Pro-Life Action Ministries has many opportunities for those inspired to live out their pro-life convictions.

Consider becoming a trained sidewalk counselor who reaches out to mothers entering abortion facilities or a prayer supporter out on the sidewalks. Attend our prayer vigils and memorial services including our annual Good Friday Prayer Vigil, the Jericho March, 40 Days for Life and the National Day of Remembrance. All are welcome to become one of our 4,000 Intercessors for Life. Most important of all, unite with other Christians and establish a daily prayer time calling upon God to bring an end to abortion.

We encourage you to become more involved in the everyday fight to save lives in your community.

Please Join Us!

Sidewalk Counseling

Thousands of people are alive today because someone reached out to their mothers with love and truth as they were entering abortion centers.

Prayer Supporter

Prayer Supporters are individuals who peacefully pray in front of the abortion centers. Some individually pray, while others form…

Good Friday Prayer Vigil

Area pastors of various denominations lead those gathered in the reading of Scriptures and prayers throughout the day.

Jericho March

The Jericho March is done to mimic the biblical battle of Jericho (found in Joshua chapter 6), when God told Joshua to lead the Israelites in a march around Jericho for seven days.

40 Days for Life

Prayer/Fasting: People of faith praying and fasting for the end of abortion. Peaceful Vigil: Outside of abortion centers across the country. Community Outreach: A positive pro-life message for the community.


STAND! is designed to provide those who have never considered or experienced praying in front of an abortion facility an opportunity to do so with the help of seasoned Pro-Life Action Ministries staff and volunteers.

4000 Intercessors for Life

Planned Parenthood in MN aborts an average of 4000 babies a year. This mega-mill is our local Goliath and we can defeat it by uniting in prayer.


Our greatest weapon in the fight to end abortion is prayer.

Get Your Church Involved

Is your church actively engaged in the pro-life battle? See what three churches in the Twin Cities are doing to stop abortion…

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