*Update:  We learned in early January that our two billboards which have been up for about a year near the mega-Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul were being taken down within the week. The bill board company was being threatened by the owner of the billboard stand that he would not renew his lease with them if our billboards stayed there. We are still investigating to determine who owns that billboard stand.*

In early February, we posted another new billboard  near the Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul (taller building on the left in this photo).  It is on the reverse of our “Abortion Pill Reversal” billboard that was posted in January, near the intersection of University Ave. and Vandalia St.  It is visible to everyone exiting 94 and heading north on Vandalia to Planned Parenthood (they see this billboard before they see PP’s billboard).

So now we are reaching out via billboards to most of the PP abortion clients coming and going!  These billboards assist in our sidewalk counseling and prayer efforts at PP.

Option Line is a national bilingual (English and Spanish) pregnancy helpline answered 24/7.  Through live chat, phone, text and e-mail, pro-life staff members provide support and encouragement to women and direct them to their nearby pregnancy help center for ongoing assistance.

We hope and pray both billboards save many lives!  If you want to help keep these billboards up, please consider making a donation to Pro-Life Action Ministries here.

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