We love sharing our stories of babies saved! Every time a woman chooses to leave the abortion facility and give life to her baby, another person is given a chance to develop, grow, dream and make a difference in our world. The possibilities are endless! Baby saved stories are proof that God is working in our ministry and that your prayers and witness save lives. We thank Him for the 83 documented Babies Saved in 2018!

Sidewalk Counselor Unexpectedly Helps Save her Relative!

Two of our volunteers were sidewalk counseling outside Planned Parenthood in St. Paul in early September when one of them noticed her nephew’s wife pull in alone. Here is the rest of the story in the sidewalk counselor’s own words: “A little time went by and she pulled back out. She rolled down her window and told me she took a wrong turn. She then went home and immediately she and my nephew called my sister and brother-in-law and told them she was pregnant. My understanding is that she was very nervous and upset about this pregnancy. They didn’t plan to have more children. So, apparently, her doctor sent her to PP “for an ultrasound.” (Editor’s note – PP only does ultrasounds for abortion-minded clients.) It was only by the grace of God that she and I caught sight of each other as she drove into PP. And furthermore, it was by God’s grace that she and my nephew called my sister and brother-in-law after this incident and told them that she was pregnant and informed them about what happened at PP. My sister then told her that this child is God’s child and the turn she took into PP could have been a horrible, disastrous turn. She is doing much better now and my nephew is very happy. Please pray for them. They are a very precious couple. I am so happy that God put me on that corner on that day and at that moment. Praise God!”

Wondering if you had an encounter that could be a baby saved?

Saturday, February 8, 2020 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale, MN

Volunteer sidewalk counselor Judi S. was covering the second shift outside the Robbinsdale abortion center on Saturday, Feb. 8, arriving around 8:30. The first shift of sidewalk counselors had spoken to the abortion clients when they entered prior to Judi’s arrival. Prayer supporters Dan R. and Dave U. were on the sidewalk and the very faithful Saturday Rosary group was also there that morning. Around 11:00, a woman came out and sat in her car for awhile, and then started to leave, but waited while Judi finished speaking to a different woman in the driveway. When the way was clear, the woman pulled up to Judi and Judi asked if she had had an abortion. The woman answered, “No.” Judi asked if she believed in God, and the woman answered, “Yes, that’s why I didn’t do it.” She added that since the pro-lifers had been there so long in the cold, she felt that they deserved to know she had changed her mind! The woman accepted the literature Judi offered and listened as Judi explained the help available at the Robbinsdale Women’s Center, the pregnancy help center across the street. The presence of prayer supporters and sidewalk counselors outside an abortion center helps draw the woman’s attention to God!

February 2020 – Three Babies Saved at Whole Woman’s, Robbinsdale and PP, MN

Within the past two weeks, a baby was saved at each of the three abortion mills in the Twin Cities area! Here are the stories:

Whole Woman’s, Minneapolis
by Kay K., volunteer sidewalk counselor

I was in front of Whole Woman’s (WW) on Thursday morning, February 6, when a young woman parked across the street at about 9:15, near the end of my sidewalk counseling shift. When she went to the kiosk to pay for parking I crossed the street and asked if she was going into WW. She said she was. I asked her not to go in and told her killing her baby would not solve anything and would in fact ruin her life. She said she was just going in for an ultrasound and to find out her options. I pointed out that the only option they would be interested in giving her was abortion since that is how they make their money. I said, “They don’t care about you or your baby, they only want your money.” I told her she could get a free ultrasound and real options if she came with me to a nearby pregnancy center. After a couple minutes of urging her to go somewhere that really cared and wasn’t trying to make money off her, she agreed to go with me to Tandem. We were there for about 30-45 minutes while she met with a couple different women and made an appointment to come back the following Tuesday. I gave her my phone number to stay in touch, but as of today I have not heard back from her. However, she seemed very firm in her decision not to abort. She is a believer and, I think, knew that abortion was not God’s will and would put a stumbling block in her relationship with Him. She said she didn’t feel ready for a baby but knew she would be when the time came. I encouraged her in this belief and reinforced the fact that there were many people willing to help her along the way.

by Dave U., volunteer sidewalk counselor

Recently, a family parked their car about a block away from the Robbinsdale clinic. A mother, father, and a high school-aged girl walked together on the sidewalk leading to the clinic. They passed by Brian Walker and he gave the mother our literature that is given to people planning on having an abortion. Brian encouraged them to reconsider their plans and keep their baby. He called out, “We’re here to help, free ultrasound across the street, heart beats at three weeks, be sure to watch your ultrasound.” He also told them about the options they have with the Robbinsdale Woman’s Center, the pregnancy help center across the street. A half hour later the family came walking out of the abortion clinic. As they walked by they told me they decided not to have the abortion and their daughter is going to keep her baby. The man had our literature in his hand. The mother said they were going to see their regular family practice doctor to ensure the health of their daughter and her pregnancy. Donna P. was also there with Brian and I that day serving in prayer support.

Planned Parenthood, St. Paul
by Debra Braun, Education Director

Around 1:00 on Tuesday, February 18, a young woman came out the front door of Planned Parenthood (PP). When I offered her literature, she said, “I took your advice; I didn’t do it.” I expressed my joy for her decision and then asked, “Was there anything in particular that changed your mind?” She answered, “Your words.” Since I didn’t recognize her from my 7:30-8:30 shift earlier that morning, I asked what time she had come and when she said “9:30,” we realized that it was actually a different sidewalk counselor who had spoken with her. I again explained the help available, gave her my card, and asked if I could take her to Abria, the nearby pregnancy center. But then her cab arrived and she left. I contacted the sidewalk counselors, Janet M. and Kate F., who had been there at 9:30. They recalled this woman, who had been dropped off by the same cab company right next to Janet. Janet said the woman seemed really sad. She tried to give her information but she did not want it. However, Janet called out to her as she walked down the sidewalk to the door of PP. Even though she didn’t take the literature, Janet’s words clearly touched her heart! Praise God!

Tuesday, December 24, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

All of us Tuesday sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters were pretty bummed to hear that Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul would be open and in full deadly operation on Christmas Eve. Some pro-lifers even came early; thanks Bunny! If this place would be running in full swing, then so would we.

It was pretty quiet, so that was nice. However, a young woman (Da’Seanna) came out of PP and left on foot. I happened to already be speaking with her friend in the parking lot of the bank. Kate caught up with Da’Seanna and they disappeared around the bank. The girl I was talking to pointed at Da’Seanna and said, ”There’s my friend now.” But yet, she stayed and talked with me instead of honking or waving to let her know where she was. I thought that was odd. The gal I was speaking with told me Da’Seanna was going to have an abortion but she (the friend) didn’t agree with abortion and was trying to talk her out of it. I gave her literature and told her to do everything in her power to prevent it from happening. She said she would and left.

Maybe 10 minutes later Kate came back with the sad news that Da’Seanna would be coming back later to have the abortion. Sure enough, less than an hour later she came back. I caught up with her and tried to speak to her but she ignored me. Then I said her name (her friend had told me what her name was). it was then that she stopped and started to have a conversation with me. I said as many things as I could to try to convince her to not proceed with the abortion, and I could tell she was starting to think twice.

My daughter, Emma was right next to me listening the whole time, as well as Bunny and Sarah. Bunny asked if she could say a prayer, and Da’Seanna agreed. Bunny started her heartfelt prayer and started crying. This had a profound impact on Da’Seanna I believe. I told her that we have dozens of people behind the scenes and what she sees in us is just the tip of the iceberg. I said that we don’t just try to convince her to choose life and then do nothing more.

That’s when Sarah stepped in and told her that she would even go to her doctor visits with her. Da’Seanna said with surprise, ”You will?!” Sarah told her she for sure would do that for her. Then Da’Seanna said, ”Fine, I’m not doing it.” Praise be to the LORD! We were simply His messengers doing His will, and we answered His call, the day before His Blessed Birth.

We told Da’Seanna we would bring her to get an ultrasound. Before Janet left, she had told me she knew of an ultrasound tech that would be willing to come give her an ultrasound. What was really cool about this particular save is that the whole time we were talking to her, the PP escort just stood there and listened and didn’t try to intervene even though he was five feet away. It was as if he were intrigued, almost like he was hoping she would choose life. That’s my hope anyway.

We went to Wakota Life-Care Center and met Janet there. A few minutes later the on-call ultrasound tech arrived and Da’Seanna went in for her ultrasound. What a wonderful Christmas present the Lord gave us all on His Blessed Nativity. We are keeping in touch with her and she gave permission for us to share this photo, stating, “It’s fine with me if the world knows I made a great decision.”

Friday, November 1, 2019 – Baby Saved at WE Health, Duluth, MN

By Sarah Winandy, Assistant Director, Pro-Life Ministries of Duluth:

“D” stopped with her friend as we offered material and we showed her the pictures of a growing pre-born baby. She took the literature and thanked us. We encouraged her to look at her ultrasound. As she walked to the abortion center, she threw the literature away when the escorts told her to. An hour later she and her friend came out and Karen asked if she had changed her mind. With a big smile on her face she said, “yes”! I asked if we could help and she refused but when I offered to send a gift card in support of her decision she was willing! We have her info to keep in contact. “D” is 6 weeks along and showed us her ultrasound. Her friend said she was so glad that “D” had changed her mind since she herself has had several miscarriages. Pray for “D” to keep steadfast in her decision. Praise God for this miracle! Also pray for her friend that we can reach out to her with Rich in Mercy counseling. A thing that we noted on this save: since it was Halloween night yesterday and sometimes there are people who come out to bring “mischief” when the 40 Days people are there, Tom Schaer (Director, Pro-life Ministries of Duluth) came around 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. and myself from 6:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. to sing hymns and worship the Lord. We could sense the praise to our Lord Jesus repelled a lot of darkness. This morning Tom was praising the Lord again. In this warfare for life we believe praising the Lord has a powerful effect on the outcome! Let’s keep praying and praising!”

Friday, October 18, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, MN

Another 40 Days Baby Saved at PP!
By Mary H., volunteer sidewalk counselor

On Friday, October 18, about 1:00 p.m., a car was making a turn into the driveway of the St. Paul Planned Parenthood (PP) and I extended my little boxed ‘gift’ of a baby (12-week fetal model) with raffia bow blowing in the breeze on a beautiful fall day. The driver reached for the gift which I gave her along with Pro-Life Action Ministries’ wonderfully done piece “We’re Here For You,” and told her, “If you happen to be here for an abortion just know that there’s help available a block away across University Avenue at Abria.” The driver said, “Is there ultrasound available too?” I said, “Yes, there is and it’s free.” I don’t even know what else I said. They continued into the driveway. About five minutes later they came back out of the driveway and asked for directions to Abria. After they drove away, I talked to the new sidewalk counselor, Mary Kay, who’d been ‘shadowing’ me for the past two Fridays. I told her I’d like to see them into Abria. She encouraged me to get over there. The two-some were just pulling into the driveway when I got there. After introducing myself, I asked the driver if she’d like to tell me her name, which she did. I then asked if they were mother and daughter, which they confirmed. I asked her if she had an appointment for an abortion at PP. She confirmed that she did have an appointment. The three of us went into Abria. A young gal I know approached us at the desk. I introduced mother and daughter and went back to my spot at PP. I told Mary Kay I’d regretted that I didn’t have my bag with me because I had a new, beautifully packaged baby blanket with a nice note that a volunteer makes up for such occasions. With Mary Kay’s encouragement, I ran back over to Abria with my bag. I was glad to see that their car was still in front of Abria. I left the gift blanket with the Abria staff person at the front desk, and slapped a post-it note on with my name and phone number, and invited them to call me. Currently ‘Forty Days For Life’ is going on. There had been about a dozen prayer supporters there earlier which had dwindled to a handful. When I got back from Abria the second time there were about 18 persons praying there, most of them very youthful St. Thomas Students For Life club members and some young seminarians that are there often. Prayer works! Come join us.

Wednesdays, October 2 & 9, 2019 – Two Babies Saved at Whole Woman’s, MN

By Debra Braun, Education Director

10/2/19 ~ As I was sidewalk counseling at one of the parking ramp entrances outside the Parkside Building in Minneapolis, which houses the Whole Woman’s abortion center, a couple drove up and accepted the literature I offered. They acknowledged they were there for an abortion when I asked. The woman was limited in her English, but when I asked if she was Muslim and said that God did not want her to have an abortion, she started weeping. I continued to tell them we could help and after a few minutes of conversation (interspersed with them speaking to each other in their native African language), they pulled out of the parking ramp entrance and parked on the street. She was early in her pregnancy and very ill from nausea. She hadn’t seen a doctor yet, and she agreed to go to AALFA Family Practice (a completely pro-life clinic) the next day. That appointment went well, with her receiving some medication for the nausea. She has chosen life and is very grateful for the help! Praise God that this precious child was spared at the last minute!

10/9/19 ~ The young woman parked outside Whole Woman’s (WW) and very willingly took the literature I offered her. When I said, “If you know someone who’s pregnant, we’re here to help her have the baby,” she laughed lightly and said, “Well it’s too late for me.” When I asked her to explain, she said she was there for an abortion (21 weeks) and that WW had scheduled a “specialist” (late-term abortionist) for her. We talked for about 10 minutes and I told her everything I could think of to persuade her not to go in, including showing her a medical illustration and an actual photograph of an abortion at that stage of pregnancy. But to my great dismay, she ended up going in to start the two-day procedure. As my sidewalk counseling shift ended about 20 minutes later, I was preparing to leave another set of literature on her car with a personal note when she came out and said she was maybe changing her mind and wanted an ultrasound! (WW had previously done an ultrasound, but they typically do NOT show it to the woman.) Two other sidewalk counselors, Bob and John, kept her company and told her they would be happy to help her too while I went to get my car. During that time, WW called her, saying they were ready for her, but she told them she had changed her mind! She followed me to Abria (a pregnancy resource center about 15 minutes away) where she saw her baby on ultrasound, and set up a follow-up appointment. When I spoke with her later that afternoon, she confirmed her decision for life and said she told her aunt and grandmother she is pregnant and they are excited. She told me she felt better too, and said, “You saved my baby!” and thanked me for talking with her. Interestingly, as we were walking into Abria we passed some office windows. When she saw her reflection, she said, “I LOOK pregnant.” I said, “Yes, you do!” I think she was finally allowing herself to acknowledge the baby now that she had chosen life! My heart breaks when I look at a late-term abortion photo, and I’m so extremely grateful that God allowed me to be involved in helping to save even one child from that torture and death!

Wednesday, September 13, 2019 – Baby Saved at AWHC, CFL

Learned of Baby Saved through “Chance” Encounter at Store!
By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

While in Burlington Coat Factory tonight (September 13) with my daughter, a young woman stopped me and said, “I know you!” I looked at her, and said, “Oh, how?” She said, “You stand in front of that abortion clinic don’t you?” I told her yes, and then she told me that I had talked with her there (AWHC abortuary)! I asked her if she kept her baby, as I then recognized her, and she patted her stomach, and said, “Yes, I’m 18 weeks along, I kept my baby!” We talked for a bit longer, and I gave her a big hug, and she thanked me. I told her to call me and we would stay in touch. I was just so encouraged, and so was my daughter, and the Scripture that came to my mind so strong was 1 Corinthians 15:58: “Therefore, my beloved brethren, be ye stedfast, unmoveable, always abounding in the work of the Lord, forasmuch as ye know that your labour is not in vain in the Lord.” Once again, it shows me that we are just to be faithful servants, and the rest is in God’s hands! We have no idea how many babies are alive today as we speak up for the voiceless in front of the abortuaries. Many women don’t even let us know; they just leave, or keep driving by. Thank you Lord for this young woman stopping me and letting me know that her baby is alive, and thanking me. I praise you Jesus! Thank you for intervening on behalf of this precious child!

Tuesday, September 10, 2019 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s Years Ago

His “Pride and Joy” — Baby Saved!
By Debra Braun, Education Director

As I was about to leave the sidewalk outside Whole Woman’s abortion center in Minneapolis this morning (September 10), I offered literature to a young passerby. He very gladly took it, telling me that I had saved HIS little girl, who will be 2 on New Year’s! He said that he and his girlfriend had been there at Whole Woman’s when she was early in her pregnancy. He said I spoke with her twice and the third time, he was also involved in the conversation. He was so grateful, saying his daughter is his “pride and joy!” We didn’t have a record of this baby saved, meaning that I didn’t know the outcome of these conversations at the time. Thank you, Lord, for revealing to us (even years later) some of the fruits of our labors on the sidewalk!

Wednesday, August 21, 2019 – Baby Saved at PP, St. Paul

By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

A young woman came walking up the street and I approached her just before she got to the bank driveway closest to Planned Parenthood (PP). I offered her our literature and told her of the “pregnancy resource center” nearby. I asked if she was coming for an abortion, which she affirmed. In conversation, she told me that she has a supportive boyfriend. I asked if he would financially support her and the baby; she said yes. Asked her if he would feed the baby, again yes. Asked if he would diaper the baby, another yes. I told her she had a good man. She smiled and agreed. She then told me she had other circumstances. I said that I was sure she did and that those circumstances were difficult, but that they could be resolved with help from the pregnancy center. She then said she had four children. I gently corrected her and said, “You have five kids.” She even smiled at that. However, I could not convince her to go directly to the Abria pregnancy resource center and keep her from going into PP. She said she would only be a few minutes and asked if I would be there when she came out. I said yes and added that she could not let PP talk her into something she knows she should not be doing. Then I waited. She did not come back out by the time my shift was over so I relayed all this information to Stacy and Janine who take the shift after mine. This was about 45 minutes after she went into PP, leaving me very concerned that she went ahead with the scheduled abortion. But around 11:00 am Stacy called, telling me she was standing outside Abria, having just brought the young woman over and that the baby was saved! She gave Stacy her name and contact information to pass on to me. I will follow up.

