She Fell Into My Arms Sobbing

By Debra Braun, Education Director

This was a baby saved where God’s orchestration of the details was very evident both to us sidewalk counselors and to the young woman!  It would be too lengthy to go into all those details;  I will be more concise.  During the afternoon abortion shift at the Robbinsdale abortion facility on June 16, volunteer sidewalk counselor Dave U. set up his signs, including two on his car that say “MAY I PRAY FOR YOU?”  Although he keeps his focus on the abortion clients, there is plenty of “down time” at this particular mill. He is able to pray with passersby directed to him by these signs. 

We noticed a young woman walking towards us from the northwest.  She saw Dave’s prayer sign which caused her to start crying by the time we met up.  I told her that she didn’t have to abort. I gave her our literature, and she responded, “I don’t believe in abortion, but I have to do this.”  She explained that she had to pay two months back rent by June 26 or eviction proceedings would start. 

I asked if I could take her to the nearby CWC. She declined, saying again that she had to abort.  Then she literally fell into my arms sobbing.  (She told me later about her nausea causing missed work hours and several other serious events in her life that had led to this emotional overload.)  I opened up our blue “Free Help” brochure and showed her the agencies under “Financial Assistance” that could help her, along with Pro-Life Action Ministries’ financial aid fund. I encouraged her again to go to the pregnancy help center. 

This time she agreed and within minutes of meeting, we were headed towards CWC.  I was very grateful that Dave was still on the sidewalk to continue reaching out to arriving abortion clients.  On the way to the pregnancy center, she received a text from her landlord, reminding her of the back rent and upcoming eviction proceedings. 

But she told me, “Meeting you is such a relief.  You are like an angel sent by God.”  She was warmly welcomed by the pregnancy center staff and I went back to the abortion mill. 

Since then this young woman has heard her baby’s heartbeat (she is about 7 weeks pregnant), which confirmed her decision for life!  We were able to pay her back rent to prevent her from being evicted. She is continuing with the pregnancy help center services making a plan for becoming financially stable again.  She has a young daughter and said she wishes she had known about all the help available when pregnant with her.  I told her now she needs to spread the word to her acquaintances which she has gladly agreed to do.

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