Our Sidewalk Counseling & Direct-Action Symposium is a conference created to promote quality sidewalk counseling and other direct-action activities anywhere in the world. It is open to any pro-lifer interested in sidewalk counseling and direct-action, whether you are a beginner or have been involved in the pro-life movement for decades. It includes inspiring general sessions, informative workshops, prayer and worship, and great fellowship and networking. Past symposium speakers have included Joe and Ann Scheidler, Fr. Frank Pavone, Eric Scheidler, Rev. Walter Hoye, Fr. Terry Gensemer, John Jakubczyk, David Bereit, Shawn Carney, Thomas Brejcha and Brian Gibson, along with many other expert sidewalk counselors and advocates —Brian Westbrook, Chris Slattery, Edmund Miller, Alicia Wong, Michele Herzog, Rev. Brian Walker and Debra Braun.

Symposium Raves:

“Very thorough” “Coming here today was extremely helpful and informative. I made great connections with people that can both help me and clients I help out.” “The most helpful aspects of the Symposium were the fact that you had such a varied panel to assist us, great literature and the Q & A. It was also very gratifying to see the Catholics and Protestants working together, and to see people coming in from around the U.S.” ~2016 Attendees

“The presenters were all fantastic!” “Very informative and helpful” “All of the speakers were informative, I really enjoyed the symposium and I am coming back next year.” “The symposium was a great experience for me and I will do anything to spread all of the information I got here to others.” “Thoroughly enjoyed it” –2015 attendees

“What a tremendous blessing to meet and hear the wisdom of the top pro-life leaders in the country! It was also a great opportunity to meet sidewalk counselors from several other states!” —Mary Ann Vann, Birmingham Sidewalk Counselor

“The most helpful aspects of the Symposium were hearing personal experiences, meeting and connecting with others, and gaining insights from long-time, dedicated, experienced, God-fearing and anointed brothers and sisters in Christ.” —2014 Symposium attendee

“I appreciated learning about all of the legal battles and where we are on them. It helps us stand up to the negative forces and combat misinformation. The symposium also helped show the bigger picture—all of the forces that are united for life, and what those different parties do, which gives an overall feeling of strength.” —Gwyn Moore, Birmingham Sidewalk Counselor

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