Thursday, August 15, 2019 – Baby Saved at AWHC, CFL

Drove all That Way and Changed her Mind!
By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

A baby was saved Thursday, August 15, at the AWHC abortuary. Thank you Jesus! That day was the first day of later term abortions (up to 6 months), and the mother of this baby had driven all the way from Texas to central Florida for a later term abortion, but when she arrived she was greeted by sidewalk counselors (including long-time sidewalk counselor, Pat H., shown in this photo) who offered help and shared the truth of abortion with her. She said that she was in a very dangerous domestic violence situation, but again Pat assured her that there was help for her, and having an abortion was not that help! She went inside that place of death with her friend who was accompanying her, but only stayed about 10 minutes, came out, and walked right up to Pat, thanked her, told her she wasn’t having the abortion, and that they were heading back to Texas! Praise God! She drove all that way, and God intervened in a mighty way! Thank you God!

Friday, June 7, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul and AWHC, CFL

Prayer Support, Out-of-Town Counselors and Teamwork Save a Baby’s Life!
by Terry D. and Ann R., sidewalk counselors

Sacrifice is driving in from Wisconsin to help save a baby, standing in the hot sun on cement praying, and keeping cool when abortion escorts get your goat. Pamela and Gary had driven in from Wisconsin to help sidewalk counsel on Friday, June 7. A man dropped off a young woman [possibly his daughter] at Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul, and Terry called out in his strong voice, “We’ve got free help for you! Demand to see your ultrasound!” and “Keep your baby!” When the man was driving out, he accepted an adoption card from Pamela. There were three people providing prayer support. I came a little later, and was happy to see a friend, Jim, show up for duty. He had been praying weekly at PP and recently begun sidewalk counseling as well. The woman who had been dropped off walked out of PP about a half an hour after she went in. An escort stood between us. I told the escort in his pink vest, “If you trust women, why don’t you trust them to talk with us?” He stared at me stony-faced. The woman got up and started walking towards the bank. I told her we wanted to help her. She told me politely she wanted to be left alone. I said, “okay,” but stood near her. She did not move away from me; we were two steps apart. I silently held out our “We’re Here for You” brochure and the blue “Free Help” sheet, and Pamela had just given me her adoption card, so she got that, too. She turned to me, reached out her hand and took them. Because we were standing close, I heard her call her mother, so I was happy about that. She walked to the bank and stayed on the phone. Then, when she returned to PP a few minutes later, her ride was there to take her away from the killing place. I stood facing PP and held up one finger—my index finger—-which is a signal for “one minute of your time, please.” The car came to a stop. I asked the woman, “Did you change your mind?” She nodded yes, with a look of peace radiating from her face. Thank you to all the “brothers and sisters” (sidewalk counselors ARE family) who were out there today.

Baby Saved in Central Florida the Same Day!
by Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

While ministering at the AWHC abortuary on June 7, we noticed a young abortion-bound woman with a red hoodie covering most of her face. We called out to her, offering her help and telling her of the free services next door at the pregnancy center. We told her that we cared, and to please protect her little child, and that we would help her anyway that we could. But she went into the abortion mill once again! But like so many times before, while I was ministering on the side of the building at the driveway, a car came driving out of the back parking lot, and as I extended my arm out with a brochure, the car stopped, and the driver rolled the window down. He turned out to be the dad of this baby. He looked at me and said, “We already were given one of those and we are leaving!” I then asked them if they changed their minds, and they both said yes, and I told them how wonderful that was, and that our ministry would love to walk alongside of them. After asking them what changed their minds, they looked out front at all the people praying and crying out for the babies with teary eyes, and then looked at the mill and said it was awful in there. I told them that I would like to take them out to lunch, and they were so moved, and so thankful that everyone was out there. When they drove out, everyone cheered as they drove by. It was so, so beautiful! Praise be to the Holy One of Israel!

Friday, May 3, 2019 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

Baby Saved in Robbinsdale May 3!
Condensed from a report by Geri, volunteer sidewalk counselor

A car pulled into the lot at about 8:45 a.m. John was in the driveway and I was in the stand. The woman got out of the car early, and walked a good deal up the parking lot while the driver was parking. The sole clinic escort walked behind her. From the stand, I offered the information to her. I told her that this was not her only option, and that there were free ultrasounds and help available across the street at the Robbinsdale Women’s Center. The woman stared straight ahead and continued walking toward the clinic without looking at me. I called out to her to ask to hear her baby’s heartbeat on the ultrasound, that her baby had a heartbeat at 18 days past conception. She hurried up the steps. What struck me as curious, though, was that as she opened the door, she stopped, paused, looked back and straight at me in the stand. For a second, I thought that maybe she was going to come down, but she turned and went into the clinic. The driver parked the car, and as the clinic escort was talking to him, I called out to the driver that there were other options available, and that there was free help available, and that there were FREE ultrasounds available across the street at the RWC; I said that this place (the abortion clinic) would charge them a lot of money for an ultrasound. I asked him if he would be there to support her if she kept the baby; I said that abortion is something that harms women afterward. He was also intent on ignoring me. About 40 minutes later, the man and the woman came out and walked down to their car. They didn’t look at me, but I asked them again to take my pamphlet. As I was trying to think of a polite way to ask if they had changed their minds, the woman seemed to know what I was going to ask her. She told me (shyly) that they were going to keep the baby. She gave me a little smile, and I said God bless you and what a great blessing! And Congratulations! On the way out, the car stopped in the driveway to take John’s brochure. They rolled down the window, and asked where was the location of a free ultrasound. John pointed out the Robbinsdale Women’s Center across the street, and then he also opened up the brochure to point out the list of the other locations where they could go to get a free ultrasound. There was a car behind them now, so the escort came down to tell them to move out of the driveway. They drove off with the info. Blessed Friday morning!

Friday, April 26, 2019 – Baby Saved at AWHC, CFL

Sidewalk Counselors Help Grandmother Save Baby
By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

While sidewalk counselor Dan was ministering in the back of the AWHC abortuary on April 26, he noticed two women standing in the back parking lot. He called over to them, and they came and talked with him. Turned out it was a mother and daughter, and the mother told me later she didn’t want the blood on her hands, so she took the opportunity to come and continue to try and talk her daughter out of the abortion! Dan talked with them in depth, and let them know about the pregnancy center next door, and encouraged them to go over there, which they did!

By the time I arrived at the mill, Dan had left, so I kept my eye out for them. About an hour and a half later, they came out, and I rushed over to introduce myself. I asked if there was anything I could do, and the mother said she could use a hug! So I hugged her immediately. We talked for quite some time in the driveway; I shared my testimony about abortion, and the mother opened up that she had had two abortions, and didn’t want her daughter to walk down the path that she had walked down. It truly was an amazing conversation, and I praise God for it! We exchanged phone numbers, and plan to meet for lunch next week! I told the mother that she is a rescuer, and that God is going to honor and bless her for loving her daughter and grandchild so much! Wow. To God be the Glory, for HE has done great things!

Tuesday, April 9, 2019 – Baby Bave at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

Prayer Supporters Make all the Difference
By Andy LaBine, Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor

On April 9, two friends, James and Cameron, went to Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul with me for my usual sidewalk counseling shift. There were MANY prayer supporters out there faithfully praying. I saw a young woman walking up the sidewalk towards PP. I approached her and she readily took my literature and was actually looking at me and listening, an unusual response; normally women ignore us and just keep walking. I had even made the comment to James that that was an unusual interaction. But she still went into PP and we never saw her again before we left for the day, but we did get some literature in other women’s hands as well. We left and went about our day. A few hours later I received an email from Debra Braun and she said that Bunny, the gal that takes over for me at 11:30 a.m., saw the woman that was unusually receptive to me leave PP at noon. She told Bunny that she had changed her mind about having her abortion! She told her that the main reasons were because she saw all the people praying and had received literature from us, and also, she looked at her ultrasound. She also said that her family didn’t want her to abort. So I guess it was a perfect storm of TRUTH that got her to change her mind! To all the prayer supporters out there, YOU MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE! Thank you for all your support!

Wednesday, March 13, 2019 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

“You Win” Says Baby’s Mother

Shortly after noon on March 13, a young couple on their way into the Robbinsdale abortion center took literature from volunteer sidewalk counselor, Marjorie. They said they just wanted to know how far along the young woman was, but Marjorie told them the only reason they did ultrasounds was to price the abortion, that the further along, the more expensive the abortion. She told them about the pregnancy help center across the street (Robbinsdale Women’s Center) and how beautiful the baby would be if it looked like them. The young man got in the car to go the pregnancy center, but the young woman ran into the abortion mill. He went in after her and about 10 minutes later, she came out and said to Marjorie, “You win.” Then he came out, raised both arms and said, “Praise the Lord.” They went over to the pregnancy center and definitively chose life! Everyone won in this situation, not just the sidewalk counselor; there were no losers!

Friday, February 8, 2019 – Two Babies Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

By Debra Braun, Education Director

It was another cold day sidewalk counseling (-4) and yet two babies were saved from Planned Parenthood in St. Paul!

Sidewalk counselor Terry was getting ready to leave after his sidewalk counseling shift and his ride was waiting, but he sensed God telling him to stay five more minutes. He is so glad he obeyed! Two young women were dropped off at the front door so he had the opportunity to tell them not to have an abortion, that we have free help for pregnant women, that she should demand to see her ultrasound and that Jesus loves them. But then the escort interfered and let them in the front door. Later (after Terry and the prayer supporter, Laurie, had left), the pregnant woman came out, approached me, shook my hand and said she had decided not to abort. She said she had talked to a man out there earlier. She told me she is 14 weeks, two days pregnant. I told her I could walk her over to Abria, the nearby pregnancy center, and she was very interested, but said she and her sister were waiting for a ride from her “baby’s father.” So I encouraged them to contact Abria or one of the other pregnancy centers on the “Free Help” list, and I also gave her my business card. Her sister came out, their ride came and they left. As they were getting into the vehicle, I noticed the pregnant woman clutching her ultrasound photos!

While the woman in the first story was inside PP changing her mind and Laurie, the prayer supporter was still there praying, another baby was saved! A vehicle with two young women stopped in front of the PP driveway. I gave them the brochures and told them that there was free help across the street for pregnant women. The driver asked where to park for PP, but I just continued talking. I asked if they were there for an abortion and the driver said that the passenger was, but she didn’t speak English. So I quickly gave the passenger Spanish information, which she started looking at. But then an escort approached and told them to move out of the street and into the PP parking lot. I continued speaking with them, encouraging them to pull into the bank lot next door so that we could talk more. Soon the other escort was also at the vehicle, directing them into PP, and they pulled into the driveway, parked in the lot and went into PP. However, about 10 minutes later, they came out and sat in the vehicle for a few minutes. Then they starting driving out, with the passenger smiling and waving. They stopped and I asked if she had changed her mind and the driver responded yes! I told them I could show them where Abria was, but they said they might call from the card I had given them. I also gave them my business card. The passenger said, in English, “Thank you!” and they drove off.

Towards the end of my shift, a man drove by yelling the common insult, “Get a job.” I just thought to myself, “If you only knew what drama just occurred here in the last few hours – two human beings narrowly escaping death and two families avoiding a lifetime of grief!” Praise God!

Tuesday, January 22, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

Baby Saved at PP after our January 22 Rally!
By Debra Braun, Education Director

On Tuesday, January 22, we conducted a prayer rally outside Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul to remember the 62 million babies aborted since the 1973 Roe v. Wade abortion decision. Shortly after that rally, a woman changed her mind about her abortion appointment, so there will be one fewer baby to add to this sad total! Sidewalk counselor, Janet, had given literature to and spoken briefly with this young couple as they drove in. The woman was dropped off and Janet again spoke briefly with the young man as he drove away. Soon after that, the woman came out and walked up to Janet, wanting to talk. She had seen the photos of unborn children in our “We’re Here” brochure, but PP told her that it was very small, there wasn’t much there. The woman wanted an ultrasound to see what her baby really looked like. So they waited for the man to come back and then Janet took them to the Wakota pregnancy help center in West St. Paul where an ultrasound was immediately available. The sonographer did a thorough ultrasound, explaining how they were measuring the baby’s body, pointing out the “strong heartbeat,” etc. So the couple got to see how developed their baby really is, contrary to PP’s lies. They plan to stay connected with Wakota and were given items for their other young children, along with helpful resources to support their growing family. What a blessing that a life was spared on this tragic day! Thank you to the sidewalk counselors and rally participants who came out on January 22.

Tuesday, January 15, 2019 – Baby Saved at AWHC, Central Florida

Baby Saved in Central Florida, with an Exciting Bonus!
By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

Amber, Katianna and I were sidewalk counseling outside AWHC. Katianna had earlier spoken with this woman urging her to not go in, and that is when the abortion-bound mom said that she already had six kids! She went inside and she and the father of the baby were inside for a long time. We had noticed her coming in and out quite often, so we continually spoke with her each time she came out. Then both of them came out, got in their car and starting driving out. That is when she told us that we had “another one under (our) belts!” Katianna then asked, “Did you change your mind? Did you choose life?” And they said yes, and then she pointed to the little boy in the car seat and said, “and that one was saved by people just like you in the same way!” Hallejuah!

Monday, January 7, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

“It’s Easier to Just Keep the Baby!”
Two volunteers, Patty and Mike, were sidewalk counseling Monday morning, January 7, outside the Planned Parenthood (PP) in St. Paul, when at about 9:40, a young woman drove into the driveway. Patty greeted her and they began a very brief conversation. In her report, Patty writes: “I asked her if she was there at Planned Parenthood for an abortion and she told me, yes, she had an appointment. As I handed her our literature, I said something to her like, ‘Please don’t let them do that to you.’ And then I told her about Abria (the nearby pregnancy center), and the free services that they offer. Mike was also standing alongside the car, and very quickly the PP escort was next to us motioning for the driver to move, which she did. As she drove ahead, her window was still down and I called to her that we would love to talk with her further if she would like to park and come and speak with us. Mike and I never saw her go into the building and we’re not sure if she did or not. But what was apparent to both Mike and I was that this young lady seemed less than confident being there at Planned Parenthood that morning. So we agreed together in prayer for that mother and her child. About 20 minutes later Carla arrived to take over and we gave her a quick update about this young lady. About 40 minutes after we left I received a quick text from Carla saying that a baby had been saved. So hallelujah, praise the Lord for a new life to celebrate, and for a mommy’s future that will not be haunted!”

Here is Carla’s part of the story: “At about 10:50, I approached a car as it was leaving PP. The young woman stopped and rolled down the window and said to me, ‘I’m not going to do it. It’s easier to just keep the baby!’ I said, ‘That is wonderful,’ and asked her if she was given the pamphlets by a woman who was there earlier and she said yes. I asked her if she was going to go to Abria, and she said yes! I told her she looked so joyful and that it was the right decision and said, ‘God bless you, everything will be okay.’ I almost cried at that moment, it was so uplifting to witness this. Happy to share this story!”

Wednesday, January 2, 2019 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, St. Paul

“The Devil Didn’t Get my Baby”
By Brian Gibson, Executive Director

A young black/Hispanic woman walked out of Planned Parenthood (PP) toward me. She stated that she “didn’t do it” as she walked past. I recognized her as one who had been dropped off about 30 minutes earlier. The driver had accepted the literature while driving in. I asked if she was there for an abortion and she replied, “Yes.” She continued to walk toward University Ave. as I offered more help to her. She simply stated she didn’t need more help and continued. I dropped back to stay near the driveway for others coming and she called out to me from close to the second bank driveway. Since I could not understand her, I asked her to repeat it as I walked quickly toward her. She repeated what I hadn’t heard, “The devil didn’t get my baby.” Once again, I offered any help she needed, letting her know that’s what we are here to do. She smiled and went on her way.

We often have women who decide not to abort because of our presence, offer of help, or literature who need no help from us to keep and raise their children, further lending credence to the primary reason women have abortions — because it’s legal and available.

You never know how God can use your talents to save a life.

Saturday, September 1, 2018 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s

Baby Saved Despite Abortion Staff Trying to Hide Ultrasound
(Condensed from the original report by Mary, volunteer sidewalk counselor)

Another sidewalk counselor, Ann, and I met the young pregnant woman and an older acquaintance as they were getting out of their car. I told the pregnant woman, “Jesus loves you and abortion is not His will.” She began to cry and told her acquaintance, “She said this isn’t God’s will.” The acquaintance told us that she knew that and they didn’t really want the abortion, but it was a tough situation for a variety of reasons.

Another counselor, Leslie, also pleaded with them not to enter the abortion center. They said they had become convinced not to abort, but wanted to go ahead with the ultrasound. (Editor’s note – It is always risky for the baby when the mother says she’s “just” going in for the ultrasound.) I asked for a phone number so that we could check in when they were inside. The acquaintance gave me her number (the pregnant woman didn’t have a phone). While they were waiting for the ultrasound, the acquaintance came out for a smoke break, talked with another sidewalk counselor, and got more assurances that things would work out okay if they chose life.

A little later, I called the acquaintance to check in and she told me again that they were only going to do the ultrasound and not the abortion and that she would call when they were leaving. She did call and Ann and I walked over to their car, and sure enough, there was the acquaintance standing by their car, smoking and smiling to beat the band. She told us, “They [the abortion staff] didn’t want us to see the ultrasound, but I kept peeking! I saw the baby, moving around and waving its arms!” The pregnant woman was smiling and sitting in the car. The acquaintance added, “We asked for an ultrasound photo of the baby and they refused!”

They expressed their thanks to us and showed their joy in leaving with no harm done to mother or child. A few days later, I texted the acquaintance, asking how things were going. This is her exact reply: “Everything’s going good…we are so happy that you ladies helped us to realize how wrong it was to have a abortion”

Wednesday, August 22, 2018 – Baby Saved at AWHC

While ministering at the AWHC abortuary, sidewalk counselor Lisa was able to speak with a young lady for quite a long time who had brought a friend for an abortion. She didn’t like the idea, and readily listened to Lisa who encouraged her to go inside, bring the brochure to her friend, and let her know that there was help for her. So, she did go inside, and about ten minutes later came out, went to her car, and then went back inside. A little later, they both came out, got in their car and began to head out the driveway, but first stopping to let us know that she had changed her mind! She was so cute, thankful and happy! She was given baby booties and a cap, and there were many tears! Thank you Lord for Lisa, thank you Lord for her friend, and thank you Lord for intervening on behalf of this little baby boy or girl!

