“Watching Your Video is What Did it for Me”

By Thomas Wilkin, Sidewalk Counseling Assistant

July 18, 2022 —  A young lady drove into the Uptown Planned Parenthood (PP) parking lot around 1:45.  She took our literature (“We’re Here for You” and “Free Help”) and I said, “Would you read this before you head in?”  Teri, another sidewalk counselor, added that we could help her and her baby. 

Then this lady walked to the door, where I was waiting on the other side of the fence.  I asked her, “Are you here because of a pregnancy?”  She said yes.  “Do you know what you’re planning to do with it yet or are you still deciding?”  “Still deciding,” she said.  “Ok, make sure you hold onto that brochure,” I said.  She nodded and walked in. 

As she  walked down the corridor, Teri walked down the sidewalk waving at her, then stood by the big round window as she checked in, then walked around PP to wave at her as she walked up to the second floor.  (This PP has huge windows through which we can continue communicating with the clients as they walk towards the upstairs waiting area.)  About 3:45, this lady walked back out.  

As I was finishing trying to reach another client, the one who had just left pulled her car over behind me.  She said, “I changed my mind.  I’m keeping it.”  I asked,  “Were you here for an abortion?”   Yes, she said.   (So I think when she said “still deciding,” she either didn’t want to admit she was there for an abortion or she was, but was honestly on the fence.)  She mentioned three times that “watching your video is what did it for me.”  (I guess either the “abortionpillhurts” video or the 4D ultrasound mentioned in the brochures.)  

I offered to connect her with someone on our staff, but she declined, indicating that she would be okay.  I explained the help available at the pregnancy centers in the “Free Help” brochure, and told her, “Congratulations!  Have a good day.”  She thanked me and left.   Praise God!

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