By Michele Herzog
Central Florida Branch Manager
Pro-Life Action Ministries

The beginning of 2016 has ushered in the closure of two abortion mills here in Central Florida and we praise God for this and give HIM all the glory!  The end of January brought the tremendous news that the WomanCare abortuary in Orlando had been evicted, which was an answer to prayer for so many!

 At our 2015 Good Friday Hour of Prayer & Praise at this location, we committed as a group to pray with action that this abortuary would be closed!  We produced flyers alerting all tenants and patients in the building that there was a place of death there and to encourage the landlord to evict WomanCare.  We held graphic signs depicting the horror taking place on the first floor of this medical complex, cried out, made phone calls, and ministered there, being a voice for the voiceless and trying to rescue those unjustly sentenced to death!

We, of course, received negative, angry comments, but we also were given encouragement from many that they did not want a business that kills children in the same place where they worked or went to as a patient.  Finally, a year later, the Lord heard our cries and honored the efforts of HIS people and the landlord evicted them!  We thank you Lord, for you are worthy to be praised!

February brought the closure of the Planned Parenthood in Winter Haven. Again, we praise God on high for shutting this place of death down.  Faithful sidewalk counselor/evangelist Scott Newman stood in front of this abortuary for years crying out on behalf of the little ones led to the slaughter, many times alone, never giving up, continually being there to be a voice for the voiceless.  Thank you Lord for honoring the prayers of so many to close this child-killing center down as well!  All glory to you, oh Lord.

WomanCare, 1(1)

Photo: Pro-lifers used signs and flyers to educate tenants and patients about the abortions taking place in the medical complex which housed WomanCare in Orlando.

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