(Shortly before Lisa talked with the friend, we were almost beaten up by an abortion bound father, who was right up in our faces on the sidewalk, until Sergio, the security guard, came down and intervened and rescued us. The Lord definitely was watching out over us! Please lift up Sergio in your prayers please!)

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, Orlando

While standing at the back driveway, Sandra and I had been pleading with a father (who had his two young children playing in the parking lot) to do the right thing and get his wife out, and protect his other child when a car began to drive into the parking lot. I immediately went over (while Sandra remained speaking to the father), to offer our brochure, help and hope. They rolled the window down right away, and we let the two women know there was another way. I asked if they were there for an abortion, and they said that they were, so I began to tell them how we could help them, along with so many other ministries and services. They were listening intently to me, while the escort was yelling at me to not block the driveway (I wasn’t), and then she came down and started yelling at me and the two women, telling them to move their car in, to get in there! They looked petrified of the escort, and then looked at me, and said, “We are leaving, we’re going to do this! And then they looked at the escort and said, “We are leaving!” They were very thankful for the information, and thanked me! Thank you Jesus! God used that mean ole escort to help save a life! LOL

Tuesday, August 21, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, Orlando

A couple had arrived earlier in the morning, and had been offered help and hope as they walked inside the abortuary. Later on, the young man came out, and again counselors offered help to him, woman and child who was being slated to die! But he drove off! A while later he came back, quickly got out of his vehicle, walked very fast toward the mill, again being offered help, and encouragement to be the man that God had created him to be — a protector of women and children! But he walked in the mill! About ten minutes later, the couple came out and went straight to their truck, and began pulling out of the parking lot, but as they turned onto the road in front of this place of death, they stopped and called us over, telling us thank you, and that they had changed their minds! They actually held up traffic to tell us! They were given all the information for help that had been offered earlier! If you could have seen the smiles on their faces! Glory, Hallejuah! Thank you Jesus!

Friday, August 17, 2018 – Baby Saved at AWHC

A young woman walking up the sidewalk was greeted by sidewalk counselors offering help to her, and pleading with her to not go through with the abortion, that there was another way. She did take literature, but continued to walk into the abortuary. Sidewalk counselors continued to minister as it was very busy, but sometime later, sidewalk counselor Pat noticed the young woman coming out and heading her way. Pat of course asked her if she had changed her mind, and the young lady informed her that indeed she had, while thanking Pat! She was told of the pregnancy center next door, and that our ministry would continue to offer help to her. She left with a smile on her face, instead of a broken, wounded heart. Thank you Jesus!

Tuesday, August 14, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, Orlando

An abortion-bound young woman accompanied by her two small children drove into the parking lot, and while getting out of the vehicle, sidewalk counselors began to offer help, and plead with her to take care of her third child, letting her know that there was a center right down the street that could offer the real help she needed! She went inside though, but less than ten minutes later came out, and even though escorts tried to stop her, she walked right through and continued down the front sidewalk directly to the sidewalk counselor! Her first words were, “How can I get that help you offered?” So after being informed of the help and given offers to go with her to the pregnancy center, she accepted, and Shirley Jo (the sidewalk counselor), led her over, where she stayed with her the whole time! This mama was so thankful that there were people out in front of this place of death speaking up for her baby, and for her! Turns out, she really didn’t want to do it, but felt she had NO other choice….until sidewalk counselors, and of course God, showed that there was another way! Praise be to Jesus!

Thursday, July 26, 2018 – Two Babies Saved at Whole Woman’s

By William Kelly, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator
On July 26, volunteer sidewalk counselor John and I were at the corner of 8th St. and 9th Ave. outside the Parkside Building in Minneapolis, which houses Whole Woman’s abortion center. A couple with a cute little girl approached us from Elliot Park. Not thinking they were there for an abortion, I was concentrating on the little girl and asked how old she was. The mother said, “Two,” and stopped. I was not even aware I was holding up and displaying the “We’re Here for You” brochure and the blue “Free Help” flyer when the mother asked if she could have our literature. I said, “Certainly.” She then said she was pregnant and needed help. John started telling her about the services that were available at the pregnancy help centers. The man had walked on about twenty feet, then turned around to stomp his feet and said, “Let’s go.” I asked the mother if that was her husband. She said yes. I asked, “He is not supportive?” She just frowned. I explained the pregnancy help available near where she lives. She smiled and said, “Thank you,” then picked up the little girl and rushed off towards her husband who was getting more impatient. They did not go into Parkside.

I took this as a situation where the mother did not want to have an abortion, but was obviously getting pressure from her husband. I think she got enough information about services available that she was confident that she could prevail in keeping her baby. I had done a fairly clumsy job of presenting the services available to her, but admiring her little girl may have given the mother enough confidence to ask for our literature. The next day, sidewalk counselor Ann Redding handed literature to this same woman (again carrying her little girl). She gave Ann a radiant smile and said, “Two gentlemen saved me yesterday! They talked to me at that corner, right there (pointing to 8th St. and 9th Ave)] and convinced me not to abort.”

This shows that if you can hand out literature you can save a baby even if what you say is not perfect. We depend on God’s mercy and wisdom, while we try to improve our presentation to the parents. We could have handled the situation better by asking what the major obstacle was to them keeping their baby. Maybe the husband was worried about being able to support a second child. He could have been assured that there are resources to help him. If they were worried they would have too many children, they could be introduced to Natural Family Planning methods that are more reliable than the pill and better for the woman and man. The important thing is the baby was saved, Alleluia! Praise the Lord for saving babies and parents in spite of the sidewalk counselor’s limitations.

Earlier that morning, John was involved in helping another woman at the same location choose life! Here is a condensed version of John’s account:

A woman walked up to me in front of the Parkside Building and asked if we pro-lifers are able to help her and how in her current pregnancy. She stated she just found out she is pregnant and is really in need of help because if she does not get help she will not be able “to have this child.” I said there are now some 60 centers in Minnesota alone that help women in many, many ways. I referred her to a specific staff member at a nearby pregnancy help center whom I had just visited a few days before. She said she would go there. I told her I wanted to talk to her about her decision and by this time there were two other sidewalk counselors with us (Julie and Leslie, who gave the woman our brochure). I mentioned some basics about the morality and effects of abortion and she said she understood and deep down agrees with us. I mentioned that God goes with us in these life decisions and provides help. She said she would stop at the pregnancy center on her way home. She said she was encouraged and leaned toward keeping the baby after we talked, saying she had to hurry off to where she was going which she did not say where, but it was NOT the abortion center. Of course no one knows exactly where a person’s heart is at, but I felt she had “turned the corner” and decided to keep her baby and seriously seek help. These interactions no doubt contribute to why this is such an interesting ministry!

Friday, June 29, 2018 – Baby Saved at AWHC

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager
While standing at the driveway of the AWHC abortuary, one of the sidewalk counselors began offering help to a car that began pulling in, and thankfully, the car stopped and the driver rolled down the window. Noticing a couple in the back seat, the counselor realized that the driver must be an Uber driver, but handed the brochure to him, but began speaking to the very young woman who appeared to be under 20. She gently let her know that there was help available for her, and there was hope for her and the baby. She let the couple know about the pregnancy center right next door and that they could get a sonogram. She also looked at the young lady, and said, “I know that you must be afraid to tell your parents”, and at that the young lady bowed her head into her cupped hands. The counselor also said, “please don’t make the same mistake I did when I was your age….it was the worst decision I ever made, and the very reason I am hear today to offer help to you!” She then looked at the young man, and said, “this is your opportunity to be a rescuer to your girlfriend and to this baby”, but at that he lifted up his hand and asked the driver to pull forward. At that the counselor looked at the uber driver and asked him to give them the brochure, and he agreed to do so! (The uber driver had allowed her to talk with this couple these precious moments!) The counselors gathered together to pray for this young couple that they would not be able to stay in that dark place of death, and that the baby would be protected!

About 20 minutes later, the counselor who spoke with them was still standing at the driveway, and noticed the couple walk out…they had their arms around each other, and had smiles on their faces that were contagious! They walked right down to the counselor, and the young man with a big smile on his face said….”What about that sonogram?” The counselor was so excited, she said, “Did you changed your minds?” And they both said “YES” loudly and gleefully!!! The counselor led them toward the pregnancy center, and then said, “You are going to make it, and I am so excited for both of you, we will help in anyway that we can!” The young man held out his hand to shake, which they did, and he said, “Thank-you!” The counselor than asked if she could hug the young girl, which she immediately said,. “YES!”

This couple drove into that horrible place, with tears, anxiety, and guilt, but left with smiles, hope and encouragement that they could make it. They left with their child alive, snug in his/her mother’s womb. Praise be to God, there were Christians out that almost fateful day to be a voice for the voiceless, and to offer the help this young couple did not know existed. Hallejuah!!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

By Debra Braun, Education Director
Soon after I arrived on the sidewalk outside Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, on Wednesday, June 11, to cover the third shift, a woman walked out the front door. I thought she might be a new employee, but I offered her the information anyway (they need to learn the truth too!) But then this young woman said she had taken the literature earlier and was wondering where the “Life Care Center” was. As I was walking her to Abria, I found out a little about her situation. I asked if there was anything in particular that caused her to change her mind about the abortion she had been there for and she teared up and slowly said, “Well, I think God.” When I called an earlier sidewalk counselor, Stacy, later in the day, she said she had given literature to and spoken with a woman who had seem quite conflicted on the way in. Stacy had mentioned the “Life Care Center” (Abria) to her so this could well have been the same woman. I told her that she had made the right decision to leave and that even though things might be a little tough right now, she’ll be so grateful when she’s holding her baby in her arms. She understood and said that her other child is a “blessing” and that her boyfriend is excited about the pregnancy. (I don’t believe he knew she was at PP, so that, of course, would have added to her post-abortion trauma if she had gone through with the abortion.) She was somewhat concerned about finances, but I told her about our Financial Aid Fund, gave her my business card, encouraged her to call me if she needs anything, and told her that we work with the pregnancy centers in this regard. There had been at least one prayer supporter there that morning, Kevin. This woman had taken the literature, clearly listened to the sidewalk counselor about the help available and then listened to God speaking to her heart. It all works together. Thank you, all you sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters for being His instruments in saving lives! (And when you are on a later shift, you sometimes get the joy of reaping the seeds that were sown earlier by other sidewalk counselors and prayer supporters!)

June – Another “Unknown Baby Saved”

By Debra Braun, Education Director

So much of the time while sidewalk counseling, we have to place our trust in God and turn the results of our work over to Him. But every so often, He graciously allows us a glimpse into the larger picture. This happened on Saturday, June 9. Just as Ann Redding and I were about to leave after our sidewalk counseling shift outside Whole Woman’s in Minneapolis, we noticed a young couple walking by (NOT headed into the abortion mill). We caught up with them and offered them our brochures to pass along. Very willing to take the brochures and with a big smile, the young woman told us that several years ago, on her way into an abortion appointment at Whole Woman’s, she received these brochures from a woman outside and changed her mind! Her son will be five in November! I checked our records for 2013, but did not find this “baby saved” documented. My guess is that the sidewalk counselor had already left when she came out of the building or, because there are four entrances at that large medical building, she was at another entrance and didn’t realize that a baby had been saved. So be assured that your obedience to God in fulfilling your sidewalk counseling or prayer commitment is fruitful even when you don’t always see the results! And of course, being obedient to God is a blessing in itself.

Wednesday, May 30, 2018 – Twins Saved at Planned Parenthood

By Brian Gibson

“I noticed a young woman starting down the Vandalia St. sidewalk from University Ave. I walked up to her near the farthest driveway entrance to the bank next to Planned Parenthood (PP) and asked if she was going to PP. She answered yes and I offered her literature and told her of the pregnancy resource center nearby. She started walking toward PP again as I continued to let her know the need to demand to see her ultrasound, that she needed to keep herself and her baby safe, and that she can leave anytime. During this time Le, the older escort, came down the sidewalk and took the young woman by the elbow and walked her into PP.

About a half hour later, the young woman came back out and walked up the long driveway toward me. Most “clients” of PP will avoid encountering us by cutting short of the sidewalk where we stand and go through the bank parking lot. This woman kept coming right toward me. And though she was not walking up to talk to me, she was very willing to engage me in conversation when she did get close to me.

I asked her if she was pregnant, still thinking I would need to spend more time convincing her not to abort her baby. She answered yes and added that she was pregnant with twins. She told me that she was going “to the place” I had pointed out to her previously. I asked if she had come for an abortion, just to confirm. She told me she was but could not go through it. She went on to tell me that she had no one to help raise the children. I assured her that I fully understood that she meant a father present for these children but let her know that there are many who would willingly come alongside her and help her as friends with the kids. I further encouraged her with the good work and help available at Abria, the pregnancy resource center nearby. Lastly, I told her to call me if she needed anything.”

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

Sweet Words to Hear
By Jeanne, Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor

On April 25, Stacy and I were outside Planned Parenthood in St. Paul, attempting to hand out pro-life literature to the women and individuals driving into and leaving Planned Parenthood. Of course most cars drove quickly past us as they usually do. But there was one car, with a woman driving and a man sitting in the passenger seat, that stopped briefly as they waited for traffic to clear so they could exit Planned Parenthood. Their windows were down, and I walked over to offer information. The man shook his head and said they had some already. Then the woman leaned over and said they had changed their minds. And then in a flash, the street was clear, so they drove away. I was unable to ask what helped them change their minds or to congratulate them on choosing life for their child.

Wednesday, April 18, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

By Brian Gibson
Baby saved at Planned Parenthood this morning! I had the opportunity to offer help to many women going in for scheduled abortions while sidewalk counseling this morning. One of those women decided not to abort. I took her, her son and her mother over to the nearby pregnancy help center, Abria, and then took them to the bus depot so they could return home to South Dakota. Paid for their bus fare and a little cash for lunch. And off they went. Abria gave them referrals to local pregnancy help. I strongly encouraged them to connect with a church for ongoing help and support.

Friday, March 9, 2018 – Baby Saved at AWHC, CFL

“We have hope now! We did not have that before! Thank you for being so kind and informing us of everything….. thank you to all of you for bringing us hope and being here!”

This coming from a young father, who got his girl and baby out of the AWHC abortuary! Praise be to God…. another child spared the death and claws of abortion!

Please remember to pray for this young couple.

Friday, March 2, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

Hope Offered to Scared Young Immigrant By Jackie M., Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor

On March 2, a young couple was driving in to Planned Parenthood so I held up the “Free Help For Pregnant Women” and “We’re Here For You” brochures for them to see. They stopped and were glad to take them. I mentioned there was a pregnancy center, Abria, just around the corner where they could get an ultrasound and help with anything if needed. I offered to walk them over to Abria, so they parked in the bank parking lot and Barb and I walked them to Abria. While walking I learned that the young woman was scared and felt that she wanted to terminate the pregnancy. She has only been here in America for a year (from Africa) and was afraid of what her family would think of her being pregnant after only living here a short time. The young man wants to keep the baby. He has been here five years and will be a citizen in a couple months. She was not able to speak English, although we thought she could understand some things we were saying. They had seen a doctor already and the doctor referred them to Planned Parenthood after learning she was afraid. The young man said they were sent there to just get information. We left them in good hands at Abria.

Wednesday, February 28, 2018 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

“If you can hand out a brochure, you can sidewalk counsel”
By Stacy E., Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor

Shortly after I started my shift outside Planned Parenthood in St. Paul on February 28, I noticed a young lady drive by. I could tell she was not quite sure of where to go so I waved her into the bank parking lot next door. I walked over and started talking to her when she got out of her car. I handed her the “We’re Here for You” brochure and 2 other brochures about the abortion pill. I explained that Abria (the pregnancy help center) was just across the street and asked if I could get her over there. Just then the PP “Security Volunteer” interrupted our conversation and told the young lady to get in her car and drive into PP. The young lady did get in her car but didn’t leave the bank parking lot. I told the security volunteer we could talk on our way back to PP. I showed her (the security volunteer) the picture of the 22-week-old aborted baby (babies are killed up to 23 weeks, 6 days at this PP) and asked her how this could ever be okay. She became very angry with me and told me it was fake and told me I should just shut up. We continued our conversation until we got back to PP. The young lady sat in her car for about 15 minutes. I could tell she was looking at the brochures I gave her. Eventually I decided to walk back to her car and try to talk to her again. She rolled down her window and told me she was leaving. I asked her if she had changed her mind and she said yes. I told her that she had made the right decision and that no matter what is going on in her life, it is only temporary. I told her when she holds that baby in her arms she will be so thankful that she made the right choice. I asked her what made her change her mind. She said it was the information that I had given her. So for everyone who reads this – it’s true – if you can hand out a brochure, you can sidewalk counsel. Thank you God for a second baby saved today!

February – Just Found Out Twins Were Saved – AWHC

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

Twins were saved, and we are just finding out about it! About 3-4 weeks ago, a couple went to the AWHC abortuary to have their child killed, BUT Christians were there, and pleaded with them to save their child, and offered them help, letting them know that they could go next door for free help. They left that day, but the counselors did not know if the baby was safe, or if they went to the pregnancy center. They only knew that they left. A few weeks later while ministering, the same counselors noticed a young man standing next door watching them for a long time. He just stood there looking at them and their signs, and smiling at them. He looked familiar to the counselors, but they didn’t put it together, that he was the dad that had left a few weeks prior. Come to find out, they had gone into the pregnancy center when they left almost a month before, but when they went for the sonogram, the baby was too small, so they made an appointment to come back, which they did, thank the Lord, and the sonogram revealed twins! The father was so excited and thankful, thus the reason for smiling at the sidewalk counselors and watching them! Please pray for the mom, as she is not as excited as the father, but thank the Lord she has his support, and the twins are safe. Please remember to pray for them! God is so good, even when we don’t know that children are saved. Sometimes HE let’s us know later on. Thank you Jesus!

