New Billboard Strategically Placed Near PP in St. Paul, Minn.

The new year brings us a new opportunity to reach mothers that have chosen a chemical abortion and taken the abortion pill! Thanks to generous donors, we have created a billboard that shares the hope of abortion pill reversal! You can find our billboard strategically placed near the corner of University Avenue and Vandalia Street […]

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The “Mildred Hanson” Clinic Has Stopped Killing!

by Debra Braun, Education Director We have just learned that Marilee Hanson, 57, is no longer doing abortions at the Park Avenue Medical Office Building (710 E. 24th St.) in south Minneapolis.  She is retiring from her private practice there, with the last babies killed in late  November.  Hanson is an ob-gyn and practiced in […]

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Sidewalk Counselors and Prayer Supporters Needed in Rochester, Minn. to Save Lives!

The Planned Parenthood (PP) facility in Rochester, Minn. (1212 7th St., NW) is again killing children by means of the abortion pill.  This is done through a “webcam” system in which the abortionist is actually sitting in the St. Paul PP and communicating through video with the abortion client in Rochester where she takes the […]

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Candidate Tina Smith Was VP at PPMNS

Earlier this year, Tina Smith (who was the Lt. Gov. of Minnesota) was appointed by Gov. Mark Dayton to  the U.S. Senate seat vacated by disgraced, pro-abortion senator, Al Franken.  Smith is the former Vice President for External Affairs for Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota (PPMNS).  She is currently running against Republican State […]

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Court Halts Lawsuit against Univ. of Minnesota for Illegal use of Aborted Babies’ Tissue

Editor’s note: The following article is reprinted from LifeSiteNews.. This is the lawsuit brought by Pro-Life Action Ministries, Brian Gibson, and Bridget Busacker against the University of Minnesota (UMN) over the illegal use of aborted babies’ remains in research at UMN.  The UMN attorney did not even make an effort to claim UMN was not […]

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Vote Pro-Life!

To see where your candidates in this fall’s election stand on the life issues, contact: Minnesota Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (612) 825-6831 Minnesota Family Council (612) 789-8811 Florida Personhood Florida Florida Family Policy Council (407) 251-5130

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Planned parenthood Orlando is gone!!!!

Posted by Amber Rebma on Thursday, September 27, 2018

Planned Parenthood of Orlando Florida is Shutdown

PLANNED PARENTHOOD ORLANDO IS SHUT DOWN! GLORY BE TO GOD! by Michele Herzog Wednesday was the last day that the shedding of innocent blood will ever take place again at that place of death, and thank the Lord for the babies who were rescued from the death of abortion! Thanks be to God for all […]

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EPOC Abortion Mill in Orlando Closes for Good!

by Michele Herzog Central Florida Branch Manager Pro-Life Action Ministries For over twenty years, faithful Christians cried out to the Lord to stop the shedding of innocent blood at the EPOC abortuary at 609 Virginia Drive in Orlando.  Each day children were unmercifully killed, followers of Christ stood on the sidewalks in front of this very […]

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PP Abortionist Speaks for Univ. of St. Thomas Forum

by Brian Gibson Executive Director (Editor’s note – We did not know in advance about this scandalous event at the University of St. Thomas.  However, we believe it is our obligation to inform you even now, after the fact.) On April 11, 2018, Dr. Sarah Traxler, Medical Director of Planned Parenthood Minnesota, North Dakota, South […]

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Judy Madsen Johnson, Leader with Pro-Life Action Ministries in Central Florida, Passes Away June 3

Photo: Judy Madsen Johnson, on right. by Michele Herzog Central Florida Branch Manager It is with heavy hearts that we share news of the passing away of our dear friend and fellow warrior for life, Judy Madsen Johnson. Judy left an impact on so many people, as she was one of the most compassionate, loving, […]

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