Risk By More Than 20-Fold

By: Karen Malec, 847-421-4000 Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer The Coalition on Abortion/Breast Cancer reported August 14, 2013 on a Bangladesh study published in the Journal of Dhaka Medical College on risk factors for breast cancer, led by Dr. Suraiya Jabeen. The authors found a statistically significant 20.62-fold increased risk among women with abortion histories – […]

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Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft Reopens Orlando Women’s Center with Borrowed Furniture and Supplies

Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft reopens Orlando Women’s Center with borrowed furniture and supplies! On June 13, Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) was surrounded by police, moving trucks, news reporters, attorneys and crime scene tape while the sheriffs raided and seized all assets from inside the building.  The seizure halted abortionist James Pendergraft’s ability to perform any […]

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Abortions Continue to Fall in MN; Increase at PP

The overall number of abortions in Minnesota continues to decrease  while the numbers at Planned Parenthood (PP) continues to increase (up to 36.6% of all the abortions in the state), according to the 2012 abortion statistics released by July 1 by the Minnesota Department of Health.  In 2012, 10,701 abortions were committed in Minnesota. Although […]

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