Thursday, February 15, 2018 – Baby Saved in Duluth

By Sarah Winandy, Duluth Branch Office
February 15, 2018

“S” and her boyfriend took literature from me but she insisted that she wasn’t pregnant. I told her if she is going in for an abortion that she is pregnant. As they went in they heard encouraging words to trust God and let their baby live. A little later after the pro-abortion escorts had left, the couple came out for a smoke. I told her boyfriend that the baby had his blood surging through his or her body. Then “S” repeated that she was not pregnant, and I repeated my previous response. But then said she was there for a friend. I told her to tell her friend that they are going to rip the little legs and arms off her baby’s body, crush her head and body, and the baby will feel pain. As I spoke, the boyfriend turned “S” to the door and they went in. I asked her to look at her ultrasound and see the baby for herself. About five minutes later they walked out and when asked if they had changed their minds, he said, “yes.” I congratulated them, shook his hand and gave her a hug. She said she was about 4 weeks pregnant (probably more like 6 weeks). They took the gift diaper bag and gave contact information so I could send a gift card. Praise God! As they were leaving the parking lot they honked to get my attention and waved! Keep them in prayer and pray for an opportunity to bring them the gospel! Thank you to the two prayer warriors who came to the abortion center to pray for a while! What a blessing!

Wednesday, January 24, 2018 – Baby Saved AWHC

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

While Lisa and I were ministering yesterday, we began to cry out to God to touch the women’s hearts while they were sitting in the waiting room. We continued praying this, and then began to worship (obviously the women were already inside).

Shortly after that, a young woman walked out and proceeded to go to her car, which was very close to where we were standing. We encouraged her to come and speak with us, which she did. We handed her our brochure, and told her our names. She then spoke to us with broken English; she sounded maybe Russian. We then asked if she was considering abortion, and she shook her head no. We asked if someone else was inside and she said yes. We immediately figured she was with someone getting an abortion, so we pleaded with her to go inside, show the brochure, and get them out, and be a rescuer for the baby! She agreed, went to her car and then went back inside, and we prayed that God would save that baby.

A little while later, we noticed a nicely dressed man walk out, get in his car, and proceed to drive out. But he backed into the security guard’s van, so he got out and was talking with the guard. I said to him, “This could be a sign to get your girl out, and to save your baby!” He responded, but I couldn’t hear him. So, then, it looked as though the guard let him go (they must have worked things out), and he got back in his car.

At that time, the young woman we had spoken with had come out, and she acted like she knew the man, and she spoke with him. She then walked to her vehicle, got in and pulled out, waving at us.

Then the man started to pull out, but stopped at the driveway, rolled his window down and proceeded to tell us that they had changed their minds as he pointed to the vehicle in front of him ( the young woman). We asked, “Are you two together?” And he told us, yes, and that they changed their minds, and want to keep their baby (he also had a Russian accent)!

He was very happy, even after just hitting the guard’s car,and couldn’t have been friendlier and more thankful.

So….he was the person inside, and she went to talk with him! Hallejuah! Praise the Lord! God is good all the time!

Thursday, September 7, 2017 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s

By Ann R
Sidewalk Counselor

I met Patrick, who is a young pastor and a regular sidewalk counselor, at Whole Woman’s this morning, Thursday, September 7th. He introduced me to David, who is also in ministry.

It was quiet at first, no one we saw fit the description of an abortion client.
Then, a young couple approached the front entrance. David was a natural talking with them, and at listening to their concerns. I gave literature to the woman, she was open to talking. Her boyfriend told us he was against the abortion. She looked down, and said, “I really don’t want (the abortion) either.”

We asked if she would like an ultrasound and mentioned Tandem, which is close by. It didn’t take much encouragement, with one being against the abortion and the other being conflicted about her decision to convince them. David offered to drive. We walked past Patrick, asking him to hold down the fort, and explained we were on our way to Tandem.

We were greeted warmly at Tandem, which had just opened a few minutes before we arrived.

While his girlfriend was busy with Tandem staff, the father of the baby confided in us, that, had we not been there, he was sure his girlfriend would have gone through with the abortion. He assured us he was a hard worker, not just at his present job, but that he could fix cars, and do home improvements. He also shared that he and his girlfriend had a good relationship.

After receiving information about all of Tandem’s services, the formally abortion-minded woman told us she had decided to sign up for prenatal care with Tandem and that she would be receiving an ultrasound at her first pre-natal visit.

David drove them home, and before the woman got out of the car she told us “I am glad you guys were there,” and said, “Thank you” a number of times before she left the car. Both expressed gratefulness and relief that they had left Whole Woman’s and discovered Tandem.

We have contact info and have already received an upbeat text from the woman. Such a difference from the sadness and downcast eyes of this morning.

Saturday, September 2, 2017 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

by Sidewalk Counselor Marlene

A couple pulls in and takes literature and a baby model from me and listens to me for a short time. Then they got out of their car and while walking in she communicates a bit with Sandra and Kenny who are on the podium and tells them that she has five children and they were here to abort their (6th) child.

They went in and in five minutes came out got in the car – her window was down and she was holding a small short-haired puppy and petting it. I asked if she had changed her mind and she said “Yes.” I asked, “What made you change your mind?” and she said, “It was everything all of you said.”

Sandra handed them more literature and I told them I had seven children and pointed to the women’s center and said she could come back and get free help. They did have an older vehicle in bad shape and she did agree to come back. The women’s center opened up a little later. We were blessed to see how being out there was important for their family.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

A Wrong Turn Helps Save a Baby’s Life!
By Stacy, Sidewalk Counselor

While I was sidewalk counseling on Wednesday a young lady attempting to go to PP missed the turn and went into the bank drive thru instead. I went over to the bank entrance and was able to talk with her and give her a PLAM pamphlet. She was very distraught and told me she had an appointment at PP for an abortion. I told her that having an abortion was never the answer and told her about the life care center and encouraged her to go there instead. She said she already had a child that had died and that she was not emotionally able to take care of another child. I asked her how she was going to be able to deal with the loss of another child, one that she was bringing to PP. Tears started streaming down her face and she kept saying she just had to do this. I kept talking to her about not having an abortion and asked her again to please let me get her over to the life care center. She refused and finally left and went to PP.

At 11:50 a car was leaving PP and I stepped out to hand them a post abortive brochure. I realized it was the same lady when she rolled down her window. I knew she had not been there long enough to have had an abortion so I asked her if she had changed her mind. She said yes she had changed her mind and asked me how to get to the life care center. As I was trying to explain it to her the security volunteer came up and started demanding that she leave and then another car pulled up behind her. I asked her if I could get in her car and get her over there. She said yes. As I was getting in the car the PP security volunteer started hollering for me to get out of her car. As we drove over to Abria I noticed a car seat in the back of her vehicle. Once we got there and parked we talked for a couple of minutes. I asked her about the car seat and she explained that she has other children. She did not give me details about her child that died but she did say she has just started being able to be the kind of mother she should be to these children. I asked her what made her change her mind about not having the abortion. She couldn’t answer me because she was crying so hard. I gave her a hug and told her she made the right decision. I told her they would help her here and also encouraged her to call PLAM. We got out of the car and as I walked her into the life care center I told her I could see that a weight had fallen off her shoulders. She shook her head in agreement and the tears started again. I introduced her to the staff and then left.

I believe God used her wrong turn as an opportunity for me to speak the words of truth to her, to help her look past her fear and panic and to do the right thing. Thank you God!

Tuesday, August 15, 2017 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

On Tuesday morning (August 15th) a man and woman drove into Planned Parenthood without slowing down for our literature. The man dropped her off and left again, ignoring our offer of literature and help. Later the woman came out and stood at the end of the fence to smoke. Andy, the other sidewalk counselor, told her she should go to Abria for a free ultrasound. I offered her the “We’re Here for You” brochure. She thanked me and put it in her purse. She said she came out because she needed a cigarette; she was nervous. I empathized with a comment about stress. I went back to the sidewalk. We remained quiet for a few moments when Andy again told her to go to Abria for help, that PP wasn’t where she should be. Andy explained that we would walk her over there. So she picked up her bag and walked over to me and I asked her if she’d like me to show her where Abria is. She agreed.

On the walk I asked her if she was at Planned Parenthood for an abortion. She said yes but that she didn’t really want to do it. She said her boyfriend insisted she get an abortion. She wants to place the baby for adoption but her boyfriend said,”No. I’m not going to give away my baby.” (A common response to the adoption solution.) I stopped to give her my phone # and she asked me to please walk into Abria with her and stay with her.

At Abria, I introduced myself and the young woman to the receptionist. She already had pregnancy verification so the nurse from Abria told her to check ultrasound on the paper work and then the young woman also checked adoption. She said how nice it was (at Abria) and how awful it was at Planned Parenthood where it was quiet, no one talking or being friendly. She said Planned Parenthood told her the (abortion) process was going to take 6 hours and that she didn’t think she could have been in there for that long. Seeing that she felt welcomed and comfortable, I asked her if she was okay with me leaving. I offered to take her home if needed, she just had to come get me on the sidewalk.

She came back to thank us about 30 minutes later. She said her boyfriend was coming to get her. He wasn’t happy and said he was planning on making another abortion appointment but she assured me she wasn’t going to let him and that he was going to have to get used to the fact that she was having (but not raising) this baby.

This story demonstrates just how strong an attraction the abortion solution can be to a woman faced with an unplanned pregnancy. This young mother had lived in a pro-life environment all her life, but when she was in the situation of being pressured to abort she ended up with an abortion appointment, not knowing what to do and just wishing someone would pull her away. I don’t think she would have had the courage to walk away by herself.

Text Number Helps Save a Life!

By Ann Redding
Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

I was at the bus stop with my grand kids when I got a text on our designated text line for pregnant women. After beginning with something like, “I’m here to offer you help,” I added casually, “Are you pregnant?”

“Yes, I’m 16 weeks,” she replied.

“Are you considering abortion?” I asked.

“This child was wanted, but now we are homeless and I can’t have this child in my circumstances,” she told me.

We ended up talking for about half an hour and I assured her I would find out more about help in her area (she was living in Milwaukee at the time). We mostly just got to know each other over the phone with me repeating that we could work on the issues she was facing that had her so worried, and that having an abortion would not help her ‘get out of homelessness.’

Eventually, with the hands-on help of three pro-life organizations in Wisconsin and a little assistance from our financial aid fund, we were able to help this woman and her children get into stable housing.  Her baby is due later this summer!

One of her texts to me said, “Thank you so much. I am so grateful for all of u. I (am) sure there will be nothing I can’t accomplish after this. lol”

Wednesday, August 9, 2017 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

Their Joy was Contagious
by Barb K., Sidewalk Counselor

Wednesday morning I was on the sidewalk with Brian Gibson. Georgine and Jim and his grandson, Matthew, were also there. The four of us had just finished saying “The Divine Mercy” prayer when Brian asked me to take over his post for awhile. Shortly after, a young couple, who looked distressed, drove up slowly and turned in the driveway to PP. I approached them, offering them our pamphlets. I was holding the ultrasound sign. He rolled down his window so I asked them if they were there for an abortion which they hesitantly acknowledged. I explained that there is a Pregnancy Center around the corner and he took the literature from me. The PP Security came over so the last words I was able to say to them were, “Don’t go into Planned Parenthood.” They did go in but after about a half an hour, they drove out. He waved the literature at me so I approached them. He rolled down his window and looking at both of them I said, “Are you going to have your baby?” They nodded yes with the most joyful smiles and tears I have ever seen. Their joy was contagious. Georgine and another sidewalk counselor, Jeanne, witnessed it as well and Brian came back shortly after. We thanked God for using us to help that beautiful couple.

Tuesday, June 6, 2017 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

By Debra Braun
Education Director

I offered literature to the young couple as they drove into the Planned Parenthood driveway in St. Paul. The man took the literature as I explained to them all the help available for pregnant women. The young woman said, “It’s not me; we’re here to pick someone up.” I told her that there was no one else there (they were the first couple to arrive that morning). As I continued talking with them, the woman started getting a little impatient, so the man dropped her off at the front door. As she walked in, I noticed a Christian message on her shirt, so I mentioned that and said something to the effect that God didn’t want her to do this.

The man turned the vehicle around and stopped at the driveway as I encouraged him to get his girlfriend out. Noticing a baby in the back seat, I talked about the value of this second baby too. Within a few minutes, the man got a phone call. It was his girlfriend, stating that she was coming out! Sure enough, she came out and told me that she had changed her mind! I asked her, “What changed your mind?” “You did,” she told me! I asked her if she was a Christian and she said she was. She declined going to the nearby pregnancy help center, indicating that her boyfriend (who did not seem to want the abortion) would be there for her. I reassured her that she was making the right decision and to please call me if they need anything.

Sometimes merely our presence, a few words and the woman’s openness to God’s grace is all it takes to save a life!

Tuesday, April 25, 2017- Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood, CFL

“Sir, please get your woman out, be a rescuer today, save your little baby boy or girl! Your baby is a precious gift from God!”

“There is free help available. Please go back inside and be the man that God has called you to be, a protector of women and children!”

These were some of the many offers of help and pleas to rescue the innocent child made to an abortion-bound father who had come with his girlfriend to the Planned Parenthood (PP) abortuary the same day as our “Jesus Loves the Little Children Day” in April.

“Whatever we can do to help, let us help you,” were the words of one of the fathers who had brought his family out to stand for life and to be a voice for the voiceless.

“You don’t understand our situation; there is no way we can afford this baby, this is what we have to do . . . we don’t want to do it, but we have to!” These were some of the words that came from the father of the baby scheduled to die, among so many other reasons to have his child killed.

“Sir, would you say that you are a Christian, do you believe in Jesus?” questioned one of the sidewalk counselors.

“Yes, I am a Christian, but in this case, it’s the right thing to do!” was the abortion bound father’s reply!

With shock, many of us responded, telling him, “No, God would never want one of His precious babies killed. You must rescue this baby! Go back in now and get your girl out!”

Sandra, one of the sidewalk counselors, than shared how her family had been in extremely similar circumstances, but how they had chosen to trust God completely. She shared with passion, that yes, there were trials, but God always has provided, and if he would completely put his trust in Christ, HE would provide, that you just have to trust and put your faith in HIM and not the circumstances.

Well, the father did go back inside, but he didn’t come out, not until the end when we were all leaving. He came out of the abortuary door with his girlfriend, who was crying.

He let us know that the abortion had begun, and that the laminaria had been inserted (seaweed sticks that are inserted into the cervix to help dilate it). We knew then that this was a later-term abortion, and we let her know that the laminaria could be removed, and to please let us help her.

As they drove off, our hearts broke for that baby and for them and we began to pray that God would protect that baby, and change their hearts; that if they really were Christians, that God would convict their hearts, and send a spirit of repentance upon them.

Shortly after they drove off, Sandra, the counselor who had encouraged the father to put his whole trust in God, remembered that the father had given the name of the church the couple attended, so she called their pastor.

Amazingly when the pastor answered the phone, he actually had the name and phone number of the aborting mom in his hand! And when he heard where she and her boyfriend had been he was filled with sorrow, and said that he would try to meet with them immediately! He was very thankful Sandra had called him!

We all again began to pray that God would use this pastor to save this baby, and continued praying throughout the afternoon!

The next morning, thank the Lord, there was a text on the ministry phone from the couple telling us that they had the laminaria removed the night before! Oh, the thankfulness and joy that came upon all of us, thanksgiving unto the Lord God Almighty!

Thankfully, we had given the father one of our brochures and showed him our phone number. Thank the Lord he kept that brochure and we were able to find out that they had removed the laminaria!

I immediately returned the text, and we made arrangements to meet for lunch that day, which we did, a few hours later.

As Sandra and I sat with this couple, they explained that shortly after they had left PP, they received a phone call from their pastor, who wanted to meet with them immediately, and they agreed to have the pastor and his wife come to their house early that evening.

Through that meeting, God used this pastor and his wife to rescue this precious baby, and not only that, to encourage them to do the right thing and get married, letting them know they would help them through this time!

After the pastor and his wife left, the couple went to the emergency room and had the laminaria removed, and the baby was fine, the heart was beating strong, and things looked good!

They told us that they repented of the very thought of killing their child, and there was much weeping from this mom!

We asked her how far along she is, and ashamedly she said five months. “I can’t believe I was going to do this to my baby!” she said.

We spent a couple hours with this couple, and then they left for a follow-up appointment to see how she and the baby were doing.

Frantically, a few hours later, this mom, who just the day before was planning to have her child killed, was crying and telling us that her cervix had dilated and her mucous plug was coming out, and she feared that she was going to lose the baby!

We told her that we would call one of the doctors in our area who helps, and would see if we could get an appointment for her. As soon as we contacted this incredible doctor, he said that he could see her the following day!

We began a prayer chain, and prayers began to soar to the Lord God Almighty, pleading with HIM to close this cervix and to keep this baby safe!

Well, praise be to God, when the mom went to see the doctor the next day, miraculously the cervix had scabbed over and sealed—the baby was safe and snug in her womb! Hallelujah to the King of Kings!

We are in awe of what God has done, and this is such an example of the body of Christ working together for the sake of a babe—all working for the life of an innocent child, and being the hands and feet of Jesus!

God truly did a miracle, and HE gets all the glory, honor and praise! To HIM be the Glory!

Now, we plan to attend their wedding, and continue to walk through this time with this couple. Please remember to pray for them, and their precious child. God is good all the time!

Wednesday, March 29, 2017 – Baby Saved at AWHC in Florida

By Michele Herzog

A couple who had already been inside the mill, walked out the doors and got into their vehicle, and began to pull out. I met them at the driveway and introduced myself to them, noticing that they both had big smiles on their faces.

I asked the young woman if she was pregnant, to which she said she was, and then I asked if they had been there for an abortion and they said yes….but then I asked if they changed their minds and they both happily said yes!

God moved on their hearts while they were sitting inside of that place of death!!!!

She told me she was five weeks along, so I told her to come back for a free sonogram next door, and that we would be willing to help them in anyway possible!

They left thanking me and the other counselor…what a great morning…to God be the Glory!!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2017 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

By Evie Schwartzbauer

I woke up feeling a little bit better about sidewalk counseling this morning because it was Valentine’s Day – surely the words I would use could help change a mind on a day all about love…

The average number of abortion clients I see on Tuesdays is three so I had hope and prayed even harder that any women with an unwanted pregnancy with an abortion appointment this morning would be filled with the Holy Spirit’s love for her child.

