The killing of our defenseless brothers and sisters continues regardless of the seasonal changes in our lives. Our need to be present, to offer prayer, to reach out with God’s love, and to simply be a witness for those babies who will die alone, remains important any time of the year.

What is a Prayer Supporter?

Prayer Supporters are individuals who peacefully pray in front of the abortion centers. Some individually pray, while others form prayer groups at specific times on the sidewalk. Often times, Prayer Supporters accompany Sidewalk Counselors to serve as a spiritual support while the Sidewalk Counselors reach out to abortion-minded women.

Does it make a difference?

Prayer is a critical component of our ministry. Only God can change women’s hearts about abortion. Prayer Supporters help everyone present on the sidewalk to keep focused on serving the Lord and reaching out with charity. For a closer look at the reasons for praying outside abortion centers, please read Stand for Life by Brian Gibson.

How do I get involved?

Contact our Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator at (651) 797-6365 or email us to get started. We want you on our prayer team!

Regular Prayer Times

Interested in going to pray with a group? Take a look at the Regular Prayer Times already happening in your area.


Looking for prayers while you are out on the sidewalk? Take a look at our Prayer page.

4,000 Intercessors

Already pray for an end to abortion? Please consider joining our 4,000 Intercessors for Life.

Text Initiative

Sidewalk counseling has gone mobile and we need your help! Learn about how you can get involved with our new Text Initiative.

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