A Journey Through Pregnancy
March 25 (Day of the Unborn Child) – Christmas Day, 2019

Pro-Life Action Ministries is partnering with a coalition of national pro-life organizations to take America on a journey of the miraculous development of a baby in the womb. Follow us on Face-book and commit to sharing each week’s posts with your family and friends!

In the coming weeks, you will see video footage of the unborn child far more powerful than anything ultrasound can accomplish because it was created through embryoscopy and fetoscopy, whereby a camera is placed right up against the amniotic sac to view the baby moving around in living color.  With each week of pregnancy, basic fetal development facts will be shared and celebrated.  You may download the “See Baby” app (available for IOS and Android) to watch Baby Chris grow.

Resources will be made available at www.BabyChris.org, where, week by week, schools, churches, pro-life groups, families and individuals can receive educational materials, photos, videos and social media memes in order to spread awareness of how well developed the unborn child is, even as an “embryo.”

This project is based on the conviction that in the debate over abortion, the starting point is simple, “Who is this child?” Once that is established, the next key question is, “What does abortion do to the child?”  We seek to open our world’s eyes to the humanity of all babies in the womb and to secure the right to life for our most innocent brothers and sisters.

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