Baby Saved #3600!

By Debra Braun, Education Director

On February 15, we documented our 3600th baby saved from abortion since Pro-Life Action Ministries began in 1981! 

Volunteer sidewalk counselor Andy L. reported that as a young Muslim woman, with an older woman and a young boy, left the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP), he offered her literature and she took it.   Andy asked her if she was at PP for an abortion and she said that she was.  Andy then asked if she already had the abortion and she said no, that she had changed her mind!   

She got tears in her eyes at that point and Andy told her she had made the right decision and that we have all sorts of help for her and there’s no need to abort her baby anyway.  When Andy asked her what made her change her mind she said, ”the ultrasound.”  

I contacted Kate F., the volunteer sidewalk counselor who had been there prior to Andy’s arrival.  She calls out to women as they are walking in, “Look at your ultrasound.”  She reported that there was a Muslim woman who looked at her when she called out, and we are assuming this was the same woman since it was the only Muslim woman Kate saw going in during her shift. 

“Thanks be to God she saw the Truth,” Andy wrote.  And thanks be to God for the thousands of babies saved throughout the years with your support and presence on the sidewalks!

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