In 2011, Regions Hospital closed their abortion facility; mainly through the power of prayer. This campaign is intended to have 4,000 individuals of all ages committed to intercede daily for the protection of the unborn and their mothers at risk of harm by abortion at the mega-Planned Parenthood. (Planned Parenthood in Minnesota aborts an average of 4000 babies a year.) Prayer will also be for the sidewalk counselors who reach out to the moms, that they be grace-filled in all that is offered, spoken and presented so that God may use them to save more babies and help more women turn away from abortion. Additionally, prayers will be for a change of heart for those who work at Planned Parenthood, that they quit this evil work and come to know the love of God through Jesus Christ our Lord. And ultimately, prayers will be offered for the closing of this mega-abortion facility.

During the construction of this mega-PP, a series of prayer rallies was held. A display of 4,000 fetal models was present at six of these prayer rallies. Each one of the fetal models represented a baby aborted during the previous calendar year at the old PP abortion facility. These fetal models have been prayed over by the hundreds who came out to witness for life. Now we are seeking intercessors to receive one of these fetal models in remembrance of a baby killed at PP and as a reminder to intercede daily.

When you commit to pray we will send you:

  • One of 4,000 12-week fetal models
  • An intercessory prayer card with suggested intentions
  • Updates on special needs that may arise

You do not need to go to Planned Parenthood but you are always invited to pray there. If you are interested in praying at an abortion facility, consider becoming a prayer supporter.

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