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Every human life is sacred and worthy of protection

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For those inspired to take action and live out their pro-life convictions.

Consider becoming a trained sidewalk counselor who reaches out to mothers entering abortion facilities or a prayer supporter out on the sidewalks. Attend a prayer vigil including our annual Solemn Good Friday Prayer Vigil, Jericho March, 40 Days for Life or the National Day of Remembrance for Aborted Children. All are welcome to become one of our Intercessors for Life. Most important of all, unite with other Christians and establish a daily prayer time calling upon God to bring an end to abortion.

We encourage you to become more involved in the every day fight to save lives in our community! Step out onto the sidewalks with us!

Sidewalk Counseling

Sidewalk Counseling

Thousands of people are alive today because someone reached out to their mothers with love and truth as they were entering abortion facilities.

Sidewalk Prayer Supporter

Prayer Supporters are individuals who peacefully pray in front of abortion facilities offering spiritual support for our sidewalk counselors.

Good Friday Prayer Vigil

Good Friday Prayer Vigil

Area pastors of various denominations lead those gathered in the reading of Scriptures and prayers throughout the day in front of one of the largest abortion facilities in the Midwest.

Jericho March

Our Jericho March is done to mimic the biblical battle of Jericho (found in Joshua chapter 6). We march around the abortion facility once a day in silence for six days, crying out to God on the seventh day to take down the walls of PP.

40 Days for Life

We hold Spring (Lenten) and Fall (Adopt-A-Day) campaigns each year praying for 40 days in front of abortion facilities asking God to end abortion.

PLAM Action

A 501(c)4 outreach of our ministry created to inform, equip, and engage citizens in Minnesota in the defense of unborn children against the abortion industry.

Intercessors for Life

This campaign is intended for individuals of all ages to commit to intercede daily for the protection of the unborn and their mothers at risk of harm by the abortion industry.

Location - Central Florida

Jesus Loves the Little Children

Our Central Florida Branch meets each month for JLTLC inviting families to create Life sidewalk-chalk art while praying and praising God in front of an abortion facility.


Our greatest weapon in the fight to end abortion is prayer. Visit our Prayer page for regular prayer times outside abortion facilities.

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