Photo: Planned Parenthood, St. Paul, March 4, 2020

By a vote of 7-0 on March 4, the St. Paul City Council declared March 10 “Abortion Providers Appreciation Day,” receiving a backlash from pro-life residents of the city, including Catholic Archbishop Bernard Hebda, who said, “As our nation is rightly concerned about preventing the spread of the COVID-19/coronavirus and caring for human life, I cannot help but be profoundly saddened and confounded that elected officials in both St. Paul and Minneapolis declared today ‘Abortion Provider Appreciation Day.’  Given that each human life is created in the image and likeness of God and has value, to honor those who purposefully end such life is an affront not only to our Creator but to the foundational values of civil society. There is no way around it – abortion kills children.”

Ironically, about the same time as the city council was passing this resolution, an ambulance was at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood picking up a woman who was hemorrhaging after, presumably, a botch-ed abortion.

Not to be outdone, Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey also recognized the day, mentioning the Whole Woman’s abortion mill in Minneapolis, calling it “an essential part of our community.”  Not seeming to notice any disconnect, less than two weeks later, Frey and his wife joyfully announced the upcoming September due date of their first child while holding up an early ultrasound photo.

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