by Brian Gibson
Executive Director

As the national elections approach, more and more people are being touted by the biased mainstream media as supporting Joe Biden for the presidency.  From left-leaning Evangelical to dissident Catholics, a large portion of these are religious in tone.  And no wonder.  In 2016, then-candidate Trump received a majority of the Evangelical and Catholic vote to win the presidency.  If Biden is to win, he must turn those numbers around.  Yet Biden’s record and statements regarding abortion, religious freedom and the sanctity of marriage are deplorable to those who faithfully adhere to these faith streams.

And we, pro-life people, are told that we cannot be single-issue voters.  There are an array of issues that their candidate upholds that counterbalance the life, family and religious issues, we are told. 

Those who tell us not to be one-issued are in part right and in part deadly wrong.  I will attempt to paraphrase an eloquent argument set out by Dr. John Piper many years ago regarding voting to explain this statement.

When we vote, there indeed are an array of very important issues we must consider when selecting who to represent us.  After all, that is exactly what a politician is supposed to be doing under our Constitutional Republic – represent us.  All of these issues can take careful consideration as to whom to cast our vote.  But there are single issues that cause us to never vote for a candidate, that completely disqualify them from receiving our vote no matter how good they may be on all other issues. 

If a candidate for office held a position that armed robbery should be legalized, for that one issue we would never cast our vote their way.  If another believed that children should be taken from their parents once they reach the age of 5 to be “cared for” by the state, for that single reason, a no vote would be called for.  Or should a candidate promote that at the age of 60 all possessions be relinquished  to the state and the individual present themselves to die in order to make room for the young, for that single issue we would never vote for that candidate.  We would not vote for any of these candidates even if their stand on the environment, immigration, education, economic stimulus and so much more were perfect. 

So it is for abortion.  For when we look at abortion for what it truly is, the intentional killing of an innocent and defenseless human being, then any candidate who supports this supports the most heinous of acts against another person, far worse that any of the above examples.

We simply cannot vote for someone who supports the killing of our unborn brothers and sisters.  We must pledge to never vote for those who would seek to codify abortion on demand, pay for it with our tax dollars, call it healthcare, claim some form of freedom for women by the murder of their babies, and on and on. If you find some sort of angst that prevents you from voting for one candidate and the alternative candidate is pro-abortion, you still cannot vote for the pro-abortion candidate.  For by doing so, you are, in essence, stating by your vote that the unborn are not human beings and that imposing the death penalty upon the innocent and defenseless is perfectly fine. 

One last thought — this applies to every single level of public office, not just the presidency.

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