After a while, a vehicle pulled up to a stop right before the abortion clinic and was confused between the Chapel of the Innocents and the abortion clinic (it happens a lot and I’m so glad when it does). I asked her if she had an appointment and she said, “Yeah, but I don’t know which one…” I quickly took that as an opportunity and handed her the We’re Here For You Brochure saying, “Well if you have an appointment, this is for you – it’s for pregnant women – are you pregnant?” She said yes. I congratulated her saying “Oh my gosh how wonderful – on the day that’s all about love – your love made a another person!” I went on to talk about the gift of love that babies are and how not all women have that gift. I told her that perfect love casts out all fear and asked what are the fears that brought her here today. And it was finances. I told her that was the most common reason and there’s so much help to the point where that reason disappears. She told me the older ages of her other 2 children and I said that’s great! Those are perfect ages for them to be old enough to help with her baby and children LOVE having baby brothers or sisters! I mentioned how abortion isn’t simply making a choice not to have a child yet but killing one that already exists right now…

I mentioned to her that I would personally walk with her on her pregnancy journey and looking and not finding a pen, I asked if she could pull into the chapel parking lot so I could get a pen and write my number down for her. She said I could wait with her in her car. I did, gave her my number and talked with her for a while, calling the pregnancy help center in her area to find out when she could come in for help…

I reminded her that her mom being so helpful with her 2 kids is something that some people don’t even have. I told her I would help her house-hunt because that sounds fun. :)

We continued to talk as we waited until the Robbinsdale Women’s Center was open (9) and walked over. I gave her a hug and told her don’t hesitate to call or text anytime!

I left there feeling excited – she definitely missed her appointment! A baby’s life had been saved that day! But then I realized I made the mistake again of not getting her number, just giving mine. She would have to reach me if I were to ever find out how things are going on in her life.

Later that day a friend of mine, Stacy* (not her real name) asked if I was at the Robbinsdale clinic this morning – I said yes. Stacy answered, “My friend told me a protester made me miss my abortion appointment”. I was shocked – I know someone the mom is friends with! They talk every day! Small world…

Stacy told me, “She said you were very sweet and she said you can have her number” I was elated – now I have a way to contact her!” :) And apparently Stacy convinced/stopped her from going to the first appointment – I stopped her at her second attempt! You’d think she’s realizing that this was a sign! Abortion is not the answer! Anyway I’ve been texting her and hope that I can meet up with her again or at least find out if her fears have been relieved and help was received.

Prayers would be most welcome in this delicate situation – pregnancy can be so scary, I pray that God reveals to her the gift that her baby boy or girl is and relieves all her fears.

Saturday, February 4, 2017 – Baby Saved at PP

By Ann Redding
Another prayerful day that preceded another baby saved from abortion! That has been the hallmark of the people gathered outside of Planned Parenthood in January and February and, I am totally convinced that it is the underpinning of the four saves we have witnessed there since 2017 began.

Scott and Kara, the 7:30 a.m. sidewalk counselors had several prayer supporters this a.m. Scott and Kara arrive at Planned Parenthood in the early cold of the morning, when everyone’s identity is well-hidden beneath their winter gear. Al, Sarah and another Scott were also there praying. Lyle and his prayer warriors arrived at 10:00. How encouraging they all are! The “W” family, parents and children were also in earnest prayer while the spiritual battles were being waged in this most evil atmosphere, the busiest abortuary in the state of Minnesota. Healthy babies enter, wounded parents leave, leaving the bodies of their children behind.

Two drive-by shouters gave their encouragement to the killing taking place this morning.

1) “I love you Planned Parenthood!” One woman routinely screams as she drives by.
2) “Why don’t you be a ‘real’ Christian and help someone?” Another woman angrily screamed at the counselors and prayer supporters.

The sidewalk counselors were able to give out literature to some, and call out to all who entered. I arrived about 9:00 a.m. and Kara and Scott told me about several conversations they had already had, one with a 19 year old man, whose girlfriend was there to abort their baby. He was polite, and moved by the picture of an aborted baby, but we do not know if he tried to persuade her not to go through with it. I did not see anyone matching his description leave.

At precisely 10:12, a woman who most likely was the abortionist, arrived. The abortionist usually arrives a couple of hours after the first abortion client arrives. This woman was blowing kisses to the escorts, both a disturbing and bizarre performance for someone who is about to wreak havoc in so many lives and end more than a dozen tiny lives.

At precisely 10:39, a couple walked slowly out of the building, and walked over to a car and got in the back seat. It looked like they were walking in slow motion, like wading through deep water. They were not one of the early arrivals. The driver of the vehicle (there were two women in front and the couple was in the back) approached the end of the driveway where I motioned them to stop. I asked the driver, peering into the back, “Did they change their minds?”
She looked at me, irritated, and said, “They were not here for that, they were here for something else.” I put my head further into the vehicle and asked the couple in the back, first looking at the man and asking, “Did you change your mind?” He mumbled something, then looked out of the window. I looked directly into the woman’s eyes, and asked, “Were you here for an abortion, and did you change your mind?” I had three pieces of literature in my hand to give them, and as I asked the question, the woman reached out her hand to accept the literature, and looked me directly in the eye, nodding and saying, “Yes” with a peaceful smile on her face.

The driver, now more irritated than before, asked, “Would you take your head out of our car so that we can drive away!”

“Yes.” I answered and did just that. Friend and sidewalk counselor, Lisa arrived to see the happy couple leave.

Thanks be to God for another baby saved from abortion!

Thursday, January 26, 2017 – Baby Saved at PP

Thursdays there are always great prayer coverage at Planned Parenthood, and many people are on the sidewalk with life-affirming signs. This is the second Thursday in January that a baby has been saved at Planned Parenthood.

Bill was just departing when I arrived, and Greg, Pat, Bernie and Sue were there with signs and sidewalk counseling literature, equipped to reach the many abortion-bound clients who stream through Planned Parenthood’s gates.

About 11:00 a woman was walking out of the front door of Planned Parenthood, where she stood near the curb, facing the street. She looked very depressed. I offered her literature, which she declined. In a gentle voice I asked, “Were you here for an abortion?”

“Yes, but I didn’t do it, but I don’t know what I’m going to do,” she lamented, looking very dejected. I told her there were people who could help her sort things out. She agreed to go with me to McDonalds. I told Bernie, Sue and Pat, “I may not be back.” (meaning during their shift) They nodded, having seen this scenario before.

While at McDonald’s I learned her situation was indeed bleak. She didn’t know where to turn. I walked her over to Abria where she was able to meet with a counselor.

We talked after her time at Abria, and she used my phone to call another cab. She told me, “They help you with everything at Abria! I’m feeling a lot better than I was earlier this morning, when I didn’t know what I was going to do.” When we were at McDonald’s we had exchanged contact information, and she was glad that she had someone she could talk to.

She directed her cab to pick her up at Planned Parenthood. There were four escorts chatting outside of PP when we walked back there. She went inside, because of the cold. Five minutes later her cab came. An escort walked her to the cab’s door. She turned to me and smiled, then got inside the cab, with her baby safe from those who would have destroyed it, had she remained inside.

At McDonald’s, I had asked her why she changed her mind about having an abortion.

“Well,” she told me, “I really didn’t want to do it. While I was inside, I was thinking about it, and knew you (and everyone) were outside, so I left, even though I didn’t know how I was going to manage, I got up and left.”

Thanks be to God for another baby saved from Planned Parenthood!

Thursday, December 29, 2016 – Duluth

By Sarah Winandy, Assistant, Duluth Branch Office, Pro-Life Action Ministries

On the last Thursday of the year, the abortion center was open for killing innocent unborn children. We had been sidewalk counseling and several moms had already gone in. Another couple was coming so I walked over to them and said, “Hi, we are here to help you.” The girl took the material as I continued, “I’d like to talk to you about your baby. She has a heartbeat right now, arms, hands, legs and feet. Your baby has nerves and can feel.” The guy turned and went right in my face and told me to stop, that I was not helping anything. Jim Tuttle was able to take over and talk to the girl as she walked into the building, then asked the guy as he turned to go, “Why are you here?” Jim put his hands together and said, “If I were holding the baby right now and you could see his face what would you say?” The guy began to cry and said, “It’s a gift,” and as he turned to go in Jim said, “God will find a way for you if you trust him.” Just a short time later he came out and told us they are going to keep the baby. Praise God! They were both smiling and very happy! We gave them hugs and got contact information. Please keep this couple in prayer!

Saturday, December 17, 2016 – Six Babies Saved on “Caroling for Life” day in CFL

(This is a condensed version of a report by Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager.)

Each year I am amazed at what God does during our Caroling for Life! This year was no different, starting at the AWHC abortuary, where we stood outside of the waiting room window singing the beautiful old carols. We left and went down to Orlando Women’s Center and were greeted with the wonderful news that a set of twins had just been saved! We were all so excited and began to sing the Christmas carols, read scripture and cry out to the women inside the abortuary and outside. Shortly after we left, we got the wonderful news that one of the women we had been crying out to changed her mind, and another set of twins was saved! Hallelujah! Our third and last stop was EPOC. Two young ladies who led us in singing all morning began to sing a song they wrote, “Save a Life,” and suddenly a couple came out of the building to tell us they had changed their minds! Shortly after that, another couple came out and headed to the pregnancy center!

Saturday, November 5, 2016 – Baby Saved at PP

There were many prayer supporters, several people from two churches from Stillwater, MN, and many others. There were also three or four sidewalk counselors in the time that I was there this morning. Several of the people who were praying were near the driveway when the couple left, and were rewarded by seeing the happy outcome.

A car with a man and a woman drove into Planned Parenthood’s parking lot and parked in the spot closest to the front. The street was not only quieter because it was Saturday, but there was a lull in any discernible traffic noise as the couple got out of their car. I cupped my hands around my mouth to project my voice better and called out to them. I don’t remember what I said, but I think I mentioned that Planned Parenthood was not their friend and that help was available from many sources. They both turned their faces, slowed their pace and listened. A few minutes after they both went in, the man came out, walking slowly toward their car. Then, he went back into the building a few minutes later. He turned his head and listened as I called out to him as he re-entered the building. He also could plainly see all of the prayer warriors on the sidewalk.

Less than ten minutes after he entered the building the second time they both came out, drove to the exit and their windows were down. The man was smiling broadly, giving the thumbs up to everyone near the car. He turned from side to side giving the thumbs up to the left and to the right. The woman was covering her face, crying.

Everyone was jubilant to see them leave and to see the man’s signal that things were going to be alright. They had escaped the trap that so many fall prey to.

Thanks be to God for another priceless life being saved!

Friday, September 16, 2016 – Learned of Baby Saved Two Years Ago

By Michele Herzog, CFL Branch Manager

September 2016—While out ministering at the AWHC abortuary recently in Altamonte Springs, I was singing into the waiting room, when from the corner of my eye I noticed a young woman holding her baby, which appeared to be about one year old, speaking to fellow sidewalk counselors Amber and Sandra.

I then began to hear, “Michele, Michele,” as they were flagging me to come over. I went over immediately and there was so much excitement going on! Amber and Sandra were saying, “She came here two years ago, and you were here and talked with her, and she didn’t have the abortion. Here is her baby!”

I couldn’t believe it! I looked at the young lady and she kept calling me her angel and thanking me. I recognized her and remembered the day like it was yesterday! I had talked with her for a long time, and she had left that day, but she was abortion-minded. I remember driving home that day feeling so sad, and crying out to the Lord to please touch her heart and to save that precious baby.

Well, that was two years ago, and here was that baby I prayed for and asked God to protect! He is so handsome and his mom is so happy!

I was so thankful she stopped by, and it made me think of how many babies and adults are out there, alive today because someone was in front of an abortion mill pleading for the life of a babe. We certainly don’t need to know, but it sure is nice when God allows us to see the babies that were saved from the abortionist’s knife or toxic and poisonous chemicals in the womb. Thank you Lord for this life saved, and thank you Lord for this precious woman who walked away from that abortuary two years ago and said no. We get to have a birthday party now for this little one, and it will be a great day of celebration!

Tuesday, August 16, 2016 – Met Baby Saved at Whole Women’s

I Met a Baby Saved! ~On my way to the Whole Woman’s abortion center to sidewalk counsel this morning, I was listening to a Catholic radio station and the announcer ended a time of prayer with a statement about looking forward to the “joys and blessings” of this day. It didn’t take long for me to receive a great blessing. A woman with a beautiful baby girl approached me while I was on the sidewalk and told me that this past winter she had taken our literature, looked at it on her way into the abortion center and changed her mind! She was about 20 weeks pregnant at the time. She added that she has other children and that this is her first daughter.

When I arrived at the office after my sidewalk counseling shift, I looked through our files of documented “Babies Saved” and did not find a record of this woman, so she must have left the abortion center without telling us that she had changed her mind (there are four entrances to that building and the sidewalk counselor(s) may have been watching another entrance when she left). This confirms what we’ve always known – that more lives are saved than we have documented!

Saturday, July 16, 2016 – Baby Saved at PP

When I arrived at Planned Parenthood, there were three prayer supporters, (Al, Susan and Judy) two counselors (Sunnie and Bill) and an observer (Ron) who was a friend of Bill. They gave me an update on what had transpired. Sunnie had given literature to several incoming clients and Bill had a conversation with a friend of an abortion client.

After they left, it was rather quiet. About 10:20, a car drove in with a man who looked close to 50, and a woman who looked in her early forties. They both smiled and accepted literature much to the chagrin of the lone escort! They entered Planned Parenthood, but were only in the building about 20 minutes.

In the meantime, more prayer warriors arrived.

The couple returned to their car and sat in their car about 10 minutes. Then, they drove slowly down the driveway with their windows down. They stopped their vehicle near me, the man smiled and waved, and the woman wiped her tears. I asked, “Did you change your mind?” They both said, “Yes.”

I told them about Abria and they seemed confused regarding my directions. I asked if they’d like me to get in their car to show them where it was. They both seemed taken aback and did not like that idea, which makes sense since I was a stranger. I motioned for them to drive into the drive-thru for the bank and pause there so I could talk with them.

They did.

The woman was still crying a little. I showed her the number for Abria in the blue pregnancy help sheet. As she wiped away her tears she said rather shakily….”Well, since we have changed our minds, we might as well go to our own doctor….we don’t need to go to this clinic.”

I affirmed their choice for life, they thanked me, then they drove away. I told everyone there (excluding the escort) that they had changed their minds which was met with quiet gratefulness to God. I felt a little shiver as I watched them drive away. That happens sometimes when we intensely feel the gravity of the situation moments before and then see the wonderful 180 degree turn-around that God has orchestrated.

Thanks be to God for all three of these precious lives being saved!

Saturday, July 9, 2016 – Baby Saved at EPOC

By Michele Herzog, Central Florida Branch Manager

While ministering at the EPOC abortuary last weekend we noticed a young abortion-bound couple walking toward the door, so we began offering pleas of help, but they walked into this place of death anyway.

Of course we did not give up as we began speaking, preaching, reading scripture and singing hymns and worship songs into the waiting room window, pleading with the women to come out with their baby still safe in their wombs.

After a couple hours we noticed the couple come out, walk to their car, and sit in it for the next 20 minutes; we again pleaded with them to “not do it,” and to let their little baby boy or girl live, that he/she is a precious gift from God created in HIS image.
We then noticed the vehicle backing up and beginning to head out the back entrance. I quickly walked to the corner to try to meet with them and offer one last plea for the life of their babe. As the car approached me, I kept thinking they would just drive right by me, but instead, they rolled their window down and began to tell me that they didn’t do it! I asked them if they chose life, and with tears rolling down their faces, barely able to talk, the young man said, “Yes, we heard you all saying ‘Don’t do it,’ and we couldn’t do it! That place was horrible, and we just couldn’t do it.” I said, “Praise God!”

We then prayed with them, talked more, and exchanged phone numbers. They left, with smiles on their faces and with peace, knowing that their little child was alive! They kept telling us how close they came to making a horrible mistake, and they thanked us over and over for being there, and encouraged us to continue to be out there. They also told us to keep speaking into the window, because people do hear us, and it makes a big difference!

This is just another reminder for all of us who minister in front of abortuaries to never give up! Even if an abortion-bound couple goes into a killing center, God can convict their hearts through many different things and so many babies lives have been saved, even if the mom has been in there for over 2 hours! We must keep speaking, preaching, praying, reading scripture and singing worship songs, as the women can hear us and change their minds!

We thank the Lord that HE intervened, and saved this child’s life; to HIM be the glory!

Saturday, July 2, 2016 – Baby Saved at PP

By Kara, Sidewalk Counselor

A bit before 8am a couple passed the PP entrance and parked in the bank lot. I walked down the sidewalk to call out to them as the escort approached (he was on bank property). My first line in English was ignored but when I switched to Spanish, saying I had some important information for her, she looked up and came closer, even stepping to the sidewalk when I asked if we could talk. We introduced ourselves and I told her there was help just one block away, any type of help that women need to have their babies. She told me she was 7 weeks along in response to my query and had opened up the brochure where I pointed out the 6-week child, the 11-week old’s little feet, and mentioned her baby’s heart had begun to beat at just 3 weeks. The PP volunteers had gotten the man to park in their lot, and he now came walking down the sidewalk to us. At this point, the first escort had been inserting himself saying, “I’m with the clinic, come with me, por favor” and, when she continued to stay with me, gestured at his temple and pointed at me, saying, “Loco, loco”, I guess hoping calling me “crazy” would make her crack a smile and win her trust? She wasn’t in a smiling mood — I ignored him and he went to get the older woman volunteer to try to get her in.

