Baby Saved on 40 Days for Life “Adopt-A-Day”!

“I have to say the only time I’ve been there and had a ‘confirmed’ save was during 40 Days for Life.  And I’ve had gals come out and tell me they changed their minds and, again, it’s during those campaigns.”

By Mary H., longtime volunteer sidewalk counselor

October 6, 2023 – Pat W. and I were standing near the driveway when a young couple came driving into St. Paul’s Planned Parenthood (PP). They stopped long enough for me to ask them if they might be there because of pregnancy, as I handed them my gift of a boxed fetal model and accompanying literature.  The young lady affirmed that they were.  I told her to please read the literature and told them that there was help available a block away before the PP escort told them quite curtly, “Don’t block the driveway.” 

About 40 minutes later, the same couple came out.  Pat said the father was just gleaming. The young woman said she’d changed her mind.  I asked her what made her change her mind and she said simply that they’d read the literature and changed their minds.  The escort told them to move, so I told them that I had a gift I wanted to give them (one of Rita’s blankets) and a baby cap that a friend knitted for me to give away to a mom.  I asked them to please pull into the lot adjoining PP and I went down and talked to them.

The mom said that they would have a hard time affording another baby right now (they have a toddler).  I told them again that there was help available and where the nearest pregnancy resource center was.  I also showed her Pro-Life Action Ministries phone number on the literature and told her if they had any other needs to contact that number and they would be directed to help.

Several northeast metro area churches, including St. Mary’s of the Lake, had “adopted” that day and had a presence there all day.  There were young men from St. John Vianney Seminary and some regular prayer supporters from the West St. Paul area.  At 3:00, a contingent comes from the neighborhood to say the Rosary, led by a priest who drives up from near Rochester.  And there were other prayer supporters there, Annie and Anna and children, who have a wonderful organization, Together For Good, which provides respite care for weary moms.

I can’t impress strongly enough how much impact I think all this prayer and presence has on people.  The power of the Holy Spirit hears and answers our prayers.  It’s a witness to parents going in thinking that abortion is their only option.  Thank you to all of the persons who so faithfully show up to pray.  You save lives.

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