Baby Saved in Duluth!

Condensed from a report by Zoe Nelson, Communications Specialist, Pro-Life Ministries of Duluth, an affiliate of Pro-Life Action Ministries

March 2, 2023 — Even though I’ve reported on many promising situations that may have been baby saves, the last confirmed save for the Duluth area was in June of 2021. We have been praying and hoping for this day for a long time.

A couple walked past sidewalk counselors Sarah W. and Joe N., coming from the parking ramp. Sarah got a brochure into the hands of the dad, and Joe locked eyes with him before the umbrellas from the abortion escorts closed in around them.

The escorts attempted to shoo them into the gate, but the couple was confused about where they were going. They walked past the gate, (and past me). We all, escorts and myself, thought they weren’t here for that after all. They walked down to the corner of the building by the stop sign and were looking around like they were lost.

After a few moments the escort stationed down there approached them and must have confirmed they were heading in for an abortion. He walked behind them down the sidewalk to the alley.

God orchestrated it that Tom S. was right there where the alley meets the sidewalk. With the escort behind the couple, he was able to talk to the mom, and eventually hand her the pro-life brochure as well. They both went in and the door of death closed behind them as it does for so many each week.

Sometime later, just the dad walked out the front door with an escort. As he walked past me, I asked him if there was any way we could help him, and he said no in a very defeated way. The escorts and umbrellas surrounded him, but the Lord put Joe in the right place at the right moment!

Joe asked for the man’s permission to talk to him for just five minutes. They were inside the parking ramp at this point, so they both stepped into the stairwell, behind the glass door. Joe talked and listened, gave the guy a hug, and supported him as he texted and talked on the phone with his girlfriend. Turns out the boyfriend didn’t want her to do it, but they both felt overwhelmed with reasons they didn’t think they could have a baby.

Through all the talking and texting between the two parents with the support of Joe, finally she texted that she wanted to leave. The dad was on the phone with her, telling her he was right outside. Then she came out and although the escorts swarmed them, they looked emotional, happy and relieved.

As they entered the stairwell in the parking garage, the dad gave Joe another big hug. (Joe gave his number to the dad in case they need anything.) Joe and Brent H. gave some cash to the couple to assist them.

As they drove away, they were both smiling, and we were all elated! And were the escorts ever so upset and worked up. They acted like a hornets’ nest that had gotten poked.

ALL the praise to God!

He blessed us by letting us be part of his redemptive plan today. Pray that this couple will be firm in their decision for life, and that they’ll be protected from every doubt and every attack of the enemy. Pray for this special baby spared from death. Pray also for their salvation! In his conversation with the dad, Joe said he was very close to praying for salvation with him, because he had an open heart, but there was just too much going on that it didn’t happen. Pray that it will!

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