Babies Saved Three Days in a Row!

THREE babies were saved in central Florida last week!  On July 6, sidewalk counselors were outside AWHC, calling out to the abortion clients, offering help and truth.  Eventually, a woman came out and while running to her Uber ride, called out, “I changed my mind; I changed my mind!”  Sidewalk counselor Maude ran down the sidewalk, yelling “Praise the Lord!” and caught up with her to give her a hug.

The next day, again at AWHC, a woman driving out with tears rolling down her cheeks stopped to tell sidewalk counselor Chris that she had changed her mind!  Sidewalk counselor Shirley Jo gave her a baby gift and told her they would help in any way they could.

Then on July 8, this time at Planned Parenthood UCF, another woman changed her mind!  From Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager:  “Sandra shared how her family was out ministering with Anne, and there was a lot of spiritual warfare going on while they were reaching out to the women and sharing the gospel!  They began to worship the Lord, singing praises unto Jesus, and while doing so, Anne noticed a young lady walking out, so she rushed over to her, telling her, “You must save your baby!”  The young lady told Anne that she changed her mind!  This girl’s heart was convicted, and she decided to leave that wicked place of death and protect her baby!

I praise all of the incredible warriors here in central Florida who are standing in the gap for these little ones, crying in the wilderness, in these very dark places, proclaiming Jesus, proclaiming life, and being rescuers to those being led to the slaughter!  Praise the name of Jesus!  Hallelujah, HE is great and greatly to be praised!

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