We try to determine the truth the best we can when a woman leaves the abortion center in order to be accurate in documenting babies saved and to become more effective sidewalk counselors so that we may save even more babies in the future. Our three criteria for documenting babies saved are:


Do you know that the woman was there for an abortion (not for birth control, a pregnancy test, a follow-up exam, etc.) or that she was at least considering an abortion?


Did she say that she had changed her mind or at least gave a strong indication that she had chosen life (a thumbs-up, a friendly wave, etc.)?


Was the change of mind due to something the sidewalk counselor and/or prayer supporters said or did? For example, did the woman read the brochure given to her and decide not to abort? (We don’t document it as a baby saved by our ministry if the decision to leave was based on something entirely out of the hands of the pro-lifers — for example, she was too far along, etc.)

Did you have an encounter you think could be a baby saved?

If you are unsure if Pro-Life Action Ministries can document your encounter as a baby saved, please tell us the story and we will make the determination. And we can thank God with you for the life that was spared that day, no matter the reason!

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