The young man with her received a Spanish brochure as I repeated much of the offers of help, saying the children photographed there all belonged to mothers who were coming to abort, too, and were very grateful for the help to keep their children. Both were very quiet and exchanging looks — he pointed out to her some of the side effects listed and I mentioned that the paragraph above was written by a woman who knew first-hand about the emotional and spiritual consequences of abortion. I asked if they’d like me to accompany them to Abria and learn about what help there was. The other escort (standing on bank property) tried to get her inside by saying, “I don’t speak Spanish but if you’re confused, you should come inside and talk to the DOCTORS and not these religious people” — she got frustrated when I continued to speak to them, saying, “Excuse me!” like I ought to give her equal time, and I replied, “No, not now, not when a life is on the line” and only said to the couple that they had every right to speak to me when she tried to tell them they couldn’t stand there. [ SHE was on bank property, the 3 (4, little one included) of us were on public sidewalk, in front of the bank, not PP! ] They agreed to go to Abria and I suggested that she walk with me while he drive the vehicle and I showed him where to go. By this time the uniformed security guard was approaching us; we turned and walked away towards the stoplight.

I learned the woman had a young daughter at home and I remarked that my older daughter was 9 when her little sister was born and that big sisters LOVE babies and can be a big help, too. She continued to be very quiet and I was still unsure WHY abortion was their first answer until she admitted there were some difficulties between them, but in the same breath said that it’s not the children’s fault when adults have problems. I responded that certainly no child should pay with his life because of problems and she agreed. They’d thought that an abortion and going their separate ways would be easiest, but she could see it wasn’t an easy solution after all (those photos in the brochure might be the first real development people see). During the next 45 minutes or so we spent together, I kept reiterating that they have a lot of time and that maybe talking to someone, either alone or together (or both) could help. At the point I’d been accused of being “religious” we’d not spoken about beliefs, but I did ask as we waited for the doors to open (prayer supporter Steve stepped in to help by making calls). They said they were both believers, and knew that God was able to make something good out of what are our mistakes. They asked me about the ministry, if there were people like that out at the abortion centers and I said we try to be. The young man looked concerned and asked if there was someone there now since I was with them? I was able to say that prayer supporter Kim, witness to their arrival, had taken over and another counselor, Bill, would be helping by now, too. We were able to get a print out of all the Spanish-speaking resources available to them, and even a map to Robbinsdale, since it was open Saturday. We exchanged phone numbers and I called them Wednesday night. Mom has told her daughter about the baby, and she is very excited, and Mom is getting medical care lined up. Dad said they are grateful for real options and is fine keeping in touch. On Saturday, one of the last things he said to me was that Friday night he’d asked God for a sign, but he never thought there would be people at the abortion centers keeping people from committing the mistake of killing their children. Thanks be to God for softening their hearts, for words to say and for boldness in the face of opposition.

Saturday, June 25, 2016 – Baby Saved at PP

By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

It was hot! The sidewalk was radiating heat and my straw hat kept blowing into the street. Police were sitting in their air- conditioned vehicles observing the drama of life vs. death. On the surface, things looked calm, but an intense spiritual battle was being waged. The police were stationed due to a church pro-life gathering at the side of Planned Parenthood’s building. Prayers and praise songs were in the air.

Kara and Scott gave me a briefing of the morning’s events. They had both been successful in handing out literature to several entering Planned Parenthood’s lot. At one point, Scott handed literature to the driver while Kara handed literature to the passenger. There were three escorts, all hooked up to their ear buds, staring off in the distance, listening to an unheard tune.

A young woman exited PP’s front door. I engaged her in conversation. She had a lanyard in her pocket with the movie Frozen’s characters on it. Using that as an ice-breaker (forgive the pun) I found out she had a two-year-old who had seen the movie. She declined the literature, while giving instructions on her phone to someone who was driving nearby. While on the phone with her friend, her friend drove into the drive-through lane for the bank. The abortion-minded woman yelled, “Not that driveway!” Then she walked over to get in the car. The escort followed walked over to the car with her arms out, as though to shield them from us. I tried again to get them to take the literature. The two women ended up exiting through the bank’s parking lot. The driver did accept the literature before she pulled into the street. I looked them both in the eyes and said, “God bless you.”

Then they drove into PP’s parking lot. As they exited the car and began walking toward PP, Reverend Walker called out to them, assuring them of the help available and about God’s love.

Cynthia arrived to pray, and then Debra arrived to counsel. I was telling Cynthia about the morning’s experiences, when the mother of the two-yr-old “Frozen” fan was driving out. I approached her car and asked, “Did you change your mind about abortion?” She smiled, nodded, and answered, “Yes.” I said something encouraging and she drove away.

Then her friend began to leave in her car. I asked, “Is that your friend?” pointing to the car which had just driven out. She said, “Yes.” I asked, “And she changed her mind?”

“Yes.” she replied, looking happy. Debra asked her what made her friend change her mind. The woman paused and said, “She just couldn’t do it.”

Those are five beautiful words. I can picture that young woman, two years from now, holding her baby, with her four-year-old daughter smiling at her baby (brother or sister.) Another child has escaped death at Planned Parenthood, by the grace of God.

Saturday, June 18, 2016 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

It was hot and uncomfortably muggy, even though it was still early in the day. I was headed to Planned Parenthood about 9:00 a.m., where Kara, Bill, Scott and others were keeping a watchful eye and a prayerful presence.

An employee of Planned Parenthood walked passed (where a prayer supporter had recently fashioned a stone mosaic in the sign of the cross.) She kicked angrily at the stones sending them flying in all directions. Kara walked toward her calmly, quoting 1 Corinthians:18, “For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.” This employee had recently told another pro-lifer that (she felt) God hated her. Please keep her in your prayers.

A young man from St Thomas arrived to pray as well as another regular Saturday prayer supporter. Many people came to pray that morning, including the rosary group from the Cathedral, which comes the third Saturday of the month.

A little before 10:00 a.m., a car drove in with a young couple with an older woman. As they walked into the building, I called out to them. Jeff spoke to them, too. Less than ten minutes later, they walked out of the building, going quickly to their car.

As they drove out, I stood next to the driver, who had his window rolled down. I asked, “Did you change your minds about abortion?” He had been smiling, and he smiled even more, nodding his head in answer. Not satisfied, I looked in the back seat and asked the girl the same question, she too, said they had changed their minds. I saw that all three had already affixed the Planned Parenthood “guest” name tags to their clothing. I couldn’t read any of their names, since I was focusing on their eyes and their smiles. I couldn’t remember if they had taken literature going in, so I gave them some going out, saying, “Give us a call if you need anything.”

Thanks be to God for sparing another child from abortion.

Friday, June 10, 2016 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s

by Karla, Sidewalk Counselor

I am writing to ask you to rejoice with me. This morning a young woman came to have an abortion at Whole Women’s Clinic in Minneapolis. There were five pro-life sidewalk counselors around the Parkside Medical building. The young woman decided to talk with one of the counselors and not to go into the clinic for her scheduled abortion. Praise the Lord!

Please pray for her. She is 7 weeks pregnant, so her baby would be expected to be born in late January. She said the reason she had wanted an abortion is “no father”, meaning the baby’s father did not want the baby. However, she came to the clinic with one of her sisters, who is against abortion. The young woman who was there for the abortion said she has two sisters who have had children and would support her in the choice to carry her baby to term. She took literature including the comprehensive list of contact information for pro-life counseling centers around the Twin Cities. She did not want to go to one right then even though she is worried about how she can deal with her pregnancy. We talked about the hurt that would be in her tender heart if she chose to have an abortion. She believes in God and that He loves her + she was happy I prayed with her. She left pleased that she had not gotten an abortion but aware of the many uncertainties that her pregnancy has brought into her life.

Please continue to pray: That she would grow firm in her decision to give life to her baby, for God to bring people alongside her to support her decision and to help her in practical ways, that she would know that it is God providing everything she needs

Thank you for rejoicing with those who rejoice and weeping with those who weep.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 – Baby Saved at Mildred Hanson

(Note—Mildred Hanson died in 2015 but this abortion mill is still called “Mildred Hanson’s clinic.” Mildred’s daughter, Marilee Hanson, has continued the abortion business there.)

Sidewalk counselors Mel and Tom gave literature to and talked with Jill and Karen (not their real names), who were trying to talk their relative out of an abortion. The young woman was about 22 weeks pregnant and was going to start the two–day D & E procedure that day. Meanwhile, Jerry, Marilynn and Br. Max were praying. I learned of the situation when I stopped by briefly between shifts at two different abortion centers. As I was getting back into my car around the corner, I noticed a young woman walking down the sidewalk who fit the description given to me by Mel and Tom. I was able to show her the 16-week fetal model I had, and I gave her a photo and medical illustration of what an abortion does to a baby at 22 weeks. We discussed her situation (fortunately, she had not yet started the abortion process) and when I asked why she wanted to abort, she told me that most of her family wanted her to. I told her, “Don’t listen to them!”

At that point, Jill and Karen walked up and they added to what I was saying, continuing to encourage the young woman to have the baby. Jill got the young woman’s father on the phone and I explained to him the help that the pro-life movement is able to provide. Soon their cab arrived and they all left. The next day I reached Jill and asked if the young woman had firmly decided not to abort. “Yes, we’re keeping the baby!” she joyfully exclaimed. I asked, “What changed her mind?” “You did!” she replied. This was a group effort – with several sidewalk counselors, several prayer supporters, the encouragement and persistence of Jill and Karen and the young woman’s openness to God’s grace working in her heart!

Thursday, June 2, 2016 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

Wednesday, June 1, a woman who felt desperate enough to seek an abortion of her 21-week-old unborn child went to her scheduled abortion appointment at Planned Parenthood on Vandalia early in the morning. Laminara dilators were inserted to start opening the cervix in preparation for the dismemberment (D&E) abortion the next day (see www.abortionprocedures.com). She left approximately an hour later, without speaking to sidewalk counselors, although she may have taken literature going in. (Note – If a woman leaves the abortion center early, it could mean that an abortion is in process, not that she has changed her mind.)

On Thursday morning, I arrived a little after Nicky, a new counselor, who was to shadow me that day. A woman, who was alone in her car, soon exited the driveway. She took literature from Bernie while his wife Sue was praying for clients and their babies. Bernie talked for awhile with the woman, then told me, “You should follow her over to Abria.”

I took Nicky with me. The woman was parked in front of Abria, with her window down, smoking. She explained to Nicky and me that after leaving Planned Parenthood the day before, she decided she wanted to save the life of her baby, and that she wanted the laminaria dilators to be removed. She went to a hospital and they refused to remove the laminaria. Planned Parenthood also refused to remove the laminaria on Thursday.

I explained that AALFA Family Practice had doctors who could remove the laminaria and she was elated that someone could finally help her. I received information from Abria about two Entirea clinics who also had doctors who could remove the laminaria.

“Planned Parenthood isn’t pro-choice,” the formerly abortion-minded woman said to Nicky and me. “When I wanted to terminate, they were pro-choice, but when I wanted help after changing my mind, they were definitely no longer pro-choice.”

On Friday, we connected. I asked, “Did everything go okay at AALFA?

“Yes, I’m going back next week for my ultrasound. They took good care of me. Thank you for helping.”

The story doesn’t end there. The woman experienced another crisis that week with the looming threat of an eviction from her apartment. We referred her to a pregnancy help center for additional emotional support and to apply for a financial grant.

I will stay in touch with her as her pregnancy progresses. Please keep her in your prayers.

Thanks be to God for another baby rescued from Planned Parenthood! Thank you, Bernie, Sue, Nicky and all the other counselors and prayer supporters who were at Planned Parenthood both Wednesday, June 1, and Thursday, June 2. Saving a life is by God’s grace AND the coordination of many people’s efforts, each one contributing a word, a smile, a sign, a piece of literature, or emergency medical care at an opportune time.

Thank you to everyone!

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 – Baby Saved at Mildred Hanson

by Brother Max, Sidewalk Counselor

During my shift from 9-10:30a.m. at Mildred Hanson’s, Steve and I did not see anybody go in nor in the waiting room, neither during the downpour or in the perfect weather that preceded it. In a break in the rain clouds, a passerby whom I blessed, turned around and asked what I was reading. I said some scriptures (as in the Scriptural Rosary, the Joyful Mysteries which were waterlogged by then.) and then said while passing the dry tri-fold ‘We’re Here For You’, and list of pregnancy help centers: “This is what we usually hand out to people, maybe you have a friend that can use the help?” Accepting the literature, she said something to the tune of just needing someone to talk with at this point, and then began to tear up, fanning her flood of emotions. When I asked what was the matter, she began to share how she was 11-weeks pregnant and knew her baby had legs and hands and hair… {yeah, and their heart’s beating, I added} and she knews that abortion wasn’t right but is sad to say it’s been going through her mind as she walked along trying to straighten things out. She didn’t believe in abortion, but she was being tempted. I suggested we walk down to the City Life Center, where there were some friendly ladies with whom she could talk through her options. She shared that her boss just adopted a grown child from all the way over on the coast, however, they’d still like a baby and she’s considering placing this child with them. But she mentioned her pregnancy to her daughters, and they were excited for a sibling. She almost wished she wouldn’t have told them. She explained that she’s unsure how to proceed with her 4th child- she senses this one is a boy, because the pregnancy is different from her girls’. I reassured her that open adoptions can be arranged in such a variety of ways now. She lamented that she’s a single mom with children out of wedlock and shared how when she was young she wanted to have many kids, but now the circumstances are kind of weighing on her. I told her about a woman I know who had seven kids from different dads, who met a man that she married and they are now pregnant with the ninth child in their family. I encouraged her that she’s a strong woman and gave her credit that she wanted the best for her four children, and hoped she would someday meet the right man to raise these kids. Then we met one of the counselors at the City Life Center and I promised that I would pray for her. She seemed content that she had a woman and friend there where she could discuss the new life within.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

by Joellyn, Sidewalk Counselor

Other sidewalk counselors present were: Mary, Adrienne and Gary.

I arrived at Robbinsdale at 12:15 p.m. Mary was up in the stand. I had just finished two hours at Feed My Starving Children in Coon Rapids, then I took off to the abortion mill. I did the same thing last Tuesday. When I got there– there were no cars in the driveway. Then a couple drove in and parked by Mary.

She tried to counsel them, but they went in.

Then another couple – both in their mid-late 20’s drove in. They stayed in the car for awhile and then she went in. He had his window down so I kept talking to him from the driveway, telling him about Robbinsdale Women’s Center across the street.

He finally drove out of the driveway but stopped to listen to me. I said, “Can you go into that place and bring her out? You don’t want her to do this.”
He said, “It’s up to her.”
I replied, “Listen, my mom was pregnant with me, and then married my dad but she could have aborted me.”
He replied, “We are not married…and it’s not really a person yet.”
I said, “Come on! You know the facts! We all are humans, beginning at conception.”
Gary and Adrienne were praying the entire time I was talking to the fellow.

Then I said, “Listen, you look like a good man.”
He softened then and said, “I just don’t know what to do.”
I said, “You do, too!”
Then he took my info and left. I told him, “We are praying for you.”

About 20 minutes later he drove back into the mill and he drove in fast! He got out of the car and Mary yelled – “That’s right go GET HER OUT!” and he did!! They both came out and stopped at the driveway.
I asked, “Did you change your mind?”
They nodded and said “Yes.”
I asked him, “Is this your child?” He said “Yes.”
I said, “You are a lovely couple and your baby will be so beautiful!”
I gave them a brand-new teddy bear and some booties and they smiled and left very happy.

I thank God for His allowing us to be involved in these precious lives, the entire world rejoices when a child is born! I can’t help but feel the Lord blessed us because I’m committed to feeding poor children now as often as possible. When we do the littlest thing for the Lord he multiplies it beyond our wildest dreams.
Come and join me anytime go to FMSC.org and check it out – and then come to the abortion mill and save every child!
Mother Angelica, I know you are interceding up there, and I thank you, & all the angels and saints, Mary, Gary & Adrienne, just a few angels down here on earth too!!! :)
All for LIFE!

Saturday, May 21, 2016 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

by Joellyn, Sidewalk Counselor

On Saturday May 21- at the Robbinsdale abortion mill, a young woman stopped her car in the driveway and took my pro-life brochure. I asked, “Can I help you?”
She said, “I have an appointment for an abortion but I am considering other options.”
“Can you drive over there and we can talk?” I asked her.
She did and she told me she was being pressured by her kids’ dad to have an abortion. I said, “He has no right to pressure you.”
She agreed and said she was moving out.
I said, “You have to take care of you and your kids and your unborn child.”
I told her to go to Robbinsdale Women’s Center across the street. She agreed and said, “I don’t want to have an abortion. He made me have one a year ago.”
I said, “You need to focus on you and your safety.”
She took the info and I told her to just call Pro-Life Action Ministries for more help and also told her about Abria, a new pro-life center in St. Paul. She agreed to check them out.
I gave her some money to buy her kids lunch and assured her that she was doing the right thing.
Then a passerby came from across the street and I heard him say, “Are they trying to talk you out of this?”
I asked Dave to go talk to the guy and he started walking towards the man but the man walked quickly away.
Dave and I prayed for her and her kids’ protection as she drove away.Continue to pray that this young woman stays strong. She is six weeks pregnant.

All men need to protect and provide for their women and children.
Lord, help men see their roles as protectors of the family like St. Joseph was of the Holy Family. I thank God for good men like Dave, Dan, Philip, Harold and all the rosary group of many men who come to pray & to save children from abortion. God bless the good men of this nation! WE NEED YOU ALL – NOW!

Friday, May 14, 2016 – Baby Saved at AWHC

by Dan Gorman

“A BABY WAS SAVED! A middle-aged woman and her husband drove into the awhc abortuary but didn’t stop to talk or take a brochure from us, amidst pleas of help, but, once their car was parked, the abortion bound woman came down to me.
She said she knew why Pat and I were there but that she already had three children., and that her husband was out of work and that they could not afford another mouth to feed.
We spoke of the fact that God created her new child for a purpose and that we have no right to deny her baby a chance for life!
I mentioned the care and free help she would get right next door at the pregnancy center and she then accepted a brochure.
She turned and joined her husband and they went into the abortuary, unfortunately.
A little while later, they both came out and got in their car!
As they drove out the driveway, they stopped to tell me they had changed their minds! There were tears of joy as they shared the news!
They said “God bless you” and happily accepted a small baby’s bonnet. It made our day. God is good! A life spared!”

