Photo: Abortion clients wait for the opening of the OWC abortion mill in Orlando March 21 — no “social distancing” here! This was the day after Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis issued an order delaying “medically unnecessary, non-urgent” procedures.  On April 4, another busy abortion center in central Florida, AWHC, closed for an undetermined time due to one of its employees testing positive for COVID-19.

by Debra Braun, Education Director

The abortion mills in Minnesota and central Florida have remained open during the COVID-19 pandemic and staff and volunteers with Pro-Life Action Ministries have continued sidewalk counseling and praying outside these killing centers, despite so-called “stay at home” orders by the governors of Minnesota and Florida.  Although sidewalk counselors in a very few locations across the country have been arrested for “violating” their local orders, we have not had problems in Minnesota or Florida.  In fact, the Lord has blessed us with an increase in babies saved recently! We have documented 11 lives saved since March 17! 

Across the country, non-essential, elective surgeries have been ordered postponed, yet abortion mills continue killing even though abortion advocates have always proclaimed that abortion is a “choice.”  Now, they’re saying that abortion is an essential “time-sensitive” procedure that cannot be postponed.  (Of course, if an abortion is postponed, the baby will continue developing, reach full-term and be born!  Can’t have that, according to those who profit from abortion.) In addition, abortion advocates are exploiting the fear of some pregnant women concerning the current economic situation. A Planned Parenthood official in New York told BuzzFeed News that abortion “is essential and life-affirming, especially now when there is so much insecurity around jobs and food and paychecks and childcare.”   Planned Parenthood Keystone in Pennsylvania has even requested donations of personal protective equipment (PPE) so it can continue doing abortions (which is the only procedure it is currently doing).  In addition, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and other pro-abortion politicians tried to include abortion funding in the COVID-19 relief bill before being stopped by Republicans.

Several states have halted abortions with their bans on elective surgeries, and of course, Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups have sued, bringing their cases to their favorite appellate judges.  As the cases are working their way through the courts, a few states are abortion-free. In Minnesota, despite pro-lifers contacting the governor and state health commissioner, pro-abortion Gov. Tim Walz specifically exempted abortion (“reproductive health care”) from the ban on elective procedures.  (He threw in “childbirth services” as an exemption also, as if a normal birth could be postponed with his order!) In Florida, pro-life Gov. Ron DeSantis has not ordered abortion centers to close.  However, according to Michele Herzog, the Manager of our Central Florida Branch, the AWHC abortion center there closed for an undetermined  time period beginning on April 4 because an employee tested positive for COVID-19.  Just the day before, the first day of Gov. DeSantis’ “stay at home” order, Michele and others sidewalk counseled outside AWHC, praying fervently that place of death would close!  Also, a woman left smiling, saying that she was reconsidering her decision to abort.  Pray she would definitively choose life!

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