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Take a look at our August 2017 issue, which describes our recently released video in which PP in St. Paul state its willingness to “break the baby neck” if born alive. This issue also includes an analysis of the 2016 Minnesota abortion report released in late June.

Past issues of Pro-Life Action News

This issue reveals the CEO of Whole Woman’s abortion mill in Minnesota caught on video discussing the body parts of aborted babies, recent pro-life victories from Congress and the Trump administration and an exciting story of a baby saved through our Orlando branch.

This issue includes an article about the Rochester, Minn. PP stopping webcam abortions, and yet another lie from Planned Parenthood’s CEO about their “services.

This issue includes an article about STAND!, our new monthly prayer rallies, and “Love it or Hate it,” sincere reflections about sidewalk counseling by seven of our staff members.

This issue includes an article on the University of Minnesota being sued over the use of human fetal tissue, an analysis of the recent election and how we proceed forward, and an article comparing statistics among Minnesota abortion centers.

This issue includes articles on using good judgment in the upcoming elections and encouraging pro-lifers to cease doing business with abortion supporters (including a large Minnesota car dealer). It also includes an intriguing article revealing how sidewalk counselors can closely relate to the Catholic Church’s newest saint, St. Teresa of Kolkata!

This issue includes an analysis of the recent U. S. Supreme Court decision in Whole Woman’s Health v. Hellerstedt, and articles about an abortion mill closing in Ocala, Florida, and the lowest abortion rate in Minnesota since 1973!

This issue includes an update on what pro-lifers are doing to keep the pressure on Planned Parenthood, a victory in the U.S. Supreme Court, and quotes from Pope Francis’ “The Joy of Love” regarding the unborn child.

This issue includes an exciting article by Michele Herzog, our CFL Branch Manager, about TWO abortion mills closing in her area, recent news about physician-assisted suicide being thwarted in MN and an overview of what’s happened to PP since the undercover videos were released last July.

This issue includes an article and photos regarding the 113 babies saved in 2015! Our E. D.’s editorial discusses the breaking news about the Texas indictment of David Daleiden, the producer of the undercover videos exposing PP. Another article shows a statistical comparison among MN’s abortion centers, with questions about PP’s reported data.

This issue includes an article about the University of Minnesota’s (illegal?) use of aborted baby parts in research. It also includes a recap of this fall’s successful 40 days for Life Twin Cities Campaign and our Life Banquet. Finally, the Executive Director’s editorial announces our new initiative: Every Day for Life!

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