They Canceled the Appointment and Chose Life!

by Jim H., volunteer sidewalk counselor

On June 5,  while sidewalk counseling outside the Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul,  I was able to have a conversation with a young couple as they drove in.   I asked if they were there because of a pregnancy. The young man told me they had made an appointment for an ultrasound and then would discuss abortion.  (Editor’s note —  we’ve heard from women that PP doesn’t do ultrasounds unless the woman plans to abort.)  I told them about Abria, the pregnancy help center across the street. Abria is where they could also get an ultrasound but abortion wasn’t an option there.  I also shared that Abria offers many resources to help them and their baby and handed them our brochures.

Seeing a young child in the back seat, I told them how beautiful she was. I asked them how they were going to explain to her later in life, if they went through with an abortion, that she wouldn’t have a brother or sister.  I asked how could they make that choice for her.  I could tell by their faces that they both paused and thought about what I had just said.

I also asked what brought them there. The young man said it was because they couldn’t afford the baby, but he was starting a job the next day.  I told them there are resources in our brochures for that too.   I suggested to them to back out of the driveway. I offered to walk over to Abria with them but they insisted on going into PP to cancel the appointment.  They were only gone a minute.

When they came back out, they told me they had canceled the appointment and said she decided not to to have an abortion.   I was so elated at this news! Again I asked if I could walk over with them to Abria, but the young woman said she needed to go to the pharmacy for her nausea.  I told them again about the help available before they left.

I truly felt the presence of the Holy Spirit on the sidewalk speaking with that couple.

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