by Wayne King


Some of the many members of Bethlehem Baptist Church who prayed, sidewalk counseled and witnessed for life outside Whole Woman’s abortion center in Minneapolis in October, 2013.

During the week of October 8-12, 2013, Bethlehem Baptist Church (BBC) held its initial “Bethlehem for Life” vigil outside Whole Woman’s abortion center in Minneapolis. The Sanctity of Life Task Force at BBC had been praying for and planning the vigil over the previous six months, desiring to engage the people of BBC to be having a peaceful presence outside the clinic and to pray for an end to abortions at this clinic, formerly known as Meadowbrook Clinic. In the late 1980s and early 1990s, some of the pastors and members of BBC were arrested and jailed for participating in peaceful “rescue missions” against the abortions that were being performed in this same building.

God was working in the hearts of task force members, creating a desire for BBC to again have a presence at Whole Woman’s, located only four blocks from our church. During “Bethlehem for Life,” more than 150 people from BBC had a prayerful and peaceful presence outside the clinic once or twice a day throughout the week (when the abortion clients were arriving), or they set aside time to pray for the women and men who were having abortions, clinic staff and volunteers, and those serving as sidewalk counselors. Our hearts’ desire is to love the unborn and their parents, not merely with “word and talk but in deed and truth.” 1 John 3:18

Since the “Bethlehem for Life” vigil, more people from BBC have been spending time at the clinic, praying and having a peaceful presence there, and more are becoming involved in sidewalk counseling. Many abortion-determined women are being confronted with the truth, in love, that abortion is taking the life of their baby. They are also being made aware of the many resources available to help them with their needs. And just this past week, another woman changed her mind and chose life after speaking with the sidewalk counselors! Also, many passersby outside this busy medical building next to Hennepin County Medical Center, who are hurting with other painful issues, are being counseled and helped.

It is encouraging to walk alongside Pro-Life Action Ministries in this endeavor as we grow in our ability to influence and change this part of our world for Christ.

Wayne King leads the Sanctity of Life Task Force at Bethlehem Baptist Church and is a weekly sidewalk counselor outside Whole Woman’s abortion center.

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