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

by Geri, Sidewalk Counselor

I witnessed a miracle on Wednesday morning, April 27th, 2016. I can still see it in my mind. It’s the image of Ed handing a brochure from the ‘Freedom of Speech’ stand to a couple at the Robbinsdale “family” (abortion) clinic.

I was standing at the clinic driveway. I looked up and saw Ed waving ‘hello’ from the ‘freedom of speech’ stand. I waved back. Not long afterward, a car drove into the parking lot of the Chapel of the Innocents next door. It paused, it’s impossible to miss the large white crucifix. I watched with curiosity and dread. What was their intended destination? Please not the abortion clinic, I was thinking. Sure enough, the car backed out and turned into the abortion clinic. There were skulls and crossbones along the sides of the car. I offered them a brochure. They drove past me. I kept praying and held up the brochures. It appeared they were arguing. After the clinic opened, they got out of the car. I called to them, “I have some information for you to read! I know what it’s like to be pregnant in a complicated situation!” I told her to make the clinic SHOW her her ultrasound, the baby has a heartbeat at 16 days…and is a human being. The door closed behind them. We prayed.

The pro-life signs we were trying to keep attached to Ed’s car kept coming loose in the wind and rain.

Ed and I kept chasing down the signs. After an hour the couple came out. Ed called to them and they went over to listen to him! They took a brochure and talked for 1-2 minutes. Ed told them that he was adopted and there was free help. He told them many families are waiting to adopt a child. I could see the couple nodding their heads. They got into their car and started reading the brochure. When they approached me, the window was rolled down and I leaned in. Tears were pouring down the woman’s cheeks. I told her that things don’t always look easy, but her baby was meant for great things! She smiled through her tears. She said she would call the centers listed in the brochure. She shuddered and gestured back to the abortion clinic, saying, “Right now, all I want to do is get away from THIS place!” My attitude was “Oh, yes, go-go-go! And God bless you!”

Please pray for this young couple that they will have the strength to persevere, no matter what brought them to the clinic or what worries they have.

Thursday, August 27, 2015 Children’s Prayers Help Save Baby

We had another wonderful “Jesus Loves the Little Children” Day on August 27, and what was really wonderful was that a baby was saved for the children to see!  The children prayed that this couple would walk out of the mill (after they had talked with me, they went in), and they came out and then followed me to the pregnancy center.  The children also prayed for them while they were there; it really made them feel like they were a part of this baby being saved! ~Michele Herzog, Central Florida

Saturday, April 30, 2016 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

By Marlene, Sidewalk Counselor

A woman changed her mind today at Robbinsdale abortion clinic. A van pulled in with a woman driving, she did not take any literature but kept eye contact. They sat and her passenger was smoking a cigarette so they stayed till she was done. With her window open Chris said a few things to her and they were both looking at him. Then they went in and the driver stopped and said a couple things to Chris as he was talking to them. After Chris left about 9:00 a.m. they both came out smiling and looking carefree. As they left the girl who was the passenger said, “yes” she had changed her mind and added, “Where is the man that was over there?” She meant Chris who had been on the stand. I told her he had left and she wanted his telephone number which I didn’t have. Then I was able to hand her literature and showed her the number in the back of the brochure that had Pro-Life Action Ministries’ number. By then, the car behind honked at them, and they left. Happiness was in the air!

Tuesday, April 26, 2016 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

By Evie Schwartzbauer, Sidewalk Counselor
This morning at Robbinsdale abortion clinic was very wet and bleak as the cars pulled in one after another. I was chatting with a fellow prayer warrior when a car pulled in to our chapel lot next door and then pulled out – an obvious mistake – and then they headed towards the abortion clinic. This car had multiple women (the two I saw looked sad) in it, loud music, and big rims so I had a fishy feeling about this. I tried to offer literature as they pulled in but they drove right past. The first person out of the car was a young lady who did look sad. I asked her straight up, “Is someone forcing you into this?” She told me, “It’s not me; it’s her.” The other woman in the front seat who did not looked herself, got out with the man and I told them the usual things I say, “We have help for you, you don’t have to do this. Etc.” And something I don’t usually say spilled out, “It looks like you have a lot of friends and family to support you. Would they support you if you keep this child?” The man responded something like, “She knows what she’s doing.” I said more of the usual things like, “You’re strong enough to be a mom” and “we can help you with anything you need!” as they walked into the door of the abortion clinic.

Some time and 2 more abortion clients later, the pregnant lady’s friend walked out to the car. I started to talk with her on how I could help and she said, “She might come out actually!” I was pleasantly surprised and told her that’s great! She then told me her friend was raped and that’s why she’s doing this. I exclaimed my sorrow that that had happened to her and started to tell her that I knew someone who kept her child after rape but she interrupted, telling me that she herself had also been raped and kept her baby. I told her that she had a beautiful testimony for her friend but she told me, “Well she knows it but she’s a different person” and “I’m praying!” I told her I was praying and hoping too and tried to offer literature one more time but she insisted, “I think she’s coming out though!” and she got in the car. And she was right! Her friend and the man came out. I was super excited and asked the mom, “Did you change your mind?” and she said,”Yes! For you!” as she pointed to me! I was shocked and elated! “That’s amazing!” While she was inside and as she got back into the car, another car pulled in so While I was reaching out to another client who had just arrived, the mother and her friends left without me getting to hand them any literature. I knew for sure though, even though they had not gotten any resources from me, that she had definitely changed her mind and our prayers and my words had something to do with it. Praise God that this mother chose life for her child despite her difficult circumstances!

I prayed that God would use this situation for even more saves – maybe the other abortion clients would see a cancellation and feel empowered to also leave. During my time there, however, I had talked to (and been ignored by) two different women going into the clinic with bumper stickers of a big church (I told them that if they are Christian they shouldn’t be there because abortion kills the gift that God gave them and it’s a sin) and both of them left too soon to have aborted! So 6 potential victims ended up being only 3. It’s still sad to have any lives lost, but I was there loving those children before they died and doing my part to stop the killing of innocents in my neighborhood this week!

Thursday, April 7, 2016 – Second Baby Saved at PP on This Day

By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counselor Coordinator
April was an incredible month for saves and its not over yet.
“I’m fine, Ann, morning sickness has reduced a little bit,” the mother texted me this evening. She had fancy emoji’s which symbolized her happy mood. When I met her outside of Planned Parenthood she was anxious and uncertain. She’d asked to see her ultrasound and said, “I saw my baby’s heart beat.” She told me that ‘back home’ (she is not from the U.S.) the expectation is you are married before you have a baby. She agreed to go to McDonald’s to talk and she told me, “I was hoping I’d see you when I came out (of Planned Parenthood).”
After talking at McDonald’s we drove over to Abria (she said it was too cold to walk)! She was not wearing a coat, and it was definitely coat weather. After she spoke with a counselor at Abria, we sat in her car and talked some more. Being pregnant was still ‘very new’ to her.
Her texts today confirmed three things – 1) She has a prenatal visit scheduled. 2) She will continue with college. 3) She is happy. “I can imagine the joy it feels to be a mum,” she texted me.
This is why we go to the abortion centers. So that mothers (and fathers) can experience the joy of being a mom or dad.
Thank you for your part in this ministry which helps parents visualize this gift.

Thursday, April 7, 2016 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s

Snow had turned to a fine rain. I was wandering back and forth from the two entrances wondering why I wasn’t seeing any clients. Then a car pulled up with a man and a woman and two children in the back seat. The two adults got out and were standing by their car. I approached them and told them about Whole Woman’s and how abortion was not safe and MN had no standards for abortion centers. The man said to the woman, “Did you hear that?” She came closer and I said a few other things, I can’t remember what. Then the man said, “You have just confirmed our reasons for not wanting to go through with this.” I said I was happy to hear that and asked how far along she was. She did not know. I also asked if they had an appointment at Whole Woman’s. They said they had. I told them how beautiful their children in the back seat were, and the little boy waved at me. They listened to information about the various options regarding a pregnancy center to visit and I recommended Abria because it is open more hours. They left after making a phone call while in their car.

Thursday, April 7, 2016 – Baby Saved at PP

By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

When I arrived at Planned Parenthood, Bernie and Sue were there, praying, handing out literature and holding their signs. No one else was there, but a little while later a couple from Wisconsin arrived with their signs. The woman from Wisconsin said they had an “abortion clock” marking the number of deaths by abortion in their yard and they got a lot of positive feedback about it.

I hadn’t been there long when two women with a bunch of kids (3 or maybe 4) got in their car and were exiting Planned Parenthood. The driver stopped at the exit and I attempted to give her post abortion healing information. She said, “Actually, I didn’t go through with it,” smiling up at me while the children in the back seat bounced up and down. She was going to hand me back the post abortion lit, and I said, “Keep it. You might know someone who will be helped by it.” She took the We’re Here for You brochure, the blue pregnancy help sheet and the HLA booklet about Planned Parenthood. I asked if they wanted to pull into the bank parking lot to talk further, and she said they needed to get the kids home.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016 – Baby Saved at WW

By Debra Braun, Education Director

Two young women and a young man approached the side entrance of the Parkside Building in Minneapolis which houses the Whole Woman’s abortion center. I met up with them in the private courtyard before they got to the door. (I was the only sidewalk counselor there, trying to keep an eye on at least two of the four entrances, sometimes having to step onto the building property in order to quickly reach people before they entered.) As I handed literature to both women and asked if they were there for Whole Woman’s, one of the women pointed to the other and said, “Talk to her.” As the pregnant woman tearfully explained her difficult situation, I explained how we could help her get through this without abortion. After several minutes of conversation, the building’s security guard noticed I was on the property and gently told me I had to get off. I asked the woman to please step with me onto the public sidewalk, but she wanted to go in and tell the abortion center that she was cancelling her appointment. I told her that was not at all necessary, but the three of them went in anyway, with the client telling me that she’d be back out shortly. I continued to watch for other abortion clients, all the while thinking about this woman and hoping and praying that she would have the strength to resist the lure of the abortion center. About 10 minutes later, she and her two companions came out! We exchanged phone numbers and agreed to keep in touch.

Earlier in the morning, a passerby had asked what I was doing. She then explained that she had gotten pregnant at the age of 12. The father was 15. But, thankfully, her mother was opposed to abortion and the child was born. Raised with the help of both families, her son is now 31. When I saw her again later, I told her about the young woman changing her mind that morning. She joyfully responded, “God is good.” Indeed!

Friday, April 1, 2016 – Twin Babies Saved at Robbinsdale

By Gary, Volunteer Sidewalk Counselor

John and I were working the early shift at the Robbinsdale abortuary Friday, April 1, and it was busy. John was working the driveway and he asked me to take the stand in the backyard of the Pro-Life Action Ministries chapel next door, which I did.

A lady drove in. I started talking with her immediately and she told me, “I don’t know if I can go through with this,” and she seemed interested in not going in. Unfortunately she did, but came out shortly thereafter. She got in her car and I immediately went to the driveway as I had a feeling she would stop. She did stop and then pulled in the front yard parking area of the chapel and she said that she was thinking of having an abortion but after talking to John and I she changed her mind. A doctor had told her she had twins.

We talked for about fifteen minutes and she told me she also had other children. I talked with her for awhile, she thanked John and I for being there and she drove away. She gave me her name and number which I forwarded to Pro-Life Action Ministries.

Later I called to see how she was doing and she called me back on April 6. She said she has had her ultrasound and was definitely pregnant with twins and she was now looking forward to their delivery.


Friday, March 25, 2016 – Twin Babies Saved on Good Friday

We just learned that a set of twins was saved from abortion at the St. Paul Planned Parenthood during our all-day prayer vigil there on Good Friday, March 25! A woman, 17 weeks pregnant, received our literature from a sidewalk counselor as she drove into Planned Parenthood. Later, she came out and while leaving, stopped and asked the sidewalk counselor where she could get help. The sidewalk counselor gave her our list of local pregnancy help centers. The woman contacted one of the centers and has been receiving help and support from them. Although still undecided for awhile, she has recently confirmed that she is NOT going to abort her children! Thank you to the sidewalk counselors and the thousands who came out to PP to pray that day!

~Debra Braun, Education Director

Thursday, March 17, 2016 – Baby Saved on Saint Patrick’s Day

By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

A truck with two women inside was exiting Planned Parenthood’s driveway. It was about 11:30. I offered the woman in the passenger seat post-abortion healing literature. The driver, an older woman, leaned toward me and said, “She couldn’t do it. She didn’t have the abortion.” I gave her a baby gift which also included a small New Testament. The woman who had changed her mind seemed rather agitated. Leaving PP because you changed your mind about abortion must be sort of like driving your car to the edge of a cliff, seeing the scary drop below and then doing a U-turn. Leaves you a little shaken.
The sidewalk counselor that had been there on an earlier shift told me later that she had called out to these two women as they walked from the Planned Parenthood parking ramp to the back door. She was very excited upon learning that they had left.

As my friend Joellyn says, “We go out, we speak the truth and we leave the results to God.”

Friday, March 11, 2016 – Baby Saved in Duluth

Praise God! Spoke with a young man for about an hour, he was against the abortion but couldn’t talk his girlfriend out of it. He finally went in again after we prayed for them and urged her not to go through with it. I got a call from the young woman today telling me they did not do it and she is nine weeks along in her pregnancy. She let me know that the materials we gave her really made her think and suggested we give out material about adoption as well.

(There was sad news though, she witnessed a mother pregnant with twins who did go through with the abortion and said that really got to her.)
Pray for them – she is having some trouble with this pregnancy and is afraid she might miscarry. Now that she changed her mind she cares about her child.

~Sarah Winandy, Duluth branch of Pro-Life Action Ministries

Saturday, February 27, 2016 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s

By Lori, Sidewalk Counselor

I was sidewalk counseling at Whole Woman’s as I typically do on Saturday mornings. After talking to a young woman, she proceeded to go in. I went to the side ramp, and then an hour later, I saw Maria, another sidewalk counselor, talking with a client, so I decided to go down and help her. When I got closer, I saw it was the woman I’d talked to before she entered the building. I asked her, “Did you change your mind?” She smiled and nodded and said, “Yes.” Maria had already exchanged phone numbers with the young woman.

The abortion-minded woman, insisted she wanted an ultrasound that day. Maria and I brought her around the building, to talk with Debra, of Pro-Life Action Ministries. We decided to bring her to Robbinsdale Women’s Center for an ultrasound, their ultrasound schedule was booked, but they agreed to squeeze her in. The young woman couldn’t wait until Monday, as she worked on Monday.

I brought her to Robbinsdale Women’s Center for the ultrasound and on the drive there she told me more about her situation.

Checking in with her Sunday eve, I asked her how her ultrasound went, and she said, “Good. They even gave me pictures of my baby.”

I am still in contact with her and I know that she is enrolled in the Footsteps program and WIC, so she is getting the help she needs and I plan on staying in touch with her.

Wednesday, February 24 & Tuesday, March 1, 2016 – Two Babies Saved in Central Florida

An abortion bound young woman arrived at the AWHC abortuary and was offered help and pleadings to not pay someone to kill her baby, but she went inside the building anyway. Thankfully, later on, she came out crying and the counselor called her down and she came over and began sobbing while the counselor spoke with her. She was broken and ended up choosing life….just a beautiful story!

An abortion bound woman arrived and once again was lovingly offered help and support….she was made aware of the pregnancy center right next door which offers free sonograms and the counselors pleaded with her to not go through with the abortion! She went inside, but came out and went to speak with the sidewalk counselor. She shared how she just couldn’t do it, so the counselor took her over to the pregnancy center lawn and spoke with her there, even getting on the phone with her boyfriend. They ended up going inside the center into the chapel and spending time speaking with one another….it was a miraculous baby saved story! She chose life! And we praise God on high! ~ Michele Herzog, CFL Branch Manager

Saturday, February 16, 2016 – Two Babies Saved at Robbinsdale

First Baby – Morning shift at Robbinsdale Abortion Center

I was not looking forward to getting up early on my birthday to sidewalk counsel but the possibility of saving a life helped motivate me to do what needed to be done.

Not enough for me to be on time though… ;) When I pulled up I saw one car already in the abortion mill parking lot with the door partly open so I hopped right out and ran up to the “freedom stand”. I saw the boyfriend crouching outside of the open front door talking with the girl in the front seat. He was visibly upset and I talked to him a little, assuming he was pressuring her into an abortion. I prayed that evil spirits flee and that the holy spirit would open their minds to the life in their womb. Another couple drove in and quickly walked in together, head straight, fixed on ignoring everything I said. I did what I could and turned my attention back to the couple arguing in the car. I could tell they were not on the same page regarding the situation and were not happy and they were definitely past their appointment time. A young woman came out of their car to talk with me. As it turns out, she was the friend of the mom and both her and the preborn baby’s father did not want her to have the abortion. The baby’s father was really upset he had no say in this and was doing his best to plead her out of it. The friend took the literature from me and listened to me tell her about all the help she has available to her friend. She told me she was there to support her friend (even though she disagreed with her) and to watch her 3 year old (I told her that’s a perfect age for him/her to get a new baby brother or sister!) and was very open to hear what I had to say as I gave my pro-life spiel. She actually said she was going to go in and cancel the appointment (she was upset that her insurance covered the abortion) and did go in and cancelled it! She came out and talked with the baby’s father for a bit and then they all got in their car and drove off. I ran to the entrance driveway and met the mother for the first time – she almost didn’t roll her window down she looked so upset. Thankfully she did roll her window down and I told her that all the frustration and negativity that she faced today would all be over within 8 months. I let her know if she needs anything she can call our number on the We’re Here for You brochure and the blue Free Help brochure and that she has lots of support from friends and family (gesturing to her boyfriend and girl friend) and that’s more than a lot of people. I encouraged her that she’s strong enough and can do this. Her boyfriend and friend gave approving looks nodding in agreement and the young mother said thanks looking a little relieved and rolled up her window & drove off. Elated, I continued my sorrowful mysteries of the rosary and had a glad heart knowing that a life was saved…despite the cold – God works good into our mess.

