A Documentable “Baby Saved” After All!

By Kathleen S., volunteer sidewalk counselor

Editor’s note – Although we hadn’t counted this as a “Baby Saved” because we didn’t know that we had anything to do with the mom’s change of heart, we found out later that, indeed, the sidewalk counselor’s words were instrumental in saving this baby!

“Tanya” (not her real name) was leaving Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul when we first met.  She took literature and stopped to talk without interference from PP escorts!  This woman looked so sad and began to cry when asked if she was there for an abortion.  She said it was her plan to abort but just couldn’t do it.  I asked if the people praying on the sidewalk influenced her decision.  She said she didn’t know why she changed her mind and didn’t notice the surroundings.  I told her I was proud of her choice to save her baby and that she won’t regret her decision. 

I asked if she needed anything and if she was okay.  Sharing with her about Abria, the pregnancy resource center nearby, I offered to take her there.  She was very encouraged to hear of the support she could receive there and that she’d rather go a different day.  She felt she needed to go home and “just cry awhile.”

We maintained contact off and on.  She called one day when she was about 8 months along to say she was having difficulty finding baby items.  She was on a waiting list for baby things.  I told her Debra Braun from Pro-Life Action Ministries would know of resources for her.  Debra connected “Tanya” with Margee and her husband who have a ministry of collecting and distributing baby items for moms in need.  This precious mother was absolutely showered with almost every baby item she needed!  She was very grateful for this huge blessing!

Sidewalk prayer supporters Bernie and Sue R. gave a generous gift and said, “Take her shopping and get something nice!”  I had also received a generous donation from some young moms I know.  So about two weeks before her baby’s birth, “Tanya” and I went shopping for that last item she needed.  She was so grateful!  On the way home we stopped for lunch and she shared, “I have to tell you, honestly, I made another appointment for an abortion after meeting you.  But I kept thinking of what you told me in the driveway.  Once again I knew I couldn’t do it and decided to have my baby.”

Her baby boy was born in September!  She invited me to come to the hospital to meet him the next day.  He is beautiful and she is so grateful she chose life for her precious son!

It is so important to have prayer supporters and sidewalk counselors on the sidewalk.  Lives are saved!  We don’t always know the impact we have through prayer and words of truth spoken to these precious women!  In the end, it is God who is at work moving in women’s lives and hearts.  What a blessing to join Him where He’s at work!

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