Pendergraft raid, June 13, 2013Abortionist James Scott Pendergraft reopens Orlando Women’s Center with borrowed furniture and supplies!

On June 13, Orlando Women’s Center (OWC) was surrounded by police, moving trucks, news reporters, attorneys and crime scene tape while the sheriffs raided and seized all assets from inside the building.  The seizure halted abortionist James Pendergraft’s ability to perform any abortions at this office so he funneled his patients from OWC over to EPOC, his other abortion center in Orlando.

This action stemmed from the final judgement in a civil lawsuit against Pendergraft for $36,737,660.16 in July of 2011.  Since then, Pendergraft continued running his five abortion centers in Florida, raking in thousands of dollars (amidst improvements such as new sprinkler systems, landscaping, tiles, and other renovations).but paying only $100,000 of the lawsuit, The seizure of Pendergraft’s assets did not stop him, though, from finding another way to get his business up and running again, as he just went and borrowed furniture and supplies and opened his doors and packed his waiting room!

This amid the fact that he has had his medical license suspended five times.  It is suspended indefinitely right now!  His abortionist, Randall Whitney, was charged with assault when he slapped one of his abortion patients and right now has two pending lawsuits against him for perforating the uteruses of two patients.

Pendergraft has been in and out of trouble with the law throughout the years with his abortion dynasty and yet he remains open, even with the women that have been maimed and butchered at his abortion mills, let alone the thousands of babies that have died brutal deaths.

Pendergraft raid, June 30, 2013, SC Paula RislerAnd lest we forget what this $36,737,660.16 lawsuit is all about that Pendergraft blatantly refuses to pay and abide by, and that is Jordan, who was left blind, severely disabled and never able to function without the help of caregivers.  May justice prevail through this civil lawsuit that was granted on behalf of Jordan for her care!

We will not forget you, Jordan, we will stand in the gap for you and shout it from the mountaintops of the complete injustice that has been done to you by abortionists Pendergraft and Whitney.  May the courts, the Medical Board and the judicial system prevail and force Pendergraft to pay the whole $36.737,660.16 and may his abortion empire be forced to shut down by the law for good!

“Let justice roll down like a river and righteousness like a mighty stream!”  Amos 5:24

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