20 week baby

Unborn baby 20 weeks after conception. Babies this old are killed at three of the four abortion mills in the Twin Cities.

Thank you for your interest in 40 Days for Life Twin Cities. We hope to address your questions and concerns with these Frequently Asked Questions. If you have additional questions, please contact Rev. Brian Walker, Program Coordinator via phone at 651-797-6363, via email brian.walker@plam.org. Click here for a printable FAQs PDF version.

[expand title=”What is 40 Days for Life”] It is a prayerful and peaceful grassroots,  campaign that draws attention to the injustice of abortion through prayer, fasting, and community outreach. The most visible aspect of this campaign is a 40 Day peaceful prayer vigil outside a local abortion facility.[/expand]

[expand title=”Is this a protest?”] No. The 40 Days for Life vigil is a peaceful prayer vigil.[/expand]
[expand title=”What are the dates for the Lenten 2016 Campaign?”] The campaign runs from Wednesday, February 10 – Sunday, March 20, 2016.[/expand]
[expand title=”Where will the vigil be held?”] The vigil will be held at Planned Parenthood
671 Vandalia St. St. Paul, MN 55114.[/expand]
[expand title=”What are the hours of the vigil?”] The official hours for 40 Days for Life Lenten Campaign are 3-4:00p.m. You and/or members of your church or organization are always welcome to come and pray any time! Pro-Life Action Ministries’ staff may not always be onsite at Planned Parenthood.  [/expand]
[expand title=”Who can participate?”] Anyone of any age can participate. This is a family friendly, interdenominational effort, a call to bring the body of Christ together. Typically churches or groups will participate as a whole. Bible studies, men and women’s small groups, and especially youth groups, have had great experiences during 40 Days for Life[/expand]
[expand title=”Is it effective?”] Yes! Since the first campaign in 2007, 40 Days for Life internationally has: saved  over 11,165 lives, 127 abortion workers have quit, and 64 abortion facilities closed down, including Health Partner’s Regions Hospital’s stand-alone abortion unit at the end of 40 Days for Life in December 2011! Furthermore there have been 3,895 campaigns, in 607 cities, in 32 nations, with 675,000 individual participants, 17,500 churches from various denominations! You can learn more at the national 40 Days for Life website.[/expand]
[expand title=”Is it safe?”] In the past 8 years since Pro-Life Action Ministries has coordinated 40 Days for Life Twin Cities, there have been no assaults on any participant and no arrests. Our training and Statement of Peace and favor from our Lord, has kept our vigils peaceful and prayerful. We have great relationships with the St. Paul police departments.[/expand]
[expand title=”Where should we park?”] There are a variety of parking options.
Planned Parenthood: Limited on-street parking about ¼ mile north of the intersection of Charles Ave. and Vandalia Ave. Do not park in McDonald’s or any lot in the area you; you WILL BE TOWED. There is additional parking going west from Planned Parenthood on some of the back streets; read signs carefully. Metro Transit route #16 and the Greenway Light Rail stop near Planned Parenthood. Call Metro Transit for details: 612-373-3333.[/expand]
[expand title=”Where should we stand?”]The prayer vigil takes place on the public sidewalk in front of Planned Parenthood. You have every legal right to be on the public sidewalk. We must allow room for a person to pass by. We cannot block the sidewalk or driveway, or stand on the grass side on the Charles St. side of Planned Parenthood; this is private property of the railroad.[/expand]
[expand title=”What do we do while we are there?”]Pray! The foundation of 40 Days for Life is peaceful prayer. Most people simply stand quietly and pray; others walk up and down the sidewalk. Some hold signs that are provided, but you don’t have to. Some bring lawn chairs; others kneel. However you choose to pray, remember being physically at the abortion facility is a great witness and makes a huge impact.[/expand]
[expand title=”What is the atmosphere while there? Is it a completely silent event?”] The atmosphere is quiet, prayerful, and peaceful. We ask that you remain in prayer for the entire time you are present – arrive in prayer and leave in prayer. Please greet others and welcome them, but try to avoid frivolity, idle chatter, and interaction with motorists. If you are interested, we have interdenominational and Catholic prayer guides at our office. Contact our office at 651-771-1500 for more information.[/expand]
[expand title=”I have never prayed outside of an abortion facility and I’m nervous. What should I do?”] Trust that you are not alone. If you go by yourself, God is with you! Go with someone that has been there before. You may contact us and we will provide you with a day and time that a group is scheduled to be out so that you may join them. Once you have been out the first time your hesitations will go away! 40 Days for Life is the FIRST TIME that MANY people come to pray at an abortion facility.[/expand]
[expand title=”Can I bring my children?”] Children are always welcome and provide a powerful witness to the people passing by or coming to the abortion center. Bringing children is left to the sole discretion of the parents and they are responsible for their supervision.[/expand]

[expand title=”How often can I come out to the prayer vigil?”] As often and as long as you want! You are always welcome to pray at any time throughout 40 Days for Life. The official times to pray are from 6:00 A.M. – 6:00 P.M.You do not have to be an Adopt-A-Day participant to come out and pray.[/expand]

[expand title=”Can my Pastor Join Me? “] Pastors are especially welcomed! Encourage your pastor to come out and pray from 3-4:00p.m. Please tell your pastor to call 651-797-6363 for more information. [/expand]
[expand title=”Can I bring signs?”] You may bring signs if you wish to, but please bring those that bear positive and encouraging messages and images. For more information about signs, call our office at 651-771-1500.[/expand]
[expand title=”What about the weather?”] Check the weather forecast! Be sure to dress appropriately for the day. Bring any necessary gloves, sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, etc. We are committed to be there rain or shine.[/expand]
[expand title=”Is the prayer vigil legal?”]Yes.[/expand]
[expand title=”Is there a chance I could be arrested?”]No. The prayer vigil takes place on the public sidewalks. (See Where do we stand?, above.)[/expand]
[expand title=”Do I have to interact with women coming to or leaving from the abortion facility?”] No, vigil participants are called to focus on prayer. At times, there will be sidewalk counselors at the abortion facility. They are specifically trained to interact with and counsel the women going to abortion facilities. We ask that you keep your distance from them and do not call out to abortion clients. If you are interested in sidewalk counseling we hold periodic trainings. Call our office for more information at 651-797-6365.[/expand]
[expand title=”Will there be any opposition while I am out there?”] Participants have found that there is much more support than opposition. If you face the road you will hear the occasional “go home!”, but you will mostly hear honks from supporters and receive thumbs up![/expand]
[expand title=”What do I do if someone asks me a question or confronts me?”] If a passerby wants to have a dialogue, just remember to keep it peaceful. If you do not want to have a dialogue, politely tell them that you are praying. Any misconduct from passersby should be met with silence, which will convey your inner peace. If you think you may be harmed physically remain calm, slowly move away and call the police. When the situation settles down call our office at 651-771-1500 and speak to a staff person or leave a message explaining the situation. Over eight years of coordinating 40 Days for Life we have not had once incident of a participant being hurt.[/expand]
[expand title=”If I am unable to come to the prayer vigil, are there other things I can do to help?”] Yes, Please offer your prayers and fasting for the cause of life as often as you are able during this 40 Day Prayer Vigil and be sure to spread the word through social media or just pick up the phone! You can also contact us at 651-797-6363 or email prolife@plam.org for other volunteer opportunities.[/expand]
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