Baby Saved in Pouring Rain!

By Marlene, R., volunteer sidewalk counselor

A woman drove into the Robbinsdale abortion facility on Saturday, August 6.  She did not take literature but we talked to her as she was going in.  At 8:30 am, over an hour later, she drove out in the pouring rain with five escorts standing in the lot.  

She rolled down her window and I started telling her about abortion pill reversal as I handed her the Free Help brochure.  I handed her more information which she seemed gladly to take so I asked her, “Did you change your mind?”  

She said “yes” with a smile.  Then I said, “What made you change your mind?”  She got a little quiet and I think she said, “It’s personal.”  So I said, “Did it have anything to do with us being out here for you?”  She said “yes,” smiled again and started driving, and I said, “Please get the help you need” (meaning the Free Help brochure) she now has.

(Editor’s note – Notice Marlene’s astute series of questions which drew out of the woman the fact that our presence there contributed to her change of heart!  Also, that same day, Marlene and her husband, John, had the joy of watching the transformation of a sad abortion client leaving with great joy after her boyfriend helped change her mind.  Marlene noted that it was the Feast of the Transfiguration and wrote, “I experienced it today with that lady smiling big the whole time showing me that she had completely changed.  Dark, sad look to a happy, glowing look.  A miracle!”  John and Marlene were able to give the couple literature and a baby gift before they drove away.)

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