WebBannerTiny3,000 and Counting
by Brian Gibson, Executive Director
Pro-Life Action Ministries

This past November, we documented our 3,000th baby saved from abortion. This is a very good milestone in our efforts to “. . . rescue those being led to their execution. . . .” We have celebrated these children and their families being spared death and the trauma of being a part of that death. These precious children, made in the image and likeness of God, are the primary reason our ministry exists—to intervene and save their lives.

We also are of great certitude that there are many more saved that we cannot document. Memos sent among the Planned Parenthood affiliates indicate that when we are present at the abortion facilities as the women are arriving, there is a significant percentage of “no shows.” Additionally, we often enough have had people stop and thank us for being present when they decided not to abort. (They hadn’t told us at the time, months or years earlier, that they had changed their minds.)

As wonderful as it is to reach this milestone, it is not anywhere near enough. Though it is extremely rare to document such a large number of babies saved, we must get to the next 3,000 much sooner. And until we are saving each and every baby scheduled to be aborted, in effect stopping all abortions, we are not meeting our purpose or our goals. It is good to celebrate these 3,000 babies known to be saved. But we should use this as a reason to dedicate ourselves to work even harder to save so many more. We will continue to work for an end to the killing. We will continue to rescue all the babies we can until that day arrives.

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