CMP Undercover Video Clip

Amy Miller of Whole Woman’s abortion mill in Minneapolis discusses aborted baby body parts in an undercover Center for Medical Progress video.

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director
On October 21, 2015, eleven uncut, full-length undercover videos recorded by David Daleiden of the Center for Medical Progress (CMP) at the April 2014 National Abortion Federation conference were leaked to the public.  A federal judge had previously ordered these videos be kept from release to the public.  He allowed them to be delivered to Congress as part of a Congressional investigation.  Someone hacked into the Congressional computer system and released all eleven.

These uncut videos contain hours upon hours of footage filled with important information.  We discovered in one of these leaked videos an elevator conversation with Amy Miller, founder and CEO of Whole Women’s (WW) abortion chain, based out of Texas. During this brief encounter captured on video, Miller admits to supplying aborted babies from her Minneapolis late-term (up to 24 weeks LMP) abortion facility, a direct violation of longstanding Minnesota law. (The WW consent form, revised in 2013, deceptively states, “I  understand  that  the  fetal  tissue  removed  during  the  abortion  will  be  disposed of, following legal and health guidelines.”)

Miller also admits to working with Advanced BioScience Resources (ABR).  (See photo)  In 2015, Alpha News had obtained purchase orders clearly showing that from 2008-2014 the U of M had purchased fetal pancreas, lung, liver and thymus from ABR (whose registered agent in the Twin Cities was Capitol Lien).  




The Minnesota Department of Health (MDH) has never verified compliance with the fetal disposition law at the state’s five abortion mills.  Gov. Mark Dayton just vetoed legislation that would have authorized the MDH to inspect abortion facilities.

To view the CMP video, go here.  Note — the WW abortionist that Miller mentions, Carrie Terrell, is an assistant professor in the Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Women’s Health at the U of M.

Here is our transcript of the CMP video:

Amy Miller (AM) — “I’m Amy.”

Center for Medical Progress (CMP) – “Are you, are you Amy Miller?”

(AM) – “Yeah, I am.”

(CMP) – “Robert Sarkis.  I met Dr. Sherwood or Dr. Ledmiller (?)”

(AM) –“Oh, yeah, yeah.”

(CMP) – “We’re BioMax Procurement Services.  We do fetal tissue collection.”

(AM) (nodding) – “Uh, okay.”

(CMP) – “And we were talking about it.  And he was telling me that (unintelligible) we can’t do it in Texas.”

(AM) – “You can’t procure in Texas.  You can import, but not export.”

(CMP) – “Wow.”

(AM) – “But we have offices in Mary-land and in Minnesota.  We work with ABR in Minnesota, but we don’t work with anybody in Maryland.”

(CMP) – “Actually, I met, I forget her name now, but the provider in Minnesota and I met Dr. Chang as well in Mary-land.”

(AM) – “Carrie Terrell.”

(CMP) – “Terrell, exactly.  Dr. Terrell. Yeah, she was very sweet.”

(AM) (exiting elevator) – “Yeah, she’s good . . . provide . . . supply . . . clinic (unintelligible).”

(CMP) (exiting elevator) – “So does that go through you ultimately?  Are you kind of the final lady to talk to about contract and stuff? Or who?”

(AM) – “I’m the person who signs the contracts.  But starting with Carrie and Carla.  Carla’s here, our community officer (?).”

(CMP) – “Yeah, let me give you.”

(AM) – “Like my operations (unintelligible).”

(CMP) – “The cards that we have.  I have my card and my CEO’s card.  I’m not sure which one.  Susan Tennenbaum is my boss.”

(AM) – “Okay.”

(CMP) – “Let me see if I have mine in here to give you real fast.”

(AM) – “This is fine.”

(CMP) – “If not, I just want to make sure you have the direct information.  I have them all crammed in here.  Here we go, yeah. Robert Sarkis.”

(AM) – “Good, thank you.”

(CMP) – “Very good to meet you.  We’ll be in touch.”

(AM) – “Okay.”

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