crowd— On Saturday, August 22, pro-life people in more than 350 cities across the U.S. participated in the National Protest of Planned Parenthood.  The largest of these rallies was in St. Paul, Minn. with about 4,500 people filling Charles Avenue along the entire length of the mega-Planned Parenthood compound.  (Photo by Kit Larson, Smokey Photo)

The crowd was led in prayer at the beginning of the rally by Dr. John Piper and Pastor Sergio Amezcua and at rally’s end by Rev. Denise Walker and Fr. Michael Becker.  A dozen elected officials from the Minnesota House and Senate spoke, calling on Governor Dayton to defund and investigate Planned Parenthood.  And, for the first time at a Minnesota abortion facility, representatives from seven pro-life organizations spoke in unity for an end to abortion, enforcement of Minnesota laws, and the defunding and investigation of Planned Parenthood.

Personal stories were told of the preciousness of life and the devastating effects of being involved in abortion and the amazing mercy of God for those who repent and turn to Him for forgiveness and healing.  (See more information about this huge rally by clicking on the Facebook icon below.)

The week prior to this huge rally, the Star Tribune newspaper had a headline claiming that the local Planned Parenthood had “weathered the storm” from the “national firestorm” caused by the undercover videos.  A clarion call was made to not let this headline be prophetic but instead for all of us to be God’s firestorm against the injustices of Planned Parenthood through our ardent prayers and actions.

Since Gov. Dayton and his Lt. Gov., former Planned Parenthood V.P. Tina Smith, have been the “shelter” for Planned Parenthood in Minnesota by ignoring calls for defunding and investigations, we are going to the Governor’s Mansion to be the “Firestorm” on Wednesday, September 9, at 4:00 pm.  Please join with us.

Billboard2We have a billboard up!  As I was writing this to tell you that we were putting this billboard up, I received a call that it is up early.    We have “stepped out in faith” and put this message up on a large billboard on I-94 coming east back into the Twin Cities from “up north” just as you get to the Albertville, Minn. area. Tens of thousands will see it daily. This is part of our “See For Yourself” campaign to push the videos which are mostly not being covered by the “old” media. We also will bring this message (and more) to tens of thousands of homes in Minnesota this coming 40 Days for Life. So here’s what is needed: the funding for the billboard, the creation and printing of high quality door hangers and 100 volunteers to go door to door three or more Saturdays in late September and October.

We have led the charge directly at Planned Parenthood with everything we have.  We have organized multiple rallies, weekly prayer and witness efforts, created new placards and literature, mailed to thousands to promote these efforts and, now, placed a billboard for all to see and with much more to come.  Thousands have joined in.  We are working diligently to draw tens of thousands more.  We have called upon Christians of various denominational backgrounds to stand together in calling for God’s intervention and have worked to bring together the pro-life movement.  All of this and so much more must be done now while the iron is hot.  We need to be God’s firestorm.

But we have done all this without having the chance to ask for the financial help that’s needed.  We had to.  Now I need to also ask for your financial support.  Please help us do all we have and will continue to do to go after Planned Parenthood.  Pray fervently.  Act boldly.  And donate as you are able.

May God be glorified in all that we are doing.

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

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