by Michele Herzog
Central Florida Branch Manager

As I looked into the face of this newly born precious baby girl held in her daddy’s arms, my thoughts were immediately taken back to last September when a group of us had gone to the Planned Parenthood (PP) in Kissimmee to be a voice for the voiceless, and to try to rescue those little ones being drawn to the slaughter.

While ministering, we were able to speak out to a young couple as they walked into this place of death and began to pray for them but unfortunately they went inside the abortuary.

After a while, we noticed the abortion bound mom come outside, and sit on the bench. Sidewalk counselors began to plead with her to protect her little one, that the child in her womb was a precious gift from God created in HIS image, and that there was help for her, and please do not do this!

“Don’t do it, don’t do it, don’t do it!”  These were the words of one of the sidewalk counselors.  Later on, this mama shared how much of an impact these words had on her.  So much so, that she texted her husband who was still inside PP, telling him that she could not do it and was going to the car!   Shortly after, he came out, but was followed by one of the PP escorts taunting him and trying to get him to change his wife’s mind.

We began to call out and encouraged the daddy to not listen to the escort, and to be the man that God created him to be, to protect women and children.  One of the men in our group called out, “You will be a great father!”  This, we found out later, is what God used to touch this father’s heart!

He turned and walked over to the car, they talked for a bit, and then pulled out of the parking lot, but when coming around the corner, I walked out into the street and asked them to roll their window down, which they did. I asked if they were leaving, and if we could pray for them, to which they both said yes.  The mama was weeping while we prayed, and the daddy began to weep, and the Lord swept down and miraculously put a love in their hearts for their baby and a sorrow for thinking of the abortion, which led to  absolutely choosing life for their child!  It was a beautiful moment!

They shared how they had five other children, and that they were Christians and that they had become so fearful.  That is how they ended up at PP, and now, how glad they were that we were there to be a voice, and praying for them. 

We told them that we would walk through this pregnancy with them, and be there afterwards for them, to which the father looked up at us, and said, “Do you really mean that?  A lot of Christians say that, but never follow through, and it’s just words.”  I told him, “Yes, we will be there for you!”

And here it is, May, and I am looking at this precious baby girl snug in her father’s arms, and as he looks up at me, his words touched my heart so much. “Michele, if you all wouldn’t have been there that day at Planned Parenthood, we wouldn’t have her!  Thank you all so, so much, we are so grateful you were there!”  And he finished by saying, “You all have been there for us, you all have really shown the love of God to our family, and have been true Christians!”

This has been a true testament to me as well as this precious mama and daddy, because I have witnessed the body of Christ pull together to make sure they have everything they need, especially in such a time as this. God has provided everything! How beautiful when the body of Christ works together for these little babes and their parents!

Truly, this baby is a miracle, and how incredible was God’s love for her parents to touch and convict their hearts that almost fateful day, showing them how very much HE cares for them, and the child that was growing inside her mama’s womb.

How wonderful to be the hands and feet of Jesus, pleading for the lives of these children, and sharing HIS glorious gospel to a lost and dying world!  To God be the Glory for HE has done great things!

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