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“We’re here for you.” 1 in 5 pregnancies will end in abortion in the United States. We offer women entering abortion facilities, real options of hope and love by ministering to them from out on the sidewalks. As sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters, we do all we can with God’s help to encourage women to choose life for their child.

Upcoming Events Cancelled

COVID-19 and Abortion: Events Cancelled; Sidewalk Counseling Remains a Must

Abortions continue at the abortion facilities despite all the disruptions in everyday life with the COVID-19 lock-downs and shutdowns. Some facilities have shut down “non-essential services” or have told “non-essential employees” to stay home. Planned Parenthood has made it crystal clear that killing defenseless babies is their absolutely “essential service.”

Though the mandates from governments prohibit our organizing large events, we still must be present sidewalk counseling and in prayer support outside these places of death to pray and do our best to reach out to save the lives of the babies about to be killed. We can do this with “social distancing,” taking care to avoid contracting or spreading COVID-19.

All need to take the COVID-19 virus very seriously. All the advised precautions of “social distancing,” properly covering coughs and sneezes, washing hands, and avoiding handshakes and hugs all make great sense to help stem the spread of this extremely communicable virus. Those with underlying health issues and those who live with or care for those with underlying health issues should take extra precautions. But going outside and standing or walking are not among prohibited activities. These can be done safely and can help our spirits in distressing times
Jericho March & Solemn Good Friday Vigil
Permits have been revoked or not granted for our Jericho March, March 30 – April 5, 2020 and our Solemn Good Friday Vigil, April 10, 2020. This will be the first time in 37 years that our Good Friday Vigil will be cancelled.

We are not organizing any gathering events until this all passes. Yet we remain committed to be present outside the abortion facilities offering hope and God’s love to those seeking abortions.

Watch this video to learn more about how you can continue our tradition of calling on God on Good Friday by participating in our Virtual Good Friday Vigil Event created to replace our annual gathering. See you right here at 8:45 a.m. CST on Good Friday, April 10, 2020!

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Pro-Life Action Ministries is an interdenominational, Christian organization dedicated to publicly defending the sanctity of human life


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On Behalf of Pro-Life Action Ministries, Thomas More Society Files to Dismiss Pro-Abortion Lawsuit

Minnesota Attorney General Allows “Meritless Litigation” in Challenge to Abortion Laws The Thomas More Society is asking to intervene in a lawsuit brought against the state of Minnesota by two abortion workers who have concealed their identity and a church group that advocates abortion. The lawsuit seeks to overturn Minnesota’s 24-hour waiting period for abortions, […]

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Discoveries and Cemeteries

Photo: Rev. Brian Walker (speaking) and Brian Gibson led the National Day of Remembrance service at Resurrection Cemetery in Mendota, Minn. before children placed roses on the gravesite as the names of each of the 13 aborted babies buried there were read. By Brian Gibson, Executive Director The evening before the 7th National Day of […]

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Two Ambulances Recorded at St. Paul PP in One Week

by Debra Braun, Education Director Two women within three days in the middle of August were transported by ambulance from the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP).  Both an ambulance and a firetruck arrived for an emergency on August 14 and an ambulance arrived on August 16.  Radio dispatch recordings revealed that both women suffered from […]

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Pro-Abortionists Sue to Overturn Minnesota’s Pro-Life Laws

A lawsuit challenging all of Minnesota’s anti-abortion laws was filed in Ramsey County District Court May 29 by the Lawyering Project and Gender Justice on behalf of the First Unitarian Society of Minneapolis, an anonymous abortionist and an anonymous certified nurse-midwife who wants to commit abortions. Pro-life laws targeted include those requiring informed consent, parental […]

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Abortions Continue Downward Trend in MN, But PP Increases its Killing

By Debra Braun, Education Director The Minnesota Department of Health released its annual “Induced Abortions in Minnesota” report  July 1, showing a continued overall downward trend in abortions in the state.  However, Planned Parenthood (PP) continues to increase its “market share” of the abortions in Minnesota. PP committed 6292 of the 9910 reported abortions in 2018 […]

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Old PP Abortion Mill in Orlando Demolished!

Michele Herzog (left), Central Florida Branch Manager for Pro-Life Action Ministries, and Amber Carroll, long-time sidewalk counselor and pro-life activist, rejoice in front of the empty lot where the Planned Parenthood abortion mill in Orlando (Tampa Avenue) used to exist.  This abortion mill closed last September after almost 20 years and thousands upon thousands of […]

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Our “Unplanned” Movie Backstory

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director For the first time in a widely viewed movie, “Unplanned” rightfully portrays those who sidewalk counsel and engage in peaceful, prayer-filled events at abortion facilities in a positive and redeeming light.  The co-heroes of the story are Shawn and Marilisa Carney and 40 Days for Life.  Of course, with Pro-Life […]

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Tax-Funded Abortions in Minnesota hit Another All-Time High

(Editor’s note — This article is condensed from a longer press release by Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL), available at https://www.mccl.org/post/tax-funded-abortions-in-minnesota-hit-another-all-time-high) ST. PAUL (March 29) — Abortions funded by Minnesota taxpayers in 2017 reached a record high for the third straight year, according to a report released today by the Minnesota Department of Human […]

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Documents Show Florida Abortionist Pendergraft Using Cash Biz, Deception, Fraud, to Avoid Paying Multi-Million Dollar Malpractice Judgment

(Editor’s note — This is the conclusion of an April 25, 2019 Operation Rescue Special Report By Cheryl Sullenger.  For the full report, go to https://www.operationrescue.org/archives/documents-show-florida-abortionist-using-cash-biz-deception-fraud-to-avoid-paying-multi-million-dollar-malpractice-judgment/) It is clear that (James) Pendergraft has a pattern of stepping outside the law, especially where money is concerned. Since (an abortion) malpractice case hit him with a crushing […]

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PP Building Abortion Mill in Uptown Minneapolis

by Debra Braun Education Director A large abortion mill will be opening in the Uptown area of Minneapolis in 2020.  Planned Parenthood North Central States (PPNCS) announced in a January 31 article in the Star Tribune that chemical abortions (RU486 abortions) would be done there.  In August 2017, when PP first announced this new building, […]

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What to Do with Anger Over Abortion up to Birth (and Even Infanticide)

Photo:  Protesting Sen. Amy Klobuchar’s Vote on Infanticide — Evie Schwartzbauer, Program Coordinator for Human Life Alliance, speaks at a March 5 protest co-sponsored by Students for Life of America and Pro-Life Action Ministries outside the Minneapolis office of Sen. Amy Klobuchar.  Klobuchar, a Democratic presidential candidate, voted against the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act on […]

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Another New Billboard near PP: Reaching Women Coming and Going!

*Update:  We learned in early January that our two billboards which have been up for about a year near the mega-Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul were being taken down within the week. The bill board company was being threatened by the owner of the billboard stand that he would not renew his lease with […]

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