Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s!

By Angie M., volunteer sidewalk counselor

A car arrived around 11:00 at Whole Woman’s in Bloomington on July 7 and the woman walked in.  Her friend came running up to me and asked me about the poster I was holding up:  I asked him if the woman was getting the abortion pill, and he said yes.  I explained what happens to the baby if she takes the abortion pill, and explained that there is a different pill (progesterone) that can undo the abortion pill if she takes the one they give her and changes her mind. 

He was concerned that there would be problems with the baby but was happy to know that the baby would be ok if she got the reversal pill.  I told him she needed to take the reversal pill soon and not to wait.  He told us she was very embarrassed when she saw us standing out there and that her parents didn’t believe in abortion nor did he.  She didn’t even want her boyfriend to know she was pregnant, so she asked her friend to help her.  He was texting her information about pill reversal and she told him she was shaking and this place is (sad emoji). 

Sidewalk counselors Bill Kelly and Pam G. also encouraged him to try to go in and persuade her not to take the abortion pill.  After 45 minutes they came out and he was smiling and gave us a big thumbs up.  I waved him over but she got in the car.  He told us she didn’t take the abortion pill!  I gave him a big hug and gave him the baby onsie, fetal model, Bill’s business card and the extra abortion pill information card.   He ran to the car  and they left in a hurry.  We all hugged and cheered!  Praise Jesus!

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