By Evie Schwartzbauer, Sidewalk Counselor

Second Baby –
At about 1pm a car stopped in the street and turned slowly into the Robbinsdale abortion mill driveway with 2 young girls in it, and Brother Max handed a flyer to the girl on the passenger side. They drove in and then as soon as they got out I yelled to the driver, go to the clinic across the street and get a free ultrasound.
She ignored me. The other girl was very slow walking in to the abortion mill, like she did not want to go in. Then the driver yelled something ,– very angrily-like get in here!
Bro Max, Gary, and I began to pray the rosary and chaplet of divine mercy.
Kathy & Mary were praying in the car the whole time. Kathy did have a chance to tell the reluctant girl to help her friend, and gave her many reasons abortion is wrong, she actually thanked Kathy.

After about 1/2 hour they both came out and drove out of the driveway I tried to talk to the driver, but all of a sudden the friend rolled her window down and yelled to us—“She did not do it.”

We yelled that’s great and God bless you! I ran to tell Kathy & Mary -we all agreed it took all of us to save that little one today and all the increased prayers helped 100%. Thanks be too God, 2 babies I have been blessed to witness saved in 3 days, that’s a first for me! Praise the Lord, INDEED!

Joellyn, Sidewalk Counselor

Saturday, February 6, 2016 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

Despite Abortion Clinic Escorts’ Attempts to Curtail Conversations a Baby’s Life is Saved!

Scott, a sidewalk counselor, was walking around Planned Parenthood when he met Mel, walking with his sign. Scott said, “You’d better tell Lisa (a sidewalk counselor stationed at the driveway) that you’re here.” Mel asked Scott to watch his sign, which showed an aborted baby, while he went to speak with Lisa. While guarding Mel’s sign, a car was driving towards Scott, who stood by a stop sign. The car slowed down, and the occupants of the car stared at Mel’s sign. The man rolled his window down. Scott immediately asked them, “Are you here for an abortion?” The man answered, “Yes.” Scott said to the woman, “Your kids in the back seat are the same as the child inside you right now.” He said to the man, “God has called you to protect your children, including the one who is not yet born.” Scott then said to the woman, “God has called you to nurture your children.” The conversation lasted a long time. Scott pleaded with them not to go through with their abortion plan and he told them about Abria and the help they offer. The woman answered, “I will really consider what you’re saying!”

The man drove the car into the driveway of Planned Parenthood. His window was rolled down and Lisa approached the car. She offered him the literature and he told her, pointing to the woman, “We already have some.” Lisa responded, “Take another one so you both will have one. You don’t need to do this.” Lisa told me she could see the anguish in his eyes. “Look at your beautiful children,” Lisa added, (who were eating their McDonald’s breakfast in the back seat) “You’re a dad again. Your children bring you great joy.” “Yes, I know,” the man agreed. Planned Parenthood escorts came over and convinced the woman to come with them, and she entered the building. The man stayed in the driveway, talking with Lisa, and even though there wasn’t anyone turning into the driveway, the escorts came back and told the man that he had to move in. Despite this order, the man stayed and talked with Lisa a little longer. The escorts came back a second time and ordered him to move. He then parked at the first spot in the lot, and Lisa continued to communicate with him, motioning to him and calling out to him. The security guard came outside to observe everyone.

About thirty minutes later, the woman exited the building. The family drove past Lisa, out onto Vandalia, and did not return to Planned Parenthood. ~by Ann Redding

Wednesday, January 27, 2016 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

It was shift-exchange time at Planned Parenthood. The other counselor and I happened to begin discussing how discouraging it can be trying to get literature into the hands of clients. I said, “We’ve heard it before and I’ll say it again, we don’t always know the results our efforts might make.” Just as I said this, a young lady was driving out of PP. Since it was 10:30 and she was leaving the facility I assumed she was post-abortive. I was going to try and hand her information when she rolled down her window and said “I didn’t do it.” I congratulated her for not going through with her plan to abort and asked her if she would mind going into the bank parking lot so I could give her some information. She agreed and I met her over there. She told me she was early in her pregnancy and this baby was the result of an affair. She said she already had kids at home and at first she thought this would be the right solution, but she realized it wasn’t the right thing to do. I asked her if her husband knew about the baby and the affair. She said he knows about the affair and she thinks he has figured out that this baby is not his. She went on to say she is hoping that he will forgive her and that they can get some counseling and go on with their lives. I thanked her again for making the right decision, regardless of how her baby was conceived. I gave her the information pamphlet for Pro-Life Action Ministries and the other resources and encouraged her to call them. I prayed for her and her husband and family and this new baby and asked God to bless all of them and to restore their marriage. The thing I noticed was that she had the biggest smile on her face the entire time that we talked. It was evident she was so relieved with her decision to not go through with the abortion. Thank God she made the right decision.

*Note from Ann R. – I spoke with another counselor who was out that morning and he confirmed this client fit the description of one of the people who accepted literature from him earlier.

Thursday, January 14, 2016 – Baby Saved at Planned Parenthood

Freezing Temperatures Do Not Deter Faithful Sidewalk Counselors from Being God’s Hands and Feet.

Thanks to the steadfast sidewalk counselors who withstood freezing temperatures and bitter winds to help save a baby’s life today! Little did this unborn child know how many people were uplifting him or her in prayer.

It was an eventful day. Sadly, an ambulance was necessary to rescue someone from inside of Planned Parenthood. No other information is known. We will continue to pray for the person who required immediate medical assistance.

Everyone was affected by the cold. Some had icicles in their beards, some had red noses, cold fingertips or toes, but no one left early or lost heart and their prayerful vigilance saved a life! Shortly after the second sidewalk counseling shift had left to get some warmth and sustenance, a mother and daughter exited the PP driveway. When their car was about to enter traffic, I offered them post-abortion literature. The mother looked at me calmly and said, “She doesn’t need that, she did not have an abortion. She changed her mind.” I looked at the young woman in the passenger seat, who nodded firmly and smiled beautifully, exuding peace and joy. I asked if they wanted to know about help available and they declined. They were anxious to leave Planned Parenthood.

Thanks be to God for sparing this unborn child’s life today! May everyone who endures cold, heat and discomfort to protect the unborn take heart from this story.

~Ann Redding
Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

Saturday, January 2, 2016 – Baby Saved at Whole Woman’s – Our first save of the New Year!

Angry Mother Tries to Pressure Daughter to Abort and Fails By Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator
Two escorts were on the lookout for abortion clients at the front entrance of Whole Woman’s. Abortion clients began to arrive a little after 8:00 a.m. A car pulled up with a mother and daughter. The mother got out of the car, her daughter remained in the car, silent tears dripping down her cheeks. The door on the passenger side was open, but the girl remained in the car. The mother was verbally assaulting her daughter to enter the abortion center. I told the mother not to bully her daughter, when it was obvious she was very distressed. The mother confronted me saying, “How do you know she’s my daughter, and how do you know she’s here for an abortion?” Then she began demanding, “Get out of the car!” She added roughly, “The people inside can help you to make your decision.” I said, “Clearly, she does not want to get out of the car! Let her read the literature in the car at least. Do not insist she enter the building! Do not force her to have an abortion! What type of choice do you think the people upstairs will help her make?” We exchanged a few more words, then, when the mother was facing me, I asked, “Do you love your daughter?” She didn’t respond, but she looked at me intently. I added something like, if you really love your daughter, you will not force her to abort her child.
After a few minutes, the girl wiped her tears away and reluctantly got out of the car. They walked toward the building, their arms linked, the mom leading her in. One escort followed them in, the other stayed at the door, monkeying with her cell phone. Jeff, one of the sidewalk counselors, asked the escort who remained outside if she felt the daughter truly had a choice. The escort did not give him eye contact, but waved her hand at him in a dismissive motion.
I went around the building to talk to Jennifer, who was watching the 8th street ramp. I told her how sad it made me feel to see the young woman being emotionally manipulated to enter the abortion center. As we were talking, Lori, who was watching the 8th street side, waved to me. I ran down to where she was, and she said, “The woman came out, I couldn’t tell if the girl was with her…” I ran to the corner, where their car was at the stop light, their passenger window was open. Since they were leaving, the obvious question was to ask, “Did you change your mind?” The mother affirmed that they had, and demanded, “She’s going to need a lot of help! Are you going to help her?” I asked if this was her first grandchild, and she told me she had many grandchildren and that her daughter, who still had tears trickling down her cheeks, had other children. I told the young woman that we were all happy she was leaving. I gave her a baby gift. Then the mom told me she wanted my personal phone number, so I gave her daughter my business card which has my cell number on it. I asked the mom what her first name was, and she told me. I assured her daughter that I would be there for her, and that there was a lot of help. They drove off seconds later.
When I went to talk with the sidewalk counselors at the front of the building, they filled me in. Doreen gave the daughter literature. Jeff and Doreen talked with them outside of their vehicle. The mother was angry since she felt her daughter would get no help. Doreen said, “You did good, by giving birth to this beautiful daughter. (The mother teared at that.) And now your daughter is going to give birth to a beautiful baby!” Doreen showed them on the blue “Free Help” sheet where she could call for help. The daughter was crying, so Doreen reassured her to remain calm, to relax and to take care of herself by calling the numbers on the blue sheet.
I didn’t get the daughter’s phone number. I pray that she will call me. I regret that I didn’t put a personal note into the baby gift. I often write a word of encouragement to the mother/father, for example, “So happy you chose life! You can call me anytime. ” etc. Their arrival and departure were almost back to back, it seemed like an adrenaline whirlwind to me.
Thankful that the young woman had the courage to walk out. I hope her mom will welcome this baby before it is born as well as after he or she is born.
Thanks be to God for another life saved from abortion!

Friday, December 4, 2015 – Baby Saved at WW

It was a few minutes before 11a.m. and I was just getting ready to finish my sidewalk counseling shift at Whole Woman’s abortion clinic when I watched a car with tinted windows pull up to the front entrance. Out stepped a young Hispanic woman, looking flustered and confused. I fumbled for my Spanish literature, but realized that I had none, and instead offered her an English copy.

Somehow between my broken Spanish and her little English, I determined that she was looking for Whole Woman’s and that she was eight weeks pregnant. I opened up the leaflet to show her the images of babies just like her own. Realizing that I wasn’t able to communicate very well with her in Spanish, I asked her if she wanted to speak with my amiga Ann, who was just around the corner. She seemed hesitant to step away from the building, where pseudo help and support was promised, but she agreed to follow me around the corner where another sidewalk counselor was able to speak to her in her own language. We learned that she is a mother to two additional children who live with family in their home country. Financial strain and a lack of support system here in the U.S. led this mother to Whole Woman’s.

With the promise of free help, the two sidewalk counselors drove the mother to Sagrada Familia. Once there, we realized that Sagrada Familia was not open on Friday mornings, and my heart sunk. Only a moment later, though, the door opened and a friendly worker welcomed us inside. If anyone knocks, she said, we will open the door for them.

By the grace of God and the help of sidewalk counselors and workers at Sagrada Familia, this mother was able to get the help and support that she needed. I am so thankful that she hadn’t arrived a moment later, as I would have missed her. Today, she and her unborn child still have hope and a future (Jeremiah 29:11). by Allegra, Sidewalk Counselor

Friday, November 13, 2015 – Baby Saved at EPOC, FL

This afternoon I had the privilege of witnessing another incredible move of the Lord; with absolutely no mistaking, this miracle was from His mighty outstretched arm! He parted the Red Sea where there didn’t seem to be a way!

Finding a private message from a woman on one of our Facebook pages (and a message on the ministry voicemail), explaining that she is 16 weeks pregnant and in need of help, I immediately called.

She answered right away, thanking me for calling her and she began to explain how she had found the Facebook page/us. After finding out that she was pregnant with her fourth child, with her husband out of work, and both of them Haitian and undocumented, she panicked and began considering abortion, even though they are both Christians! She convinced herself that this was the only solution, and the decision was made to get the abortion.

So she got on her computer and googled for an abortion center in the Kissimmee area and found Planned Parenthood, but the site she pulled up wasn’t PP Kissimmee, but STOP Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee, our site!

She began to look at all the pictures and noticed that all the people looked to be Christians, holding crosses, signs against abortion, pictures of babies that had been killed by abortion, and one particular sign that stood out to her, and that was one that said “FREE HELP, YOU DON’T HAVE TO ABORT” with a phone number to call, which is the Pro-Life Action Ministries Central Florida ministry line!

After looking at the pictures of all the people/Christians, the signs, crosses, and the offer of free help, she thought to herself, “What am I thinking? What am I doing? I’m a Christian and I can’t kill my child; I can’t do this!”

This is when she called the ministry number and left the message. I was able to speak with her and her husband and both were very convicted at the thought of killing their child, and are now looking forward to seeing their baby on an ultrasound, which they will be having Mon-day, and I have the privilege of accompanying them.

How amazing is this? Only God could have done something this magnificent, and once again, I am reminded that God uses so many different things to save a baby from the brutal death of abortion and to let us know that HE is God, and HE alone. We only need to make ourselves available, willing and able!

Nothing is by accident; this abortion-bound woman did not just happen to end up on the STOP Planned Parenthood of Kissimmee Facebook page. No, this was the Lord God Almighty and HE gets all the glory! Yes, God used a sign and a Facebook page to save this child’s life and I praise HIM!

Since talking with this couple, I have felt such joy, joy unspeakable, and I am once again humbled that I serve such an incredible Savior! No King, but King Jesus!

“He performs wonders that cannot be fathomed, miracles that cannot be counted.” Job 9:10 ~Michele Herzog Central Florida Branch Manager

Saturday, November 7, 2015 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

Chris, Sandra, Jake (the preacher) and I were were the ones out at Robbinsdale Clinic Saturday on November 7 until John R., Marie and Michael L. came for second shift. I approached a car with a girl driving and she slowed down enough to glance sadly at me but said something like not interested. She got out of her car and heard the preacher say a lot, including I will adopt your baby. We were all reaching out to her. Chris talked from the stand and just as she was entering the door I felt I should tell her that she was only hurting herself as well as the baby so I did. We did not see her for about an hour and a half. She was the last one of 5 entering the clinic for this Saturday. When she came out down the driveway she said that she had changed her mind and that we were really making a big difference being out here. She took the literature but said she didn’t need the help across the street. She said her name was ( ) but Marie said she didn’t feel good asking for her telephone number. She told the girl to stop back anytime because many of us would be here to help her including the Women’s Center. ~Marlene R., Sidewalk Counselor

Thursday, November 5, 2015 – Baby Saved at EPOC, FL

A precious couple just left and are heading to the pregnancy center! We are so thankful! We had spoke with them and pleaded with them & also informed them of the owner of this place of death, James Pendergraft, when they first came here, but they went inside anyway. We spoke through the waiting room window and sang and shortly after they came out and they got in their car and drove to us, rolled their window down and proceeded to tell us they were leaving! We asked what changed their minds, and they both looked at each other and then Amber asked, ‘ Did the Lord convict your heart? ” And the young man nodded yes and smiled. She had tears in her eyes and we told him to make sure to take real good care of his girl and that precious baby and he gave a big smile! Please pray for them! Thank you Jesus!

Saturday, October 24, 2015 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

A couple parked directly in front of the pro-life stand. They sat in their car with the windows cracked. Sidewalk counselor Chris addressed the dad, and I addressed the mom. After a little while, they got out of their car and walked into Robbinsdale abortion center. The parents wouldn’t talk with us or accept any literature.

By 9:15am three sidewalk counselors had departed except for myself. At 9:30 a.m. I saw the mother leaving the abortion center with a big smile on her face. The father in tears.
She rolled down her window as they drove out and told me, “We changed our minds!” I gave the mother my cell phone number and she put it in her cell phone. I received the following text message “You guys really made us have a change of heart, so thank God that you were there. Today you really stopped me from doing something that I would have regretted and I can’t thank you enough for that.”
~Sandra, Sidewalk Counselor

Tuesday, October 13, 2015 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

I arrived at Robbinsdale’s abortion clinic hoping for a fruitful time. Having just seen the clips from Passion of Christ on a retreat, my rosary meditating on the sorrowful mysteries of Christ’s Passion was easier to enter into and helped me even more with seeing people that day with Christ’s heart. Unfortunately there were a lot of clients – one being a girl with her friend (who was very angered because I mistook her for her friend’s mother) who called out to me “get a job!” – I quickly remembered a good response & responded with, “I do have a job, I’m here to save lives!”. During that short exchange, one young gal came out again – some sort of transportation/car issue with her boyfriend and friend. I remember earlier I had told her we had free help and, “don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough to be a mother!”. When she came out again, I got to talk to her over the fence again & she told me she was in a tough time in her life right now. I answered back with an empathetic face, “Having a child is never convenient but it’s worth it.” She said something else like, “yeah but this is my choice.” And I said “but it’s not a choice, it’s a person!” As she walked back into the clinic my last words were, “Remember, we have all the help you’ll ever need!”. Not 10 minutes later she and her two male companions came out (smiling) and went right to their car! I quickly asked, “Did you change your mind?!?” and she said, “Yes!” I said “Oh my gosh I’m so happy for you! Can I ask what changed your mind?” And she said…”It’s a life!” J She drove out and on their way out the man rolled his window down and I gave him the blue help sheet and he smilingly thanked me – I once again praised them for their decision & told her she’s going to be a great mom!”. The end! ~Evie, Sidewalk Counselor

Saturday, October 3, 2015 – Baby Saved at Robbinsdale

Members of several Catholic parishes had dedicated Saturday, October 3rd, to pray outside of Robbinsdale abortion center. Many Knights of Columbus and their wives were among those who were praying fervently to spare the lives of children scheduled to be aborted that day. Three shifts of sidewalk counselors were also there.

Around 11:00 a.m., two women emerged from the Robbinsdale abortion center, and signaled excitedly to the prayer warriors assembled. Women from the prayer group and the abortion-minded woman and her friend approached each other.

“I changed my mind because you guys were here!” one of the woman exclaimed, smiling.

God answers prayers, and sometimes, He allows us to see the results of our intercessions almost immediately and in an exciting manner. Thanks be to God for every life spared, and thank you, prayer warriors at Robbinsdale!

This documented save was the 93rd baby saved this year. ~Ann Redding, Sidewalk Counseling Coordinator

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