Now She’s Thinking of a Name for her Baby! 

By Suzanne R., volunteer sidewalk counselor

On Friday, June 23, at the Brooklyn Park Planned Parenthood (PP), during the 1:00-3:00 shift, a baby boy was saved.  I believe the young woman noticed sidewalk counselor Joanne N.’s outreach at the door upon entering and leaving PP.  Then as she drove out, I engaged her for about five minutes. (It was a miracle that no cars came behind her!). 

She rolled down her window and I saw that she had PP paperwork on the passenger seat for a future appointment.  She confirmed that she was going to abort and we talked about alternatives to that.  After a while, she said she would like to keep her baby.  (She knew it was a boy, so she must have had an ultrasound at some point.) 

She explained that her boyfriend had serious mental health issues, etc.  I told her about the many resources and gave her our literature.  She then expressed wanting to have help during the pregnancy such as a doula.  Her face went from sullen to radiant by the end of our conversation, and she told me that she was going to spend the weekend thinking of a name for her sweet baby boy.  We held hands and expressed gratitude for her change of heart.  I was so excited! 

Praise God, and I’m getting a prayer chain started at my church’s adoration chapel and at a friend’s church as well. 

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