Baby Saved in Duluth!

By Zoe Parks, Duluth affiliate

We had a baby saved in Duluth today! Thank You Lord!  A couple drove in through the alley, and had their windows open.  Tom Schaer was down at that entrance, and when he saw that their windows were open he started talking to them about life.  They were silent and hard, and didn’t acknowledge him speaking.  The woman went into the building, and when Tom tried to engage the father as he was leaving, there was no receptiveness whatsoever. 

Right before this, there was a mom with two small children who went in, and then came back out and told us she had changed her mind.  We were all rejoicing and thanking God, and then she came back without her two kids, and went back in for an abortion.  That really struck all of us, after such hope and joy.  But then God worked in the heart of this other mom, and she came back out in the alley, where Sarah Winandy was taking a turn pleading for life. 

She was crying and holding her ultrasound pictures of her 7-week-old baby.  Sarah asked her if she had changed her mind, and the woman ‘A’ said she had and big tears rolled down her cheeks.  Sarah was so excited, and this caused ‘A’ to smile through her tears.  Sarah offered to give them a gift and ran up to her van parked in front of the building, while ‘A’ and ‘C’ followed her in their car.  Sarah gave them a baby gift bag filled with baby stuff, and then got their address and contact information to send them a gift card to bless them for choosing life.  ‘A’ hugged Sarah as she continued to cry, saying “I just couldn’t do it.”

Please keep ‘A’ and ‘C’ in your prayers!  They live about an hour and a half away so they drove quite a ways to come to their appointment today.  This one was saved.  Thank You Lord!  All the glory is Yours!  It was a hard morning, with a lot going on, and we all felt very heavy after the one mom went back in to that place of death.  That made the miracle of a life saved that much sweeter!  Thank you all for praying!

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