La CrossePro-lifers have been picketing the Catholic hospital in La Crosse, Wis. since March 5, asking that the hospital sever ties with abortionist Carl Rose. The hospital, Mayo Clinic Health System-Franciscan Healthcare, is co-owned by the Franciscan Sisters of Perpetual Adoration (FSPA) and is part of the Mayo Clinic, based in Rochester, Minn. Rose is an OB/GYN who sees pregnant women at the hospital in La Crosse and who kills unborn children elsewhere, presumably at Mayo Clinic Hospital, Methodist Campus in Rochester, where we know abortions are being committed.

The pro-life efforts are headed up by Leif and Karen Arvidson, who have personal experience with Rose. During Karen’s most recent pregnancy, she was seen by Rose at the La Crosse hospital. Although the baby was perfectly healthy at the time, Rose suggested that he could have Down syndrome and that they should discuss their options (i.e., abortion).

When Karen suffered a placental abruption, Rose seemed to have no concern for the life of the child, according to the Arvidsons. The baby experienced great distress, but Rose neglected to provide help. In order to find out why he was so calloused, Karen called his office in Rochester. An office worker informed her that Rose commits abortions for any reason up to about 21 weeks. Since the story went public, several other women have come forward with stories of similar experiences with Rose. Some of their stories are posted on a new website that was established to raise awareness of the issue —

PeterThe baby, Peter, now 18 months old, had some medical challenges after birth. By the grace of God, through the fervent prayers of many supporters, he is now doing well, with some developmental delays, said Leif.

The Arvidsons have asked the FSPA Sisters and hospital administrators to sever ties with the abortionist, but they decided to continue to have him meet with pregnant women. They said that they are morally obliged to provide abortion as an option. Yet, in May 2011, hospital CEO Dr. Timothy Johnson had said, “We are committed to maintaining our Catholic identity. It is a very big part of who we are.”

“It is unacceptable that Franciscan brings in an abortionist to work with pregnant women, unbeknownst to them,”  the Arvidsons said in a statement. “It is gravely wrong for a Catholic hospital to refer patients out to abortion clinics. But this is worse – they are bringing the abortionist into their hospital to meet with pregnant women.”

The Arvidsons added that they are picketing outside of the hospital so that other women will know that an abortionist works in the OB/GYN department. “Pregnant women have the right to know if an abortionist is assigned to care for them,” they said.

More people are needed to hold pro-life and informational signs outside the hospital and for other activities in an attempt to change hospital policy.  Go to  to see how you can get involved and to keep updated on this situation.

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